Year 2010 in review

  • Running 1260 miles
  • Biking 1607 miles
  • XC skiing 111 miles
  • Numerous core workouts
  • Disturbing amount of eccentric workouts
  • One baby boy
I ran only one miserable race in April. It had bad news written all over it since I felt totally tired due my parents uncertain issues because of dad's illness. The low energy level was present the entire Spring season. Running sucked many times and I felt sometimes way too unmotivated to do anything else. But back to the race which was was a 6.2 miler (36:23) on road. Believe me, running that race felt even worse than the result indicates. After that I was ready for stop running on that day. But luckily Carlos (et al.) from HCS was going to visit us so I had to keep on running in order to show him around Turku.

Less than a week after they left the country I sprained my left glute and hamstring muscles and I had to take 5 weeks off. Thereafter, the butt/hamstring problems continued AND my left achilles began hurting even more because of the time off.

Since not being able to run and still considering myself to be some sort of athlete, I accompanied myself with Trek and started biking solo and sometimes with local triathletes. Of course with low levels of patience I found myself biking a 90 miler only 4 days after Trek was assembled. Road biking was actually way more fun than I expect before and that's why I sort of got addicted to it. June, July and August went by and achilles was already hurting while sitting, sleeping and standing up. I couldn't anymore walk without pain which was the last straw. Achilles was operated in September and only last week I had an extremely nice run without pain. So I'm really for new adventures but only after achilles is totally recovered.

In addition to the more or less painless achilles, I have to add one more positive result for this year: I have gained 10 extra pounds. Unfortunately, I think that I'll get rid of it soon.

I'm really happy to leave this year's athletic achievements behind and find out what's up in MMXI!!!

Happy New Year!


Out-of-shape dude commented: "Achilles is getting better"

Without a clear target it's a task to motive yourself. Although I'm happy with the current steady state of alternating days of skiing and running I'm soon ready for more (this week I've run 10 miles and skied about 13 miles). Luckily, the recovery is still in progress so I have to keep myself patient for couple weeks. And the best thing is that the operated achilles is silent and co-operative. Well, yesterday after running and walking a bit it began aching, but a little dose of ice eased that pain.

This far I can confess that I'm totally out of shape. The tiny amount of xc skiing hasn't helped me much and the last decent bike ride is from early September. Running feels so heavy now but to find a reason for that doesn't require a degree in rocket science: After returning from the US I weighed 140 and now the scale shows almost 150. That sucks, but eating is too fun!

Tomorrow I'll have to review the year 2010. I have a gut feeling that it wasn't the best athletic year of my life.


An intervention

Week 51: 10 miles. It's a start.

Today I was supposed to go skiing, but parent's house made an intervention to my schedule. Their heating system had shut down two days ago (they were having a vacation somewhere else) and it was freezing inside. Water pipes were frozen and so on... In addition, we had to work a lot in order to get dad's wheelchair back inside due to the current blizzard.

Tomorrow...  it's running time. Next two weeks I will alternate running and skiing and thereafter I might emphasize running and include some workouts in the non-existing training schedule.



It almost -10F outside. Normally it wouldn't hurt that much but today I'm afraid that the low amount of time spent outside this winter haven't prepared me for this kind of weather. I was going ski this morning, but since I have only one skiing mode (full steam ahead), I chose not to. Core workout time instead...


Run happy


I just ran 3 miles without any pain. That is so awesome. My previous running experience was about a month ago which was really painful. Couple days after that I had an appointment with the doc who promised that I will run happy around xmas. And what you know.... that really happened. This boost of recovery is mainly due to serious amounts of eccentric exercises which the doc adviced me to do.

Now I will continue to run every second day and ski in between (+ eccentrics & core workouts). Then I hope that I'm able to complete the next big things on my running schedule in January and September.


No skiing

I was supposed to run today. Instead I focus on being lazy. Have you ever felt that way?

Pretty interesting blog post...


Another week...

Still skiing. But it doesn't matter, since next week will include some running.


Stick your skis...

An old (but not -ie), instant classic got stuck in my head while I was doing my thing on skis this morning (and yes I still strongly dislike xc skiing). If nothing else, I thought that it would brilliant if someone else would also be harassed by the same song.

Here you go...


Achilles is healing!!!

But I'm still skiing. More skiing tomorrow. And on Sunday too.

Don't give a damn. I'm sure that I will run again!


Slow progress hurts my brain

Without saying... I'm not yet able to run. Still skiing instead. Luckily, the weather conditions are pretty opportune for XC skiing and less optimal for testing my achilles. I might have a sneak preview (and run) tomorrow at indoor track.

But tomorrow's news is that I'm again gettin' older.


XC Skiing sucks

My time on skiing paths has continued from Sunday. Even if I dislike the whole idea of XC skiing almost as much as aqua running, it is my only way to get my engine humming. Running is not yet an option since the running conditions are bit too unhealthy for recovering achilles. I've started skiing around 6 AM which means that your ass freezes off due to low temperatures (like yesterday it was sub 0F).

I have to confess that achilles is now doing better day after day. Creaking (Pt. II) has slowly left the building and I'm able to do some of the eccentric workouts which I'm supposed to do. So good news this time.


Dear cross country skiing,

I honestly dislike you from my guts.

All the best,


Party time

Achilles started creaking again last night. Maybe just because I didn't dance (at our University's pre-Xmas event).

Couple hours before this I met Dr. Orava for the first time after the surgery. He said that everything is pretty normal at this point - the swallen achilles, really stiff calf, my anxiety and some other features slow recovery. So, shouldn't be anything to worry about. He estimated that by the Xmas achilles might in better shape. I really hope that I can run when we arrive to the US.

Some hours before the appointment I was going to do some nordic skiing (yes, we already have snow). I woke up at 6 AM, geared up, drove to other side of the city (it's a small city) and was ready to roll at 6:30. But the loop was currently under construction and I HAD to drive back home and fall back to sleep since doc's appointment was at 9. At least I tried, right?

Since the achilles is now really bad I have to postpone skiing and gym for couple more days but at this phase of this sportish bankruptcy it doesn't matter so much.


Ice and snow

I think that they killed my achilles yesterday. Dammit.


Away II

Despite the highly innovative topic set for this post, I had another nice morning in Maastricht. Yesterday I lost the map so today I selected a less extreme adventure and strolled out and back follow the river Maas. Achilles was talking the same language as yesterday but today left knee also had something to say.

Still, this day strated with a positive tone.



