Tempo run

This morning was brutal for runners. Even if this trend of "bad" weather has been going on for couple of weeks already, today was something else. Accordingly, I got beaten by the humidity and slow legs. And all of this happened during a 5 mile tempo run (5.49/mile). I can't even imagine what would happen during a 10-miler...

But today's run is done and that is the best. In addition, universialsports.com will ease the pain with a live coverage from Stockholm, Sweden today.



Today's only run was 6.2 miles (6.50/mile). I felt pretty tired, and to be honest - I'm really glad to back home.


Wet Wednesday

What is wrong with this weather? When you open the door it's like entering a mouth of a cow. Well, I haven't yet been inside one, but I let myself assume that the general feeling would rather similar. After a morning jog of 4+ miles in the middle of this standstill weather I recalled a valuable lesson: NEVER enter a sauna, if it is not yet ready for having a sauna. Under other than optimal conditions (194-212F) the feeling would be quite close to sitting inside cow's mouth. And that is not refreshing at all.

Trust me on this one.

In the evening I'm heading to trails with guys. Mt. Nasty is waiting...

And she is still waiting. We chose to run the CCBC loop. After we came back to the finish (I had a hard run due to gastrointestinal problems) one of us was missing. So I had an opportunity to run a little more. Luckily, he was found before the darkness arrived. Before my stomach started to punish me on behalf of Mt. Nasty I felt pretty good. Today's mileage: 18.


Workout Tuesday

7:00 AM, HCC's track, 6x1000m'400m (3.17-3.13), slightly too humid weather. In general I felt just ok, but more rendo (=relaxed) feeling would have been fine.

In a couple of hours
Universalsports.com has a live coverage from Monte Carlo Super-GP, where Finnish Jukka Keskisalo is aiming at the new Finnish NR (~under 8.12,60) in steeples. Hopefully that helps me to get rid of the post-TdF depression...

Edit: Damn it! It was so close. Keskisalo ran 8.12,93 (4th place). In addition, Monte Carlo/Monaco GP provided several good results and PRs for US runners.


More and less

Couple years (21 years actually) between now and the last time when I biked more seriously makes it quite obvious that I have to learn fast. Yesterday's bike ride (with couple of hill sprints) and NO stretching didn't ease my way this morning. Damn! So next time I should not let myself enjoy the easy Sunday evening without stretching at the same time...

Today's culmination of sissyness was an easy 6-miler with 5x100m + stretching. In the evening I won't run so I'll have some time for core workout.

The World Masters Athletics Championships will begin tomorrow in Lahti, Finland. Last Summer I set a goal for running a XC race or marathon there, but after few setbacks I changed the plan. After my xxxx performance in Boston I should withdraw from marathon for good. So I will enjoy this event online from the US. It's better for us all.

Similarly, there is no chance that I'd be able to compete in the Finnish Nationals this year. They are on the next weekend AND I'm not even close to be qualified. Honestly, my chances to race there are pretty low nowadays and they are not increasing. In general, the best thing is that the number of registered/qualified distance runners has increased considerably from previous years. That is brilliant.

Last time I did manage to qualify for the Nationals was in year 2001. I started the 10000m final in a fever (w/ a temperature 102.5 F) and had to drop out at the 3000m mark. I thought that I was going to die right there on the track. As of now, I'm quite sure that starting that race has been my worst decision ever. So my friends and rivals, respect your health! On the other hand, I met my wife after that race, so that isn't so bad day after all. And luckily, there are plenty of other races available...


Another long run

Not too long, but something - a longish run and "cool down" around 15 miles. I ran 7 miles with Seth and Nick. In the afternoon I rode with sweetie an easy bike ride (20+ miles with some hill sprints for no reason).

Weekly total was 63 miles.


"Long" run

Yesterday's soccer game tired me out, even if I was only one spectator among 71.000. So today's long run was only 12.5 miles. Maybe I run another one tomorrow.

