Ironman and other thoughts

I spent last weekend in Kalmar, Sweden where sweetie did her second Ironman race (yes, an offical Ironman). She did great, as supposed. But on Saturday morning I couldn't even dare to think about jumping myself into restless ocean (because of relatively heavy winds) and then, after had swimmed 3.8km, continue my day by biking in that same wind. No way. I was really happy to cheer sweetie and her team mates during their long long day.

Maybe that's why the IT pain has almost totally left me alone. On Tuesday I ran the first painless run in 3 months and yesterday the pain was only a numb feeling in the aching muscles. The muscles started to ache right after I did my first ever weight session at the physio. It seems that building up the hip core is the only way out here. But hey, I'm coming back stronger than ever.

And this last notion might be the main contributor to my mindset of today. Now I'm eagerly waiting for the moment when Ironman Copenhagen's registration will open. I want this, and I will be in trouble.


Positive signs

Last 2 weeks of the "ITB sucks" routine have generated positive effects: I have done two pain-free 6 milers! The IT band is still tight but there's no more pain involved with the everyday life or running. In addition to the 40 min routine, I have downgraded the time spent on a bike. Who likes to ride, if you can run?

I'm pretty hopeful that in few weeks I will be back at it.