I had a nice morning jaunt (3 miles @ 7.30s, got lost only three times) around tiny city of Maastricht, NED. Achilles was today way better than I could expect based on the self-caused pain due to yesterday's adventure to get here (lots of walking and sitting in various forms of transportation). This day will be spent by sitting and listening to various presentations (on interesting topics of course), but I'll meet the empty streets again tomorrow morning.

And yes, this does not suck.


First run

Today: 3 miles @ 8.00 pace. 

At first the achilles was a little too stiff, but I decided to give a try and run (the whole) 3 miles. After 1k striding started to feel easier, but left leg felt still relatively stiff. At the traffic lights around 1.5 miles I had a exclusive chance to do some stretching which - of course - helped. Then I conquered some mud, cold water, more mud and many many cyclists with no lights. And I was the only one smiling in the cold dark evening. To make it clear - it didn't suck.

It's a long long way to travel (and wishes that the old glute/hamstring pain is gone) before I'm back. But I think that there's a chance. Nice.


Slow progress

I had to skip running yesterday and this morning due to icy conditions. Instead, I ran indoors 2x1k + 2k and then rowed for ten minutes. Thereafter, I got sucker punched by achilles. This road to back on the road takes a loooong time. Fortunately, I'm seeing the doc on Nov 25th. On that day I will get an understanding where I am.  


Sunday I did a bike ride during which it started snowing. It means that the Sun is away for the next few months. Nice. Then I steared NYC marathon online and wore my Grapevine shirt just to remember where my mind was wandering (in US that is).

On Monday I had a day of passive rest since I travelled to Tampere and back. The real reason was to give some slack for the achilles. Today, just 40 minutes ago I ran 4x400m + 1x800m with walking rest of 200m (on slightly slippery road and 25F...). Operated achilles was ok if you don't mind the stiffness. Yay!

Baby steps, baby! Yeah!


At last

After winning a 5 day long but uneven battle with sore throat and cold I returned to the more or less continuous streak of core training. In order to keep things interesting, I walked with Lil' D and sweetie for 45 minutes on Wed and on Thu I repeated that and added 15 minutes.

But today I walked to the indoor track, changed my shoes and gear and RAN. Well, I ran and walked, but still this is the start. I did 200, 400, 800, 400, 400 and 200 meters (@ extremely easy pace and smile on my face) with walking rest of 200 meters. Achilles is darn stiff but it's not hurting. In order to get some sweat going I spent 20 minutes on Concept2 (a rowing machine). Now I gotta remember the baby steps. Luckily, the stiffness will keep me alert (I hope). I'm still far from decent running streak, but it's a start.

What a fun morning! 

Marathon, marathon, marathon, marathon, marathon, marathon, marathon, marathon, marathon, marathon, marathon, marathon, marathon, marathon, marathon, marathon, marathon, marathon, marathon, marathon, marathon, marathon, marathon, marathon, marathon, marathon, marathon, marathon, marathon, marathon, marathon, marathon, marathon, marathon, marathon, marathon, marathon, marathon, marathon, marathon and Grapevine!


It's not dead

November 1st was on Monday. Didn't run even if I expected so. However, achilles has indicated some recovery since last Saturday which makes the forthcoming weeks look really bright. Next weekend I will try out walk/run combination for 15-20 minutes. Similarly, indoor biking (read = spinning class) will soon be part of the recovery process.

After the soon-to-be-forgotten downturn things have to proceed by baby steps...


DNR status

Getting back at running is not close. Originally, in the best case I would have been able to try out running yesterday, but it's pretty obvious that achilles is not yet recovered. Instead of running I'm slowly loosing my ability to walk. Achilles is now sucker punching me. I'm just waiting to be kicked in the nuts.

And waiting in general sucks. BIG TIME!


Taking easy sucks

Achilles is soon gonna get sucker punched. And then kicked in the nuts.

No, I'm not calm!


Berlin 2011

Online Registration - 38. BMW BERLIN-MARATHON

Your participation was successfully transfered and accepted. Have a nice day.


Emergency stop

Today I rode another nice morning ride.

Early afternoon's walk to the city opened my eyes. Achilles has started creaking which is the worst outcome of rehabilation process. It means STOP! RIGHT NOW.

So it's ice, ibuprofein and rest for the next 5 days. This is BS! 22 years on the road and I still haven't learned nothing. At least not how to be patient...


This morning sucked

Van 1 - Me 1. I can call it even if either me or the Van did not stop nor got hurt. But still it sucks to get hit by a Van making a sudden U-turn.

In addition, this morning's ride included a puncture and black ice. Ooooh, I like winter time.

And good luck among others to Jason, Seth, Stephen and Karsten in your Bmore Marathon effort tomorrow and of course to HCS Relay Team!


Routine: Phase II

The road of recovery incorporates the following activities:

a) Biking every morning 60-80 minutes without cleats (temperature is soon a killer, low 30s)
b) Strengthening/core routine, 3 rounds:
  • 50 ab crunches with a medicine ball
  • 25 glute crunches each side
  • 25 leg abduction in sidelying
  • 25 push-ups
  • 25 bicycle crunches
  • Plank 90 seconds
  • Side planks 60 seconds each side
  • Good morning exercise with a medicine ball
c) Lunge matrix (adapted from Jay Johnson) 3 rounds:
  • 20 front lunges
  • 20 front lunges with twist
  • 20 side lunges
  • 20 back and to the side lunges
  • 20 back lunges (this one I leave out and do squats wo/ weights)
d) 5 minutes on balance board

Then some stretching. That part sucks as always.


Almost back at it

Saturday, Sunday and today I sneaked out for morning ride with Kona. It is NOT as fast as road bike but it provides all the things (lactic acid, sweat, fat burning: my weight gain has been insane due to minimal (no) changes in my diet) that I need currently.

At the same time I have to confess that achilles has recovered pretty well this far. It still feel a little stiff and after walking e.g. 3 miles it starts to ache. It's normal they say, but it bothers me a bit. Luckily, sweetie sends me out for a bike ride so that evens out the sharpest whining.

Yesterday, however, was tough mentally. I eagerly followed Chicago marathon and how Mark was on fire until he burnt himself (his legs cramped). I hope that we all manage ourselves to our little encounter in the streets of Berlin next September. I might keep up with his pace while doing the warm-up.



I'm slowly transforming into a bike snob. I bought a brand new bike for commuting.

