Just had an awesome training week. Almost felt like back in the day. Three efficient workouts (mile repeats, 40min tempo and 10x400m), one double day because of delivering our car to/back from annual maintenance.

But just like in some bad films this awesome week was backlashed instantly by nice time spent with stomach flu. With a really angry one. A positive note: Lil' D and I had our first training session together - series of counter abs.

The weather conditions are getting slippery. Temperature is nowadays sub 30s in the morning but above later the same day. The best outcome will be the Sping in few weeks. Really looking for that. True!


Back at it

From Tue to Thu I was sick. Today I was able to fight snow storm for 5 miles, and tomorrow I plan to continue run ez. Sunday I might sneak out for a long run.

Next week I gotta get back on the schedule.


Past 2 weeks

Training this far (now I'm in phase III) has been proceeded just fine. Since the amount of races and test runs is about zero, I have no reliable evidence on the progress itself. Current training schedule doesn't comprise too many fast, steady runs but instead I've been punishing the treadmill with 4xmile (@5.20) and 3x10min (@5:50-5:40) tempo repeats as well as with 40-45 minutes tempo run now and then. In between I have found myself running shorter intervals on indoor track.

What I know is that today my legs are pretty tired. During yesterday's long(ish ~13+ miles) run we got new snow plus the temperature was quite easy (32F instead of -10F), and accordingly it was bit slippery. Not icy slippery but just slippery. And this morning my legs just were dead. This means that the months of NOT doing any core nor myrtle training is finally paying dues.

Today's word: Slacker.


I'm in trouble

WMA 2012 Indoor Championships

Thank you for you registration.


It is cold

Hypothesis: "Feels like -20F" freezes your ass off.

Test: 6AM run, 6 miles, pace easy/pedestrian 

Results: Ass did freeze but didn't fell off => Hypothesis not supported.

Shut up science!