Shredding out

Worn shoes and low levels of skills to pay the bills hurt my right foot during the HM on Saturday. And thereafter it has been slightly out of order, but runnable. Event itself was cool, really, but relatively harsh what comes to weather conditions.

Since Saturday I have changed my whereabouts to the East Coast, driven to Philly and back to MD. In Philly I had a chance to enjoy a family run and lots of oxygene both of which make life worth living. The aching foot will be better anytime soon. It already feels better a golf ball session with Jason.


Next up...

Just out of impulse I registered for inaugural Saltair Half-Marathon here at SLC. Flat course, 1300m above sea level, excepted snowy and windy conditions. Gonna be fun.

Altitude is killing it

I arrived to SLC (UT) on Monday. For a work related trip. Luckily my collegaue is not an ordinary professor in terms of using time inefficienty. Thus, we have had time to go running. On Tuesday I almost fell on my knee due to simple fact that even an altitude of 1.500m took my breath away. Both visually and physically. After trying to make a short cut and actually after making that short cut there was no coming back to normal ez paced HR or breathing. Nice.

Then of course in order to punish my sea-level ass on Wednesday we drove to Park City (2000+m) for a run. The place was awesome, dirt trails, snowy mountains and silence. I was accompanied with Russ, an endurance machine, and he guided me through a nice 6 mile loop. Today, we went to the same spot as on Tuesday but this time I did a Mona Fartlek on a loop of no hills and only 1450 meters of altitude. The workout was pleasant but slightly heavier than back home. I know that this not really a high high altitude, but I can feel it. Especially I have to run uphill. It is really punishing effort.

And in addition, I traveled through at muscle therapy by Steve Zike here at SLC. Muscle knots suck.

I'm so happy for having these kinds of opportunities.


Gonna miss 2000 mile club

Yes, for the first since 2006 I'm going to miss the minimum of running at least 2000 miles per year. Thanks to my 3.5 months hiatus.

The monthly mileage for this summer was just awesome:

May: 108
June: 57
July: 9
August: 62
September: 142
October: 208


The usual

Last two weeks have been busy. Pretty busy. The next week will continue that streak. Then it is time to fly over the US.

After the race two weeks ago, I had an easy week in running. WOW was 10x1min hills with JK. Funny anecdote from that morning is that I didn't check the temperature and thought that the weather was the same as a day before (21F, windy). But no, it was 50s and I was prepared to face much colder morning. On Saturday we have a busy day. By 11 o'clock both sweetie and I had a run and swim workout done. Then we were invited to a brunch and a celebration of Ile who had just conquered Ironman Kona. Thereafter I found myself in Helsinki at a meeting with a professor from the US. Regardless of high hopes Saturday's pace booster sucked pretty badly.

Next workout was again on early Wednesday morning. I met with JK and did a pyramid 1/2/3/4/3/2/1'2min. This generated aching muscles and this state of affairs was amplified by yesterday's hills + drills + flexibility + core training session (2.5hrs). Today's running effort was supposed to be easy but I chose to run 20 minutes pace booster. After a hard swim practice the outcome was not nice, but I did it.