Of course for a REAL bike snob buying a low budget Kona is nothing more than a pitiful act conducted by some wanna-be. The best choice for sure would be fixing your own bike. I don't care, since I had my reasons:
  1. My old faithful Marvil is giving up and I'm sure that his future will be close to taking care of my commuting during the winter - in snow and on ice.
  2. Next spring Lil' D will be ready for some bike trips (in addition to baby jogger) and I DON'T want that he would have a crash course of Finnish cursing caused by me pedaling the heaviest Marvil around while he's enjoying the scenery from his bicycle seat.
The recovery is going good. Only thing is that core workouts in a repeat mode are loosing their edge. Where's the scenery, where's the smell of pain? 

And good luck to Mark B. and Ben I. at Chicago on next Sunday! Kick ass!


I can walk

Yesterday--even if little common cold is bugging me--I joined sweetie and Lil' D during their little walk to city and back (attached with a dinner). With these determinants you may consider the greatness guaranteed as such, but when you add the fact that this was the first time I was able to walk a little longer after the surgery--It felt spectacular!

Similarly, today I hopped on the bike for the first time in three weeks. Not on Trek, since I'm only allowed to do some commuting, but still this feel great. Felt like becoming alive again which usually happens after longer period of without running. Oh yes, I have felt this couple of times before. Now I hope that from this point on I could save myself from injuries. Funny thing is that it has nothing to do with hope... 


Stupid slow progression

I'm ready to kick some asphalt - now!

But no. The recovery is still in progress. The old pain in the achilles is gone and that's freakin magnificent! The skin and "the wound" are still sort of stiff and I'm only able walk at really really pedestrian pace. Accordingly, I have to drive my silly ass to work and back (roughly 2.5 miles). Next week I'm allowed to start biking (not with cleats, though) which helps my mind.

Soon, it's kick-ass time.... Berlin 2011!!!!


Berlin weekend

Today I was supposed to run the Berlin marathon. Instead, I stayed home, sat at the laptop and watched the race online. Then I worked a little, and only then realized how sad I'm supposed to feel now. Luckily, I don't sad at all. I feel happy!

Achilles is doing better, I think. This evening I will get rid of the bandages. Tomorrow it has been 2 weeks since the surgery so the next week is still an easy one. Walking is now allowed, but only to some degree. The real rehabilitation of the achilles starts on next Monday. Though, I wouldn't mind running already tomorrow.


Feeling good

The current "back-to-running" -program has progressed slowly but steady. The achilles has not been aching at all - at least when compared to the localized pain before the surgery. On the positive note I might add that I think - no, I'm sure - that I'm also getting my motivation back at the same time. So, I suprisingly no whining nor complaining today. Just happy and soon ready to roll.

I have almost finished reading Matt Friztgerald's new book RUN: The Mind-Body Method of Running by Feel. It surely has ideas to be followed or at least thought when I step again on the road. It's a good read.


A new start back to running

Today I started building up my way back with series of strength and flexibility exercises. The latter comprised simply extensions and straigthening of toes and the ankle. Moving the ankle with stitches is a new thing for me and I'm a bit nervous about the tight feeling underneath the bandages. I'm not supposed to move the ankle more than 30 degrees till the stitches are removed on Sept 24th.

Strengthening exercises are also pretty simple and thus less demanding:
  • 3x20 (reps) straight knee extensions with "locked knee", a pillow under the thight
  • 3x20 knee extensions with "locked knee" toes straight up
  • 3x20 knee extensions with "locked knee" toes flipped outward
  • 3x20 knee extensions with "locked knee" toes flipped inward
  • 3x20 leg abduction in sidelying 
+ some traditional bits:
  • 3x50 ab crunches with an exercise ball
  • 3x50 glute crunches
  • 3x30 push-ups
  • 3x50 bicycle crunches
This will continue for the next two weeks (repeated three times a day). Three weeks after the surgery I may start swimming and biking with a stationary bike. I will emphasize the latter. Swimming suck due to too many hours spent with aqua running. Walking/running will follow after 6 weeks after the surgery. I'm really looking forward to wake up on October 25th.


The recovery has started

I had a chance to see how does the scar look like. Of course as a nerd I had to take photo...


Looking good

The surgery went well. I entered the hospital at 8 AM and then I left the building at 2 PM. The situation underneath the skin was something like expected and it's gone. Additionally, Dr. Orava "cleaned" the tendon.

On Wednesday the bandages have to be renewed in order to avoid any inflammation. Then on 24th I will get rid of the stitches. In 6 weeks (at the earliest) I might be able to try out running. That sounds awesome!


Breaking the Silence

It's the last day before the achilles surgery. I feel confident that this will work out fine. The on-going week has been pretty easy (training-wise, at work I've been hurting my head a lot) and I've biked only on four days. Todays ride was the most evil one since I intentionally tried to kill my thighs already at 7 AM. Well, thighs felt okay the whole time but the old nagging feeling in my left gluteus woke up. That's okay I think. Sports is all about various forms of pain, right?

Yesterday I found my crutches (yes, I have a pair of my own) so I'm pretty much all set for tomorrow.

Damn, I miss running! Today, last year my physical activities looked like this:

(photo by policepace)


Operation date set

On Sept. 13th my left achilles will get what it deserves...


No rupture

This morning I had a meeting with doctor who saw the problem kinda instantly. He sent me to ultrasound scanning which I - luckily - had some 30 minutes thereafter. Nice. Accordingly, I'm going to meeting the doctor another time this evening and then I'll know is it time for knife or cortisone.

[update:] It is knife-time. There is no rupture, but it is in so bad shape that there is not return on the road without operation. Tomorrow morning I'll know the exact time when achilles will be operated. Great!

This morning's bike ride sucked. I dislike very much biking in low 40s with headwind. My brain froze over and fingers were numb. But the headwind is my archenemy and I'm little afraid that it has the advantage.


Menjo ran 26:56 alone

It was great to watch that kind of dedication. He didn't want to have any pace makers since he had to pay his tickets from Kenya and back. Weather was slightly windy and temp was 55F. He came and kicked ass (26:56.74)!!!



Where are my mad ninja skills for avoiding injuries? Thinking twice, I have never even had any of those skills. Does anyone know any secret/less secret ninja clan/school for kicking injuries' ass?

The weather is getting colder here. That was sort of the first thing that crossed my mind while riding in rain. So it seems that Summer already left the building.