Great news from Finland told me that we got a new NR. Steeplechaser Jukka Keskisalo (who I met in Flagstaff in March) ran 2000m in time 5:00.32. Not bad for forthcoming World Champs in Berlin.


Workout Friday

7:00 AM, track, 10x400m'300m (75.0-71.2), humidity, feeling great, mainly rendo. In the evening it is time for AC Milan vs. Chelsea, and tomorrow morning for a long run in B-More.


Easy Thursday

Easy week continues => another easy morning jog 6+ miles. Hamstrings got really sore from yesterday's core workout + trails. Good job. Tomorrow something on track.


Workout Wednesday

No running this morning, because this week is easy. Instead I had an opportunity to concentrate more on Wednesday's trail run just to compensate the lack of tempo run. We had a nice group of 8 runners and the pace was pretty good (~59.00 minutes with Mt. Slayer and Mt. Nasty). Weather wasn't that gentle, and I lost my skull and bones necklace. Damn it!

Oh, and in the morning I did some type of core workout after awhile. I decided to push it through the pain (in the lower abs). As of now I don't regret my decision at all.


Tired Tuesday

Just an easy 6-miler for today. That's it. I'm tired.


Mysterious Monday

Yesterday's highlights were both sportish (long run, bike ride) and cultural (STP). This morning, however, I woke up with a pretty sore body as I expected. As a result I ran only an easy 6-miler (7.05/mile). Luckily, running didn't feel so bad.


Long Sunday

I retired from running yesterday simply because I can't handle the truth.

However, when I woke up my legs were eager for some miles. Therefore, today's schedule included instant punishment because of yesterday's performance. A long run, 16.3 miles (7.03/mile), followed by 40 miles bike ride (BWI-Annapolis-BWI). And then some Stone Temple Pilots. Week was 70 miles.


Saturday + Twilighter

Morning shakeout for the evening - 3 miles with pedestrian pace. Legs feel sore and tired. Maybe also they are charged for the evening...?

Rockville Twilighter took place under easier circumstances than expected. Still I was only 17 seconds faster than last year. What happened? Nothing happened. The reason - me and my untrained engine. This was a good reality check.


Easy Friday

Easy days continue. No running this morning, only PT and a massage. In the evening I'll run today's easy run on the XC course. I saw Kent this morning on his demanding road back to shape after a surgery. I'm sure that he'll be back anytime soon! Now I gotta watch how Jukka Keskisalo is doing in France (steeples).

And he did well. New PR 8.15 and he place third after the olympic champion Kemboi and olympic silver medalist Mekhissi.


Another tired Thursday

Tired yes, but without any worries. After crawling through knifes ... or 6 miles I spent some moments stretching, which made me feel sleepy.


Oh really?

Morning shakeout run was again 4+ miles with easy effort. In the evening we are again going to face the mighty power of Mt. Nasty. Then it's time to take it easy for couple of days in order to make it sure that I'll be able to f i n i s h Rockville Twilighter.

Yeah, in the evening we avoided both Mt. Slayer and Nasty during our 10-miler on trails. Oh and Izzy is fit, he is going to fly on Saturday...


Nice Tuesday

I overslept twice today, and thus, I hit the track only at 7:00 AM. Running felt okay and I rolled 6x800m'400m (2.35-2.30) + couple of 200s. Nice and easy. Next up work and TdF - and Warped Tour.


Rest/easy days continue

Another easy day with a pedestrian 4+ miler. In the evening it was time for some core training and stretching after short shakeout run and strides.


Rest day

No running today. Just an easy bike ride, ca. 20 miles. Oh, and I realized that I have lately totally forgot the idea of rendo. In the morning I was volunteering at the Women's Distance Festival. It was again a pretty humid morning. Week was 62 miles.


Bagel run

Bagel run felt almost as bad as a week ago. I was barely able to handle 13 miles. In addition, I couldn't keep up with others which made me feel even more tired and older.


