Longish Run

Back to basics. Today it meant a longish run with Mikko and Pasi. As I recalled when Mikko takes the lead it takes us in woods, on gravel roads, muddish tracktor trails, and of course through someones' backyards (luckily, guns are not an issue here). I fell down only twice which I mind a good result. In all I ran 14+ miles (@ 7.30 pace). I also logged a 6 miler last night just to let some steam out. It felt good. 

This pretty unusual week was 42 mile (that's only half of Mark's mark for this week, but he has Boston in his sight).


Woodchip trails!!!

Thursday: Yet another 6.2 miler here and there close to my childhood home. Weather was quite similar to the one that I had to left behind in Maryland.

Friday: Morning run took place on a woodchip trail. Enjoyed so much that I even did some sort of fartlek. Trails was wet and heavy, but legs were excited and mind pretty calm. It was a good moment during the present period of time. I haven't slept too much lately.


Old faithful

After travelling around 13 hrs and then spending 5.5 hrs with my father in hospital I was pretty exhausted and didn't run at all. I was and am physically and mentally pretty exhausted in general. Today I ran the same 6.2 mile loop which I just to ran daily 15-20 years ago. It was a nice feeling. I also gave up my plans for training and will proceed after things are more stable.

Keep on running, guys!


Lake Centennial

Since we were staying at Jason's, the opportunity to run around Lake Centennial one more time was unavoidable. So we ran an easy 4 miler in nice crispy weather. Lots of squirrels were enjoying the same weather.

Now I'm again packing and at the same I hope that I might see some bits of the NCAA I XC Champs. Then it's time set my watch to Finnish time.


Good Bye America!

In the morning we ran to the Olympic Stadium which of course nowadays offers a venue for baseball. After we got back I reserved a flight to Finland to see my father. That also means that this run was my last one in the US - before the next in some distant future.

For all of you DC-Baltimore area runners who I've met during our stay - I wish you enjoyable and fast mileage. Carpe Diem!


Day 3 - still stuck in Atlanta

Our morning jog was ~7 miles in the Mid- and Uptown Atlanta. After we finished news told us that Peachtree was partly closed due to a suspicious package at the Temple.

In the evening I went to gym and ran a 5 mile tempo run (29.20) on treadmill. With 4+ miles warm up and cool down today was 16+ miles.

In the morning I received unfortunate news. My father had a stroke and he's now hospitalized. Depending on his condition our stay in the US will last to mid-December or only couple of hours. I feel broken, but hopeful.


Day 2 - Stuck in Atlanta

EASY! Easy was the morning word, since I was just tired and a little bit more tired. We ran only ~4 miles here and there.

This is going to happen rather soon. I'm an old fart.


Road trip - Day 1

Hah. After spending over 11 hrs in a car we sneaked out for a run at the hotel's gym. It's sick - running in gym I mean. I did only 4.5 miles of whic 3.1 were sub 6.30s (last mile 5.25). Didn't have time to eat too much junk food today, but there is still enough time to correct that. Tomorrow I'll have a chance to see Atlanta by foot.


Different 3 weeks

Today was our last one in Columbia, MD between the second week in Dec. I had time only for an easy 6 miler (3x100m).

Tomorrow we will start our road trip which means running only now and then: http://lastdaysofpontiac.blogspot.com/


Sunny Monday

5:30 AM: An easy 6-miler. Then some driving to Bayonne, NJ and back. 2 nights to the road trip and my hamstrings are already done.


Pretty nice

When the temperature is all of sudden 60 degrees and sun is shining, you gotta confess that it's a nice morning. Today was just like that. We ran an ez 8 miler (we also spotted Izzy and Mark running tempo - they were fast like wind ).

Life's good!


2nd last Bagel Run

Like on our first Bagel Run we were last by 1-2 minutes today. Catching others usually means way faster pace than one has wished for. Our first delay took place two years ago. But today we knew a shortcut which eased our "pain". We saw Carlos passing the horizon just before hitting the street after making the shortcut. Then after awhile I was running with a huge group (Carlos, Tom, Bob, Mark, Stephen, Seth, Shawn, Adam, and somebody). The pace was pretty moderate, so I got to enjoy my second last Bagel Run in the US (as far as we know our future at the moment) in a nice athmosphere. Carlos, Mark and I ran 13 miler which was just enough for me. Of course these darn hamstrings died during the last mile, and sitting/standing have been pretty painful activities during the afternoon. That also means that I won't run any races tomorrow. So I'll just concentrate on our farewell party. 