I'm on a break

I've temporarely discontinued my close relationship with Trek. I have to give some mercy for my knee only because I cannot renew my whole left leg during the highly likely operation. Tomorrow there is, however, a chance to ride a 10km time trial, but I'm not sure if I'm willing to change my status as cyclist from recreational mental worker to competitive slow fart. I already tested 10km on my ride on Thursday (16:11) and on Saturday (16:00). Maybe the potential change would be too expensive for my life. Still, the only sport I'd like to continue is....... suprise........ running!

I'm really excited about that fact that Josphat Menjo (the Kenyan who rolled 5000m in 12:55 by himself) is trying to break USA's Chris Solinsky's WL (26:59,60) in our backyard (Paavo Nurmi Stadium) on this Sunday. Local newspaper had a story about him - he left Finland on Sunday and flew to Kenyan to make final preparations in high altitude. He said that if everything goes ok, he'll enough fit to his own personal pacemaker. Actually, there is NO Finnish distance runner to pace himself further than 3km.


Yet another week on bike

Five days equals 186 miles. I'm happy with this version of mental healing, but left knee isn't feeling the same. Accordingly, I think I have to skip couple days and concentrate solely on stretching and core workouts.

And then something completely different: Kenya's David Rudisha ran new WR in 800m in Berlin: 1:41.09!!!


Rain, rain go away

Yesterday Kenyan runner Josphat Menjo blasted 5000m in 12:55 in our backyard (at the Paavo Nurmi Stadium). That's fast, 10th best time in this years stats. Nice job alone without pacemakers!

It was also pretty rainy yesterday which meant no biking -day. Further, my left (suprise) knee started to ache after Tuesday morning's ride (6:00 AM w/ Aki). Fortunately, today is sunny. So, I'm good.


Still on bike

I took Sunday off. Didn't feel a thing. Still I had almost 220 miles done in last six days. Not lot for a cyclist, but I'm okay with that.

Yesterday I took back the lazyness by riding tempo repeats to headwind. That - of course - sucked but in a good way. My things died already during the first 2 minutes "on" but relaxed to some degree during the "off". After the third one I was pretty much done/beaten/cooked/finished but I continued some more. I haven't spend this much fun time w/ lactic acid since our stay in the US. I vaguely remember that last Summer I met her while climbing up Mt. Nasty.

I also got an appointment with nr 1 sports surgeon (who operated David Beckham last Spring) just to check out what's up. Yesterday hamstring started to hurt a bit but achilles tendon was silent. It seems to ache only when I walk (or think about how much I'd like to run).


On bike

I did my first workout on bike on Tuesday. I decided to start with hill repeats (5x2.5min with 40 mins WU and 20 mins CD) and it felt great. On next day I biked an easy 60 km ride. Then during the next night (after 4:30 AM) I had quality time with our baby boy. Accordingly, I skipped Thursday's ride and chose Friday morning.

Today I joined local triathletes on their long ride (for me it was 107 km including one donut at the midpoint). So, I'm slowly turning into a cyclist, right? Currently, biking is a convenient way to take care of the mind. The body follows that positive feeling - I hope. At least butt and hamstring aren't hurting so much anymore while riding, but achilles is getting worse and worse. Not it is really sore when I'm walking... Nice. But I'm calm.


Reality is getting closer and closer

On Sunday I went for an easy ride with an Ironman. It was pretty cool to have company the first time after early May. Well, the loneliness of the short distance rider suites for me since I'm not the jolliest buddy to have around (what comes to handling the continuous stream of injuries).

Today I'm seriously considering doing my first workout on bike (hill reps) just for fun. I dunno what my achilles is thinking about it. Should I even care...


The Usual

Quiet on the running front. Some activity on road biking. Feeling steady, achilles continues to bug me.

Run, run, run, run, run, run, run, run, run, run, run, run, running, running, running, tempo run, marathon pace, threshold pace, running, running, run, running, run faster, run, running, runner, marathon, marathon, marathon, running.

Good read.


A Bit Lost

Damnit!!! I've been updating these DNR posts for so long that the "Check out the next blog" -link at the top directs me to various Zumba/Body building/Fitness -blogs. No offense, but is there really something underneath the rock bottom???? Seems so. Just to correct this: run, run, run, run, running, running, running, tempo run, marathon pace, threshold pace, running, running, run, running, run faster, run, running, runner, marathon, marathon, marathon, running.

Couldn't care less, right? Today I punished my quads by biking w/ classic grinding face for 2.5 hrs. I felt so damn great that I'm not even able to sleep now.

And to continue with a totally different note: next weekend Finnish T&F Nationals are held ... somewhere. It's been a while since I raced there. With no hard feelings, I think that my next one is up... never. The event in question is, however, taking place in my hometown next year (just in our backyard), but in addition to my left leg, I gotta re-organize my guts to achieve the necessary level of performance. Now I'm plain happy with Trek's company and these particularly positive family issues. Life's good!


Random "workouts"

Due to current state of my worn out body, I'm left with icing, biking, stretching, and core workouts AND with DNR status. This time it does not suck too much since our baby boy is providing something else to think about.

I biked for an hour (fast tempo, just beating the headwind) on Friday, after which achilles was noticeable. Today, after watching Swiss Victor Rothling rocking his way to European Champion victory in marathon and taking care of some baby duties, I took my Trek and headed out for 2 hrs' loop (+ 1.5 hrs of random activies like lawn mowing back at parents' house). The wind was again providing nice and not-so-welcomed additional burden, but luckily I had my moments during which I pedalled at +30 mph. It felt GREAT!


An Update

I met the doctor and I'm pretty calm right now. Running-wise this summer will continue following this convenient trend of low mileage...

Now glutes/hamstring problem is not the most challenging issue, but achilles seems to be in really bad shape. I remember that I hurt it while training on Baltimore Marathon's course in Summer 2008. I knew the current state already since even walking is painful. Doctor expected that there might be a rupture involved with the pain, and accordingly, he'll send me to ultrasound scanning to check out the actual state. So, currently I'm not supposed to do any eccentric strengthening with calves. No worries.


A New Dawn

It's a boy!

7.5 pounds and 21.3 inches of pure joy!


Relative rest

Tuesday evening I rode the angriest bike ride since the last one. For an hour I pushed through pain so that my eyes started to hurt. And then I just continued to push my luck for some more (about extra 20km). On Wednesday morning I spent some time with core workouts and stretching hamstring and achilles. My current "rehab" program contains relative rest, stretching calves for 20 or more minutes per day, eccentric strengthening of leg and glute muscles, ultra sound, and ice therapy. If they don't help, then I'm ready for doctor's knife. 

