Weekend's race and sore gluteus

On Saturday we traveled to Claredon, VA in order to race a 5 k (sweetie did a 10k, first faster run after Ironman). The course of that race has to be illegal in terms of getting WR under your belt but still I wasn't able to perform as fast as I wanted to. I finished at 16:41. To be honest after 4k I wasn't at all sure that I'm able to finish the race by running. The first 3k (9:26) were faster than my legs could handle and I started to pay the dues almost immediately thereafter...

On Sunday and yesterday I found myself running on trails which was a nice option for running on concrete. My legs are still hurting for speeding on Saturday. Next up is a Workout Wednesday with HCS crew and then a 4 miler on Sunday.


Rock'n'Roll Phidelphia

All of sudden the race weekend was here. On Saturday we drove down to Philly, had a lunch/dinner with a HCS crew and focused on Sunday's race. The weather was great as Jason promised and so the race was all about keeping the right pace during the first miles.

The final workout (3200'800+1600'400+4x400'200) on Tuesday with HCS guys was a success, but still I wasn't mentally so sure about how the run will go. So it was even more important to take it easy until the 10km was done. And this plan was well conducted - sort of. At 5k I was too fast, at 10k on the right pace and then at 15k slightly behind the plan. Fortunately, since we ran the course to the opposite direction in comparison to 2008 and 2009, the last 4 miles felt quite easy to complete after we turned away from the bridge. Keeping the pace up was a task, but when the finishing time was 1 second below my goal (1:17:00), I should be happy. And I am.

Mark PRd by over 3 minutes and closed 70 minutes and Carlos cut his PR by couple seconds. Moreover, I'm sure that Jorge ran a serious PR in addition to which Jason finished the race after running first the Reach the Beach relay. I might assume this to be a successful race weekend for us all.


Back at it

It's been awhile but at the same time being back here feels like we haven't been away at all. Wednesday's trail run with the guys was hot and humid. I think that I kicked Mt. Nasty's butt but at the end she had her revenge. It actually continued on Saturday's Bagel Run.

Saturday's muggy weather made me scared about Philly's conditions. Hopefully the current morning weather is present also on 16th...


New Adventures

Last weekend I participated in a road race (Midnight Run Helsinki, 9.000 runners) which started late in the evening. Around this time of year it's completely dark outside already at 21 PM and during that time Helsinki provided the saddest conditions: cool, windy and extremely rainy weather. 

At the start legs felt much better than they did during the whole week after the adventure race. I started by following the leaders but realized soon after that I don't have the guts to push the pace in the dark on the slippery streets. After almost breaking my ankle I decided to cool off. My body did this only couple kms after this decision. Still, I'm pretty happy with the result.

Next morning I joined a different breed of endurance athletes with my good friends and Trek. The event, Tour de Helsinki, was a 140 km bike ride around the capital area. It was extremely nice, easy and scary experience. I saw way too many crashes and piles of bloody cyclists so I was pretty happy with hitting the finishing line in one piece. After the restricted pace (first 11 km 2.500 cyclists were following the pace of the leading car) I was able to ride at 36.5 kmh pace which was better than I expected.

Now I'm sitting in our temporary home in Columbia, MD. Feeling tired and happy.