After the run we gathered to Bagel Bin and chatted there for some moments. Good memory. Thanks guys!


Workout Wednesday ... sort of

In the morning I had again a nice chance to pace sweetie. She did 5 mile tempo run with warm-up and cool down. That produced decent ~8 miles. In the rainy and rather cold evening I joined HCS group (Seth, Luis, Carlos, and Mark) and did around 9 miles. Good day.



Morning: ez 6.2 miler with sweetie. Didn't hurt so much.

Afternoon: 6.2 miler (6.30/mile) + gym by myself with someone else's hamstrings. Hurt little more than in the morning. In addition, I almost got hit by a car - twice. Again if you have an extra pair of not-out-worn hamstrings suitable for distance running, please let me know.



Today is dedicated to rest. In addition to finalizing my last research proposal during our stay here, my only physical activity will be some sort of core workout in the evening. The recent news let me know that Finland may be the host of the European T&F Championships in 2012. It remains to see what sort of event it will be since it takes place only couple weeks before the Olympic Games in London, [edit:] of which only the latter provides marathons to watch.


Heavy Sunday

Today was a blast. First, I almost missed the weekly race / hard workout that promised to run with Mark. We have two clocks on the wall, and the one which shows the present time seems to be stuck. So instead of warm-up run, I drove down to Longfellow ES. I'm willing, but I'm not going to use that as an excuse for disasterous run. But even as a training run today's 10k sucked pretty badly. Oh well, you gotta start somewhere, right? Mark PRed on that course which means that he's on the right track for Phoenix and Boston.

After this exhausting aging experience I found myself on bike. The weather was so nice that there was no chance to skip that opportunity. Now we are ready to pack them for their long trip to Finland.

Weekly mileage was 65.


Bagel Run

Hmmm.... I think that today was our second last Bagel Run. It's sad. BUT today's run was pretty nice. We had a big crew (Stephen - yeah he's back, Tom, Seth, Kent - yeah he's back too, Mark, Pam and Jason) running in front, and the pace was - again - decent mainly because of Pam. I did around 14.5 miles (@6.35/mile) with Jason and Kent, and ended up at the Bagel Bin drinking Diet Pepsi (thanks Jason). To be honest, this is one of the best ways to start your Saturday/weekend!


Clutter-free Thursday

Another nice crispy morning. Great! I paced sweetie's tempo run. Felt bit tired at the beginning, but after first mile everything was easy and relaxed. Maybe that was because the second half of the first mile is uphill. That's called a life without mysteries.

Damn. The avoidability of our moving back to Finland is at hand. The tiny amount of our stuff seems to be packed in those boxes behind my back. I've been following Ben's lead here and tried to be as clutter-free as possible. So lots of stuff has been recycled or just donated away. In general, this moving thingy seems to suck more than my slow race pace. Think about that.


"Workout" Wednesday

Morning: easy 3 miles in a crispy weather.

Evening: accelerating ~9 miles with the HCS crew (Mark, Tom, Izzy, and Seth). Evenings seem to be pretty dark.


Like a painting

This was one of the best mornings ever. Almost crispy weather added with beautiful and colorful sunrise. Not bad, not at all. We ran an easy 6+ miler which I'm going to repeat that (+ gym session) in the afternoon. This Fall won't suck!


Extremely short XC season

In the US everybody is running XC in Fall. So I had to do it as well. A race called Run Through the Grapevine was on our schedule last year and that experience was so unique that there was no chance to skip it this year. Yesterday's race provided us a muddy, slippery and ridiciously hilly circumstances. And lots of eating. Again it's better for me to pay less attention in the time/pace and just enjoy the nice feeling of the shortest XC season ever. It lasted for one day. Week was 63 miles and October was only 174 miles.

Today I have time only for one run and luckily it's already done. And then the quote: Americans are like everybody,” Robert K. Cheruiyot said. “It’s not like before. They are now very strong. So I knew that Meb and all the Americans out there, they are very strong.”