Today morning I almost repeated the angry ride but butt/hamstring is now so sore that I'm pedaling only with my right leg. Tomorrow I'll meet a doctor and my buddy cortisoneeeeeee.


I'm done

Right! Today I was able to run only 110 meters. That's not so much. I don't mind the pain, but when you are not able to get any support for your other stride/side, running is not that enjoyable or not even possible. It's more like hopping on one leg than running like a deer. Next appointment w/ the doctor is going to take place anytime soon (when he returns from vacation).

Now there is no other option than let the running shoes be in the closet for some time, maybe for good. Instead I'll have to spend some time stretching, biking and core workouts. Do I like them??? Not so much as I'd like to run. Accordinly, I'd like to dedicate this next song to my left leg > this one.


Another 3 days close to the edge

On Thursday morning I had an appointment with a massage therapist. It hurt a lot - of course. And I mean A LOT! After whining like Mark's left shoe I thought that it would a route to better times (running-wise). Little did I know. Accordingly, Thursday evening was dedicated to stretching and Friday morning I woke up to do some core training.

Friday afternoon/evening I drove to my parents to help them cleaning their places. Before pretending Mr. Proper I hauled my sorry ass on old trails back home. I ran in a tunnel of pure pain, but enjoyed every moment. After I exiting the woods I checked my pace (with continuing the same effort) and it turned out to be decent for my current shape (sub 6.20s).

Today I met my old acquaintance (Trek) and rode for 55 (or so) miles in the countryside. Somehow this song was playing in my head.

Best foods for runners by Matt Fitzgerald.

[Sunday's update:] I'm going to take it ez today and I'm pretty excited to watch TdF since my nephew is by the course about 2 km before todays finish. Nice!


Wednesday morning

Yesterday afternoon I had time only for 50+ km ride which was very needed and fun, accordingly.

Last night was a good preparation for the sleeping habits that probably will take place in the following few months. This time the reasons were less human-related: It was too warm and humid (we don't have AC) and just after I fell asleep a huge grasshopper paid a visit (we live on the sixth floor) on my chest.

Other than that I was dreaming about trail races. Even if my legs (especially the left one) are still out-of-order, I had to hit the trails after waking up. What a joy! Jumping over the rocks, grinding on paths of pine needles, up-/downhills... I'm so out of shape that Mt. Nasty would crush me in pieces just by looking at me.

Todays positive note is that I encountered squirrels, a fox and three ravens - those melodious black rulers of the woods - even if Finnish wild-life is not as visible as in Maryland. Thus, I was able to enjoy the run, albeit the pace was very slow and butt started to hurt again after exiting the woods. Stupid hamstring.


Two days in a row

I've been running two days in a row. On Sunday morning I decided to try trails after a loooong break. Damn it felt good. It was only 4.5 miles, it was sweaty, but it was worth of every single stride. Achilles is now getting better (active stretching, active calf exercises have helped), but left butt is still feeling partially numb while running. Screw that. 

This morning I was doing the WU already at 6:45 AM just to avoid the humid and warm weather (high 80s - low 90s). I repeated last weeks' workout with some adjustments to match it to my current all-time-low running shape. Accordingly, I was able to accelerate towards the finish which made me pretty happy. Tomorrow, more running and some biking.... Oh and work, no more vacation for me.


Saturday ride

Normally, back in the day, this week has been dedicated for rocking or Team Relay Nationals. No rocking this year, no relays either. Instead I hopped on a bike and rode a short loop in the Archipelago. It was pretty cool due to the fact that you have to take it easy for an hour when a boat takes you from A) to B). During that "pain" I ate icecream and drank some Max.

This was the route



Time to be honest. I have no chance to get ready for Berlin Marathon this year. So I'm going to retreat from that. Call me a coward or whatever but my legs are giving extremely hard time now.

Getting back on the road (for real) hasn't never before been this hard/complex. This morning, however, I ran slightly better than a week ago - 4x3min.´2min. (@ 5.55-5.35 pace) - but currently I'm not able to walk. So running max. 20 mpw is not enough for anything. Tomorrow I will spend some time w/ my buddy Trek.



Punishing worn out body

Tempo run - one of the most pleasant workouts - felt awful. And I'm not just saying that. That felt really AWFUL, it sucked and I totally disliked it. But I did it. Only 3.1 miles of it, but it's a start. And this time 3.1 miles was more than enough. Being away from the road for 8 weeks and then running the first tempo run should of course feel like this, but I still hate the fact your body/engine has the ball and not me.

And like these butt/hamstring -problems weren't enough. Now, due to DNRs, my left achilles has become totally useless. I hurt it in Baltimore about 3 years ago and it's bothering me with its whole power. Stupid worn out body.


Fire up the engines

My buddy, Mark B, kindly reminded me that Berlin is getting closer. Thanks, man, like I wouldn't already know that... Hah. Yesterday I was supposed to do my first faster paced workout after 7-8 weeks' straight of DNR-days. But what do you know... I didn't have any guts to do that. Dudes, I'm wimp!

This morning I gathered up the remains of my tiny self-esteem and faced my demons on a street to nowhere. After 2 miles WU I did 4x3min with 2 min easy jog. The "on"-pace was way better than I expected (@5.45-5.50s), but in all legs felt awful. After the reps my thighs just shut down and the CD was pretty slow. Next run will be on Sunday when it's time for a tempo run.

And what comes to the injury -- I can still feel the remains of the pain in the hamstring. Accordingly, I sent an email to my doctor to get a second opinion on what to do with that.

Other than that.... I'm going to be ready for our next race, Mark!


Running again

Yay! I'm at least partially back on the road. By running which makes it even more fun. This morning I strolled w/ Bruni another 6-miler. Legs were still pretty sore after Saturday's effort against the head wind and therefore the pace was quite easy. I can still feel something (in the butt/hamstring area) hampering the full stride but this is a start. At the rock bottom anything goes, right?

Yesterday afternoon and early evening I had spent at the track volunteering in the Distric's Relays. Guys running 4x400m for my home team got mad since I had to disqualify them due to running partially on wrong track (you know the rules, 4-5 step over the white line is enough). I honestly don't mind them being disappointed but next time everyone is happier if they just tell me beforehand to watch to another direction while they are running or just forget to ask me to come. Other than that I'm enjoying my second day off.

12.5 weeks to Berlin.


Less stuck

Yesterday's bike ride  (68 miles) was half pleasure, half pure pain. I totally hate head wind which continues 35 miles in a row. HATE!