Workout Friday

Today I had a fresh start after 9 hours of sleep. In addition, I chose not to run in the morning, and that's why I had a double advantage to do my tempo run. Then I drove again to do today's steady-state run on BWI trail. Only thing is that weather seemed to be okay (=cloudy), but when I started to run, there was no clouds and VW's thermometer told me about 86F. Other than that today's HR moderated run was pretty okay - 6.2 miler in 36.30.


Tired Thursday

It's maybe time to take couple of days off. Being alone - sweetie is travelling in Paris, France - has been exhausting. Too many movies and too few hours of sleep have done their job silently. So now I continously feel tired and sore. Again another sign that I'm getting old? Maybe yes. Morning jog was 6-miler (6.40/mile).


Wednesday on the run

Morning jog was 3 miles at pedestrian pace. Simply because I was sore. New test NBs are rolling so morning's crawling was little easier than normally.

In the evening I hit trails with guys. We did the normal loop which means that both Mt. Slayer and Mt. Nasty offered their best. Following the example set by Jussi Veikkanen in Tour de France, I enjoyed the pleasures of Mt. Nasty (uncategorized) with pain and a win. Honestly, Carlos and Tom just let me run faster this time and enjoy the nice feeling of imaginary Polka Dot jersey.


Tuesday tempo run

Morning run was 4+ miles with new NB test shoes. They fit like a glove and the ride feel great. Nice job. In the evening - after a day again spend among a huge pile of scientific articles - I drove to BWI trail and ran 3x2km tempo runs. They felt less easy, but times were close to planned (@ 5.35-5.25 pace).

Today's soundtrack has been non-metal.


Heavy traffic

84 F and an easy 6-miler. Felt like ...


Polka Dot Jersey

Today I felt better than I expected. The current Friday/Saturday combination was pretty exhausting. But the good feeling is not bad nowadays.

Due to Jussi Veikkanen's (a Finn) Polka Dot Jersey after today's Tour de France stage, I was about to hit the road by bike, and punish some hills. It's the first time when a Finn has won that Jersey... Then I'm even more happier for the fact that my friend Mika did well at Ironman Austria by placing at 6th place with time fo 8.28. He has sort of retired couple years ago, but now he has the way to keep him fit. Really fit to compete with other pro-triathletes...

Weekly mileage was 67 even if I was supposed to run less than last week. Stick to the plan???


Heavy legs, free mind

I just arrived from a really tough Bagel Run. Pace and weather weren't bad, but these aging legs were really sore from yesterday. I ran 13 miles and now I hear sweetie calling me for a bike ride on the Columbia triathlon bike course (~26 miles). But life is good!

[Update:] I'm done. I'm totally tired.



Morning jog was 3 miles with 3x100m strides. After that there was a short maintanance session with PT. In the evening I planning to run 5k tempo run again on XC course and then do some 800/400s and 200s.

Another fun XC tempo done. Slow, but fun. After that I did 5x400m (71-73)'300m + 4x200m (33-31) on track.

Wilde Lake HS XC course (map: Greg Schuler)


Thursday stop

A pedestrian 6-miler. That's about it for today.


Slow Wednesday

Damn, I hate humidity. Despite of disliking it, it provides me an excellent excuse for slow and laborious tempo run which I just finished. HR was way higher than earlier, while the pace was almost 10 seconds slower per km. Not even one stride that I took was easy today. Of course I should blame myself more than external factors. Early morning, low level of fluids, not enough energy... should these be taken into account before I start to accuse circumstances for not-so-good flow. Or am I already on a downward spiral even if I haven't yet really started to train?

In the evening I sneaked out for a 10-miler on trails. Ran slower than ever. Just because...

In addition to the day of Independence, weekend brings some interesting events. On Friday the legendary Bislett Games will take place in Oslo, Norway. Then on Sunday my buddy Mika is doing an Ironman in Austria.