Weekly update - late one

Last week was a mess. Instead of running any faster workouts I did two steady state runs. Both were 6-milers. Tuesday evening's workout was a kick ass, but Saturday morning was baaad. It sucked mud.

On Sunday I had good company and a nice long run (18 miles) which was a decent compensation for Saturday. Now I feel lucky that J made me realize how I should deal with running from now on. More positive. I'm still running...


Surprise Workout Tuesday

Yesterday I didn't have guts to take Lil' D out for a tempo run. He didn't enjoy Sunday's longish run at all after raisins ran out. In addition, yesterday's weather was less inspiring, so I decided to postpone the planned workout by one day.

Accordingly, I ran HR moderated tempo run around a mile-long loop close by our current evacuee place this eve. And it felt really ok. In your face, aging.


Hello Baby Jogger

Ok. On Wednesday, even if I was promising to myself to be a runner, I skipped everything else than eating junk food. As a remorse I was up and go at 6 AM on Thursday. I was punishing the asphalt by running 5x3min'2min. The pace was slightly slower than the last time but it was mentally pretty rewarding to find myself in that situation.

Yesterday sweetie left to Boston for a research conference which means that Lil' D is joining me in my workouts. On the other hand, this means more easy runs than any actual workouts. I take that as a positive period between tough weeks. I hope that my legs will thank me later.

Yesterday my colleague at work browsed my old training logs. He noticed (and made me realize) an important fact. I'm not running enough easy nor enough fast paces anymore (at least the amount is much less nowadays). After learning some American tricks I seem to have lost my old edge. However, in American terms I run too slow my easy and long runs, and in Finnish terms I do the opposite. Does my own feeling count in this equation? Well, in all I gotta get my act together what comes to running fast. But before that I will be jogging with my son without paying any attetion to the pace.

I just run.


Weekly summary

A late one but still... test run (10k) took little more time than I expected but still I was able to break the time which I was scared of. Honestly, I'm not so happy with the fact that I'm fighting with 37 minutes but this is now.

On Sunday I joined youngsters (Bruni and Masai) in their long run. It was pretty awesome especially when I've been running about 98% of my runs alone. Today (Wed) I planned to do a workout already before 6 AM but it just didn't happen. However, it (tempo run + hill repeats) will happen later today. And I'm already tired. Fun.


And then weekend arrived

Next up... test run (partially hilly 10km). Today (Friday) work kept me too busy so I skipped my date with the asphalt. Today's work related event was actually the first public appearance as a researcher in Finland since we returned from the US. I've been lurking in the shadows. 


Kenyans rock the marathon

What a race in NYC today!!! 2:05 on that course is fast and solid performance. Kenyans' marathon results during this year have been insane and I feel so lucky that I'm not involved in selected their marathon team for next Summer's Olympics...

On the contrary, I'm pretty happy with this week's running effort. On Wednesday I did hills and yesterday I started a long way back to faster paces by running 5x3min'2min (@ 5:25-5:20s). This morning I joined triathletes long hiking/running workout in the woods. It took 3 hrs and felt totally great. Weekly mileage was 59. Much better than last week's 15...



I want get faster as much as rabib dogs eager for fresh meat.


Workout Wednesday

No running for couple of days has changed my feeling from energetic to sluggish. Accordingly, Monday and Tuesday were ez days. Today I had to get back on the schedule which meant hill repeats (10x1min.). After a slow start the repeats felt easier and easier. Not bad at all.

Since the plan is to get faster the next workout will comprise faster pace. Oh yes, this sport is rocket science.