But I like the fact that this week I have done two 6-milers without the pain in butt/hamstring. That's extremely nice. There's a feeling but no pain. LIKE!

And then I have two days summer vacation coming up tomorrow and Tuesday. Screw you work, I'm going the distance!



Cortizone. Did it help or not is still unclear.

Berlin: 13 weeks.

June's mileage this far: 16.

Doesn't look too bright.


Feel good hit of the Summer

Co co co co co cortisone.

Hamstring is now pretty numb after the injection, but there's hope. Next 3-4 days, no running, no biking, only soccer!

Then there should be room for exercises for hamstrings, right???


Meeting with old friend

I've been riding two days in a row since butt/hamstring is still out-of-order. Both morning rides have fitted quite well to the void caused by the continous DNR status. However, today I'm going to change all that. I have an appointment with a doctor and hopefully he could acquaint me with my old buddy cortisone.

13.5 weeks to Berlin.


Back home with DNR status

Just got back from Lausanne (Switzerland). Nice city but too hilly for me. This morning left butt/hamstring was really bad. Accordingly, I tried to reserve an appointment with Dr. Orava (this guy). In addition, I have to reconsider my Berlin plans.

Otherwise life's good!

I totally forgot to mention that Joonas Harjamäki - THE Finn at the NCAAs - was 7th in the steeple final. That equals with All-American!!!! How cool is that?


A Non-DNR day

Morning run in Lausanne. A miserable 3.1 miler of which first half was downhill (and you do the math...). Now both legs are done. But I'm happy.



Sunday's extremely nice but exhausting bike ride has now its revenge. The "muscular system" around my right hamstring/buttock area is paying the dues for being that happy. That's a good add to the problems on my left leg/butt. But I don't care about that - mind is still happy!

Anyway I sneaked out for a short run (4 miles) today just to keep myself updated where I'm at right now. Dont' worry, I'm not doing this every or every other day like in the old days. Last time when I ran was in Iceland 1,5 weeks ago. But back to today: The current situation is not worse which is nice. Maybe that's why I did 3 hill repeats. Funny thing is that left butt does not hurt when I run uphill.

But being this desperate usually creates bad ideas. This time is not different: I've been thinking about aqua jogging. In 2004 after I did the 6 hrs really unofficial Finnish national (nowadays ex-) record (the longest aqua run) I have totally disliked the feeling of pool water on my skin. If I would dip myself in a pool, I would vomit for sure. Instantly.

By the time of NR I was in a middle of 7 months break off running due to more serious injury. Currently I'm only fighting the demons (and sprained muscle) so why bother. I still have my bike, sore butt and a conference in Lausanne (SUI) to attend.

Oh and today NCAA's finals start in Eugene, OR. Among other interesting events I'm rooting for Joonas Harjamäki (a Finn) in men's steeple. Go and dominate!


DNR: Sunday's bike ride

Oh well, on Friday I rode 31 miles, yesterday none and today 96 miles (took almost 5 hrs). Thanks to a group of local triathletes I had a chance to "walk" my Trek for little longer. Due to serious drafting behind the others I was able to make it back home/

Seriously, let me run soon!


DNR days continue

Yesterday I had a eagerly waited date with my Trek. I hope that biking helps me in NOT loosing my sanity.

Trek has been in pieces in Mika's garage after our return from the US. We managed to import the bikes in huge carbon boxes (thanks Kevin D. and the Race Pace Bicycles in Columbia, MD) and due to several other on-going activities bikes have stayed unassembled. Of course I don't have the tool nor skills to assemble them... But yesterday Mika had time to assemble my bike, and thereafter we went for a ride (one hour, easy pace). Mika has a triathlon race on Sunday in Germany so he kept the pace easy with suited me just fine.


Back home with DNR status

Yeah man. This is it. May's mileage was totally around 140 with 11 DNR days. And those days will continue for awhile. Next week I will visit Lausanne, Switzerland. I could pay a little extra to get back on the road before that.

Any ideas how to make the recovery any faster...??


Hello Iceland

We are now locating ourselves in surroundings that sort of looks like the moon. Rocks, rocks, a road, and more rocks. And then the ocean. While I'm here, I had to run a short morning stroll even if my butt still hurts. The latter fact sucks big time.


DNR 8 & 9

All of sudden weekend is almost here. Tomorrow I'm heading to Iceland. Just to face Eyjafjallajokull and her buddies. It's supposed to be a holiday trip and I hope that the ash-machine will take it easy. Other than that DNR days continue. My body likes then more than my mind.


DNR 6 & 7

Monday was productive. That was totally unexpected since my running is currently on hold. Usually this state has had negative effects on all every day activities.

Today I woke up Marvil (mtb) enough early and biked for an hour with easy/moderate effort. Even if having the sweat producing advantage, biking seem not to fit to the current injury since left hamstring and butt seem to go partially numb if I try to increase the effort. So, DNRs continue. Man, that sucks.


DNR 3, 4 & 5

Lately I've done only stretching and work.

However, today I went out to try how my sprained butt is holding up. And of course the injury is persistent. Berlin is going to be fun.

Go Nike!



I feel lucky. This fancy hotel provides bicycles for quests' use for free. So I'm off for short ride. Just to tease my sore butt.


Surrounded by running oasis

Current location: Kolding, Denmark. Birds are singing and I can see Patapsco Valley SP type of trails from my window. Still, this trip sucks because I had to leave my running gear home. Sprained butt (and legs too) need some time to rest now.

I really hope that this injury does not take 3 months to heal...


Let it rain or shine

The pleasure caused by yesterday's morning jaunt is really hard to express by children's vocabulary. I want to fade it out from my mind and totally forget it. Positively, I realized that there is no non-stretching way out from the current unstable state of these old legs. Thereafter I started a routine which WILL be part of my daily activities from now on.

Today's shake off felt way better and I'm really looking forward the forthcoming tempo repeats.

EDIT: This is total BS. I sprained my left butt during the strides before the workout. I'm soooo happy. NOT!  I did three repeats, but then running felt too painful. Cool down + plus 2.5k walk back home. Nice. Next days: DNR.


Nice weather continues

Sunday morning, 75F, 50% humidity, long run (12.5 miles). That's a nice recipe for starting your last day of the week. Weekly miles 65.


It's on

Today was the first day of the preparatory phase for Berlin. To be honest: I have a long road ahead. Today's tempo run was a short but pretty realistic experience (3.1 miles @ 5.55 pace). No matter how much I try explain myself that I'm still a runner the reality indicates that I should subscribe for Jogger's World.

