Change in plans

I planned to run this week steady state run tomorrow morning but it turned out that I'm heading to Tallinn, Estonia, already around 8 AM. So even if I was still pretty tired because of yesterday's exercises I did it today. Funny thing is that the temp was all of a sudden around 75 and it felt too much. The workout wasn't nothing to brag about but it's done (6 miler @ 6:15s).

Honestly I'm still crushed by yesterday's moment of truth. Next up couple of ez days in Tallinn (@ research conference).


No remorse

Yes. Facing the truth is the hardest part. My anaerobic threshold has dropped dramatically even if I've been able to get the base in order during this spring. So all the girls and guys over there... the moment of wisdom.... brrrrrrrr.....brrrrrrr... running only at easy comfortable pace doesn't increase your anaerobic capacity.... No shit?

But this cold shower was something that I needed since I've been traveling in the dark what comes to pacing my runs. Now I know that 6.50s is ok for an easy run, but playing around 6.00 pace is currently my limit and this is something that I really have to start work with. Sad, but true. However, in 2005 I was able to come back from similar situation in less than four months (AT dropped from 5:50 to 5:25). Fartlek, here I come!

Evening run was an ez 6 miler w/ Pasma.


Ez week continues

Monday: A day off
Tuesday: Ez 6 miler
Wednesday: Didn't sleep so much, a day off
Thursday: Planned a mid-long run but ran w/ Lil' D, Ami, AP and brand new dad Mikko
Friday: Steady state + hills
Saturday: Mid-long run
Sunday: Ez + strides
Monday: Treadmill test wo/ VO2 max test (gearing up for Berlin...)


Monday will be a day off

Tomorrow is the last day of the current 3 weeks rotation so next week will be easy. Oh well, last week was easier than planned but I was really really tired. Today I ran an awesome pyramid workout (1/2/3/4/3/2/1). This short pyramid is relatively easy but it made me run faster than I believed was possible for me anymore. Tomorrow I'll join youngsters while they are working on their long run. And it is supposed to shine, too.



I just finished an awesome doner kebab meal. It was to celebrate a nice workout Wednesday.

I ran 4 miles of steady state and finished the mix & match workout with 10x200m hill repeats (moderately steep hill, nothing like Mt. Nasty). I originally planned 2x8x200m but decided to skip that one. But in order to compesate this sissyness I ran the hills to moderate headwind. In all this workout produced 11 miles and really happy feeling.

On Monday and Tuesday I ran 6 milers with baby jogger. On both mornings it was suprisingly chilly because of wind and relatively low temperature.

Crawling back to finish... (pic: Hell's Sis)



Hmmm... I did race, I won, but I was slow. Awfully slow (36:18). In addition, I missed my goal today after crashing at the halfway point. Anyway, it was fun and chilly. After three weeks of training there's a progress to be recognized, but it is sloooow.

Luckily I didn't have a chance to travel to the XC Nats this year. I would have died over there. The course looked really brutal on TV - like running on a soft beach in the middle of forest (in a middle of nowhere).


Almost warm

I just finished a short but fine bike ride in low 70s. In the morning, however, the temperature was ~33. Thus, running was pretty refreshing experience compared to the evening's biking. In all, summer is almost here. Tomorrow the plan is to run yet another steady state 6 miler, this time on the paths. It will be moderated by HRM.

On Sunday I might go and face my demons by running a 10k race. The minimum goal is match the average pace of my last shorter race.

[edit:] Dammit it was different to run in warm weather. It was either the weather, dead legs from yesterday's bike ride, running on paths or just my shape that punched me in the nuts today. Anyway, one more steady state saved in the bank. In your face!


Rest of this week

The nagging ache/pain is almost gone. Running did help to rid of that. On Wednesday I ran a steady state (or an accelerating one) 10k with bit longer warmup and cool down (together 12 miles). It felt ok, except I started to feel pretty fatigued during the cool down. That evening we drove to Helsinki.

On Thursday I did my morning run with Lil' D and babyjogger. I got little lost and ran 11 miler instead of planned 6 miles. But it was awesome - sunny and less windy. On Friday I sneaked out for another easy run with 4x100m strides. Then in the afternoon I had some time to visit Helsinki City Run's expo where I met Saava, the man himself. He's getting back...

Today I ran 5x1k (3:23-3:18) ' 500m rest jog w/ normal WU & CD. Word!



All of sudden I was barely able to run this morning. Left hip got little irritated from the weekend. For the first time since last May the aching feeling didn't go away during the run. Then a new friend of mine is the sudden ache in the right foot. It's almost a typical "don't you start running again" -nagging but not quite. So after couple weeks of running pain free I'm on the verge of...

Sunday I ran w/ sweetie and Lil' D only for 11 easy miles. Yesterday was an easy 7 miler. Tomorrow IF I'm able to run without pain in the right foot, I'll do moderate threshold run on the paths. If not, I'll have a day off.

Kick ass songs from this morning (just before Skullcandies broke down).