Next up... Boston

As a sportsfan I'm about to make a huge mistake. I'm heading to the US during Olympics and this is especially harmful since track and field begins on Friday.

In Finland I could enjoy live all the events from tv without commercials or odd add-on stories (ref. 2008 when Samuel Wanjiru was making history, NBC had guts to show spectators a lovely story of that Irish priest who messed up earlier Olympic marathon), and still I'm bound to miss many interesting races.

Oh how tough life is...

Tomorrow is time for WOW and then I have planned a steady state / tempo run on Saturday morning on the banks of Charles River.

Ps. Don't tell Mark that I'm burned out because of last weekend's fulfillment of stupidity.


The start of 2012 Olympic Games

Today began with an early bird 10 km race. It started at 5:30 AM and as always I started like old times (=read too fast) and thereafter the pace died pretty soon. I was able to recharge my batteries around 6k and finished about 30 seconds better time than week ago.

Like this would not been enough, I joined a group of triathletes on their long run in the afternoon. These endeavours resulted 27+ miles. Tomorrow morning I gotta bike around 70 miles to meet the family. Awesome!



Another great WOW done. We ran w/ JK a nice combination of WU + Tempo run + 10x200m + Tempo run + CD. Next up will be Friday's race which starts already 5:30 AM. That's for early birds.


Back from off-line

I've been off-line for couple of weeks. I have enjoyed the vacation, track and field European Champions, TdF and training. I got the training feeling after jetlacking after the latest trip to the US. Next one is up in two weeks to Boston. Unfortunately, I'll be missing some great Olympic efforts because of that.

Tomorrow I might have a chance to race in Helsinki and maybe another one in a town close to our home on Saturday. Tomorrow's race is (to me) inspired by all the Twilighters out there. The biggest difference is that the temperature is way colder here... Saturday's XC race is something close to Run Through the Grapevine but on the other it is nothing alike.

Running has been progressing. Instead of struggling with sub 6 pace, the intervals and tempos feel relatively easy at 5.20s. Only thing is that for Mark this is nothing.



Once again one of primary racing goals for this season will not take place. Mt. Skaala Opp race will not be on my schedule since it happens to be on the same weekend as sweetie's Ironman triathlon take place. Till next year...