Anyway, the hunt on...

Picture from Wednesday morning. Last run w/ Carlos before the next one.


Slow progression

Yesterday: Ez 10 miler (6.50s) and really painful massage

Today: Ez 4 miler and stretching.

Tomorrow: Steady state/tempo run.


6 months, really?

The last four days have felt like the time we spent in the States. Even if we left the premises like 6 months ago.

I have run with Carlos here and there around Turku which has been the most fun! Yesterday's run (10.5 miles, 7:22/mile) was awful, but today (9 miles, 6:46/mile) everything was back to normal. That was partly because of Carlos, partly because of the nice weather and Ruissalo Island.

Only thing that was missing was the rest of the guys: Jason, Mark, Seth, Stephen, Tom, Izzzzzzzzy, Bob, Paul... Now I miss the HCS crew, Wednesday runs, Mt. Nasty and Bagel Run incredibly much. Keep on running, guys!



What? It's back????

Today's morning run was rough. Easy run turned into painful (hamstrings/glutes) and slow run. I kept Carlos's pace so slow that he started to yawn and solve trigonometric functions. Despite the unwanted return of pain, today was good (10.5 miles).



We just received some presents and an awesome picture and picture frame full of wishes from HCS runners. I don't even remember when I cried last time, but today it was close. Thank you everyone over there!

I had another nice run with Carlos around Turku and partially on our trail system. This run ended up in special way - polar bear plunge and sauna. Both Carlos and Issel didn't hesitate at all to swim in 44F (water) and warm up in 165F degrees (sauna).



Carlos and Issel are here. This morning I had a nice run with Carlos, yesterday's winner of Helsinki City Run half-marathon. Wohoo!!!



All of a sudden I'm not able to run. Again. My right ankle started hurting just like that. Now it's swollen and does not allow running. No worries, this takes only max couple days...


Breaking the silence

I have kept it cool. Last weekend I did two easy run (6 and 12 miles, both sub 7.00 @ mile) and yesterday morning I sneaked out for a short trial on hills. They felt pretty okay which made me quite happy. The pain has stayed away. After the hills I hurried to a massage. That's the fourth one in two weeks.

Today is going to be another easy day, but tomorrow I have to try faster pace. Tomorrow would be a chance to race at XC districts, but I'm not ready for that. This year Finnish XC season is 10 days long so no XC races for me this spring/year.


I'm reborn

Friday's visit to naprapathic therapist was amazing. Yesterday and today I ran with pain for the first time in 2.5 years. My spine was stuck in three places and thus glutes, hamstrings and calves did not get the necessary "running data" provided by the nervous system. And the difference between last couple of weeks fulfilled with old man's stride and this weekend is making me totally eager to run and run. No retirement for me yet!



Today's balance: Pain- and pitiful 6 miler, a massage and a I-don't-what-happened visit to naprapathic therapist. My spine was stuck and accordingly, my right leg was clearly shorter than left one. OOooooh what crazy noices the therapy caused...

Singing the old song

These hamstrings are pure evil.

Next up: massage, naprapathy, physiotherapy, md and then maybe acupuncture.


Optimal Marathon Performance

Here's a model from one run fulfilled with marathon (suprise) related discussions. It has mediators and moderators but most importantly the direct relationship between training and performance. The text related to the model is now only in Finnish, but this is not any nuclear physics...


Yesterday was fun. After awhile I felt like a runner. A slow one, but still. I did 10x2/2min. with a chilly tailwind. The faster intervals (5.40-5.15 pace) weren't as fast as I hoped for. In addition, hamstrings died around the 7th faster interval. Today is easy and tomorrow I have a massage. 


Enjoyed the silence

Yeah man! I'm almost back in business. Last week was about 43.5 easy miles with only one steady state 9 miler. I had two really powerful massages and the next one is on Friday. However, the same disturbing problems are bothering the pace again, but today I'll try to get back on the road no matter what. The plan is to do a fartlek workout (10x2/2 min.) which will give me some idea of my current location in the marathon matrix.

Next week I'll start a schedule aimed at "possible" 10000m race in July. This will also serve as a preparation phase for Berlin Marathon. The first workout is 6x1mile at the goal pace.



I have had several massages and then I have had some Massages. Today was a time for the latter. I really hope that this soreness is the key to unlock the current negative trend.


Downward spiral continues

I'm pretty much done. Ready to retire. The fire is fading. I'm in the middle of this miserable downward spiral.

Today incated my current state pretty well. Race pace is slowing down (week after week) and I just can't run hills since both glutes are totally tired and hamstring are ready for some violinist. That kinda hinders the whole idea of running fast. It has been my state for awhile, and I haven't have any enjoyable run since last Summer. If this continues, I won't be running too long anymore. I don't see any reason for continuing. But before making these less believable conclusions I have to do something to correct the current situation. I'm not willing to give up yet.

Tomorrow: a day off + massage.


Warning sign

Related to my experience in Tallinn in early Feb: This would have been nice to see in that dark morming before actually meeting this dog.

Under the clouds of ash

Tempo repeats - check.

Even if my feeling wasn't too optimal, I decided to give a try. I did the same workout as last week: 4x1350m'2min. rest jog on Karikko loop (average pace 5.17/mile). During the CD I joined with a group of ultra-runners. Their races vary from 100 to 250kms. That's serious business... Thereafter I've been eating a lot. Currently, I'm on an intermission from eating.

The heading refers to this.

Even Pepsi Max does not work...

It's already Thursday but it feels like Monday afternoon. Is it good or bad I dunno. This week has sucked almost in any field. Both work and running do not provide anything to brag about. They just take my energy and give nothing back. But I like them both. Reason for this downbeat may be related to the fact that this week is easy.

Monday was off, on Tuesday I jaunted 4 miles (with 4x100m strides) in the morning and then joined triathletes in their core workout in the afternoon. This time we did an adaptation of Norwegian Olympic skiers' workout routine. Accordingly, Wednesday morning's 10 miler was flavored with sore muscles. Today I almost skipped my morning run, but did it anyway. In the afternoon I have planned to do some tempo repeats.


Long run

Long run - 18 miles. Felt relatively good. At the same time I was missing CB 10 Miler... In addition to that, today was an insane road racing weekend: marathon in Rotterdam, Milan, and Paris and then Carlsbad 5km.

Weekly mileage 63.


