Workout Wednesday

Just a note:

McMillan's Even Steven workout was an awesome experience. Because this week's no. 1 workout will be Sunday's marathon-oriented long run and I just on Saturday ran tempo repeats, ES was a convenient option for "doing something else". I highly recommend this kind of multipaced workout. Go for it!


Gimme some water

One year is gone since Lil' D was born. Time has really flied by during the last 12 months. Only time when time seems to be crawling is when I race.

Last week was relatively warm and suprisingly humid but I won't continue any further since I'm aware of the conditions in the US and in MD. Anyway, I have felt pretty thirsty every time I've been running. But still running-wise I'm now pretty satisfied and I hope that this feeling continues little longer.

Plan//Execution of last week's schedule:

M: Ez//Ez
T: Off (travelling)//Off
W: Tempo run 12 km @ MP//Tempo run 12 km @ sub MP
T: Longish run//Short and ez
F: Ez//Longish run w/ Jukka
S: 4x2km @ HMP// 4x2km'4min. @ sub HMP
S: Long bike ride (if triathletes will execute their plans)// 67 miles bike ride

This week will look like this:
M: Off
T: Ez
W: Even Steven (@MP/ez/@HMP/ez/@10kP/ez/@5kP/ez/sub5kP
T: Ez
F: Ez + striders
S: Ez + short hills
S: Long run 16-18 miles w/6 miles @ MP


In the middle of nowhere is good

Sweetie has her first Half-Ironman on Saturday and accordingly I was bit nervous the whole week and especially on Sat. Thus, it was right time for an ez week:
M: Off
T: Ez
W: Tempo run 5 km (17:31)
T: Ez
F: 20 x 200m with 200m jog: 36-37 secs
S: Off (Will be following sweetie's Half-Ironman!!!)
S: A sissy ass 7 miler. I was so tired after Saturdays activities. The run took place on a relatively hilly course. I spotted two snakes on my way. Snakes suck.

This on-going week will be following:
M:  Ez
T:  Off (travelling)
W: Tempo run 12 km @ MP
T: Longish run
F: Ez
S: 4x2km @ HMP
S: Long bike ride (if triathletes will execute their plans)


Feeling good followed by sucker punch

Execution of the week #2:
M: Ez
T: Tempo run 9 miles @ MP-HMP. I ran this on afternoon and during the run weather was easy on me. Workout felt controlled but after the run legs hurt a LOT!
W: Ez
T: Ez bike 40km. During the night the right foot started aching and I couldn't even step on it. In the morning it was even worse but luckily Dr. was hanging online and I got help via Facebook. It turned out that the joint of right big toe was too tight which caused pressure on nerves. Luckily after 30 minutes manipulation the pain left the body. I decided not to run on Thursday.
F: Ez + Myrtle Routine x 2
S: 10.5 km road race. A disaster. Hot conditions killed me. I won, but the pace was slower than on Tuesday. Insane and mental.
S: Long run 12 miles. I felt really tired but good company helped.

Vacation time is still on, but due to bad scheduling I have to work during the afternoons and evenings. It sucks.

This week will be easy and plan is (yes I try to follow 2+1 schedule):

M: Off
T: Ez
W: Tempo run 5-6 km + 5x1/1min.
T: Ez
F: 20-24 x 200m with 200m jog at 5K to 10K pace
S: Off (Will be following sweetie's Half-Ironman!!!)
S: Long run 20 miles

Now I'm heading to see Mudhoney performing at Klubi. C'ya.


Training @ MP

Just ran an awesome workout yesterday. 9+ miles (15km) @ marathon pace + 5 miles of WU/CD. It has been 6 years since I last time did something this organized training. The workout was totally in my control even if the kebab roll (kebab ingredient rolled inside pizza, ) was willing and able to mess the whole thing up. In the evening my legs started to hurt like hell but in a good way. This morning's run with baby jogger was painful and slow.

Memo to me: never ever eat a kebab roll 120 minutes before your tempo run.


Vacation time

This time the vacation surprised me by starting a week too early. And this was only based on my false perception, not on the actual calendar. So from last Friday... screw you office. After learning on Tuesday that Thursday would be my last work day for a month, work kept me busy. Really busy.  

Execution of week 1 for Berlin:
M: Ez + Myrtle Routine x 2
T: Ez
W: 3x2km'1km @ (5:50-5:40). Was too tired to run the fourth. It was early enough to think like this...
T: Ez + massage + evening bike ride 20 miles (ez) 
F: Ez + MR x 2
S: Due to time constrains (I hadn't time for any longer run) and too hot conditions I ran a long run of 14 miles w/ 4 miles @ MP instead of 16/6. I mind this as a good start of something new.
S: Bike 64 miles. At the start sun was shining  and in the end it rained. During the thunderstrom in between we had to stay away from the road.

Plan for week 2:
M: Ez
T: Tempo 7.5 miles @ MP-HMP
W: Ez
T: Ez + mini fartlek 5x1'1min. @ 5KP
F: Ez
S: 4x2km'3-4 min. or 10.5 km road race
S: Long run 16 miles