Here and there

I've been busy => no updates. On Wednesday I had time only for one run in the morning. The evening/night was spend at TVO's "End of days" festival. One decent rock/punk -music venue is closing down and they have a stream of concerts. I just couldn't miss Boomhauer's and Sweatmaster's performance. Accordingly Thursday was tough... no running at all but on the other hand I didn't have any extra time for that.

Yesterday I jogged something already in the morning, but the evening went at the work. It sucks. Today I joined triathletes' test run and did a 6.2 miles tempo run slower than I hoped for. At least I tried, right?


Workout Tuesday

Last week I had a great chance to run tempo repeats in a group. Or actually behind a group of faster runners. Due to tomorrow's tight schedule I had to skip this week's group run and do my tempo repeats alone already today. But it worked just fine. I did the same workout as week ago: 4xKarikko loop. This time the average pace (5.20-5.15/mile) was faster than last week's fastest one so some progress is taking place. Accordingly, I have nothing to complain about.

Maybe one thing. I did a "longer" cool down before attending core workout after the tempo reps. After I had 20 minutes in I crashed. Totally. I just noticed that I'm not running straight anymore. I had to stop for awhile before I could make my way to the indoor track. When I got back home (after 3 hrs workout session) I ate a pile of carbohydrates.


A blind date gone bad

I woke up in Tallinn, Estonia. Again. The workout "plan" said a tempo run (T pace). After setting up my Garmin I was ready to go. I headed South in order to find my way to a lake close by. There I was going to start and finish my run. Everything looked fine from Google maps. But the less artifical reality showed me after 500m's tempo effort that there was no way to get over the gate (and high fence) to the "lake road". Instead I found myself running among plenty of cars on a highway which could be characterized as a crossover of Route 29 and I-95.

The shoulder was wet and muddy and cars did not appreciate my presence too much. Luckily, after 2 miles I noticed a paved cycle path on the other side of the highway which eased my anxiety a bit. I was so happy meet that after the rough start...


Workout Wednesday

Today I had a great chance to join a group of locals (J, Hell, A-P, Jo, and M) and assess my current shape with them. That's the nice part. The rest was solely pain and agony. Without any comparison to these fast guys, I had a decent reality check.

I ran 4 times the famous Karikko loop (hilly and muddy) with 2 min. jog rest. Each of them was an awful experience, but it's a start. I found an equivalent workout in my training log from Spring 2006. Four (!) years ago I ran the same loop in 4.21-4.15. Today I logged between 4.38 (5.36 pace) and 4.26 (5.20 pace). Other guys did five repeats and ran their last loop in 4.00. And still I'm happy.

Monthly mileage was again 250.


At last

It's pretty close. Spring time. Roads are more and more runable as well as at last running feels normal. Heavier but normal. I did my normal morning routine and then ran something before the core workout. Yesterday my legs were hurting, but today was better. Accordingly, I think that tomorrow I will join J when he's starting the outdoor season at the Karikko loop. It's going to be great!


Workout Sunday

Tempo run, outside, no ice nor snow. I like that. I skipped today's race (10k) and ran my first tempo run (T-pace, 5M) to gain some basic stamina for the forthcoming Berlin routine. Felt pretty okay, even if it was rather cold and wet. Week was 64 miles.


The usual

Friday: Ez morning jog with sweetie

Saturday: A longish run (12.5 miles, @ 7.00/mile) to see my dad.


Workout Thursday

Yesterday I ran an easy 4 miles in the morning. In the evening I just ate - a lot.

Today morning I jogged 3 miles and concentrated more on the evening. It was time for a workout (at last). Due to unfavorable road conditions I had to choose the treadmill. It helped me through 5x1k'2 min rest jog (3.18-3.04/k). Then I ate some more.



I had planned some tempo repeats for this morning, but after falling down TWICE during the WU I decided not to even give a try. Guys in MD push their pace already in 60s and we are stuck with ice here. Not fair. On the other hand I'm still sore from Saturday and Sunday so maybe an extra easy day is not that bad. But soon I have to start to be more consistent. Today it's time for core workout with a little longer warm-up run.

Evening's outcome was decent but exhausting: core workout with 11 miles WU (@7.00/mile).


Stuck in the middle

And it's snowing again. I don't see the reason for that. I had a nice morning jaunt together w/ Mika and Bruni. I gathered 15.5 miles and was pretty tired thereafter. Roads were slippery due to freezing temperatures in the night. And this week's mileage was 36 (in 3 days).


Back on the road

First workout after the recovery from flue! I headed to a hill which was FREE from snow and ice. So today was the first time since early December when these two annoying buddies were not covering my way. This is great!

The workout (6*450m'450m) itself was tougher than I expected. I thought that if I do only 6 reps it is enough for my aiching body and I would have decent reserves of energy to use for 4 miles CD. After getting back home I realized that I wasn't too careful.


Slowly getting back at it

Three days off for head cold/flue. Today I started to get myself back on the road (with an easy 3 miler). I think my lungs will be cooperative anytime soon.


Nasty cold

Being sick sucks.

Today's big news is that David Beckham was operated in our hometown. Latest news let us know that Posh Spice is arriving here, too. The doctor in charge, Sakari Orava, has operated many runners like Haile Gerbreselassie.


Another icy long run

I'd choose rain over icy roads. Easily. But now I have no choices. Today's mileage was 16 w/ Jukka and Joonatan. Week was 62 miles (again).

I'm really looking forward to better road conditions.


All of a sudden

Weekend is here. Again. After Wednesday's hill workout I did only two easy morning runs. I didn't have enough time for another run since on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday I left work aroung 9:30-10:00 PM. That sucks of course but the revised version of the manuscript is ready.

This morning I chose the treadmill over icy roads. Hamstrings are feeling pretty tense due to running on ice, and thus, today's accelerating tempo (5M, 29:40, from 6:25 to 5:20s pace) wasn't that easy. But it's done. Tomorrow: long run.


Workout Wednesday

Despite the yesterday's destructing feeling I woke up and soon found myself running hill workout (6x500m w/ 500m jog rest). After the workout I noticed the WRR's 2009 Runner Rankings. Even if I sucked pretty badly in Annapolis and Bmore 10-milers I was ranked 8th in my age group and 52nd among men. That being said, I'm sure the Mr. Wardian will rule this age group for the next couple years. He's a machine/animal. In a good way...

The Karikko trail located in our backyard was again well-maintained (ice was now UNDER the gravel and sand) which made the workout more enjoyable than I originally expected. Additionally, I was able to kick my own ass today. How about you?