Yes, I'm really confident

I'm not so sure anymore that I'm doing the right stuff. I've been able to get 30 seconds slower per 5 k only in three weeks. Awesome!

Anyone interested in getting free advice how to die out this easily???



Spring time is almost here. During the daytime the temperature is already reaching 40s and snow is almost gone. Even better, roads are open and most of them are cleaned. Even if this is taking place I still found myself running on treadmill on Tuesday morning. I ran 4 by mile (@5:20). On Wednesday I met with Pera and we ran together like we did over 10 years ago. Awesome!

Today I dared myself to run w/ J while he was trying to run an accelerating 6k. I did only 5k but what makes me happy is the fact that I almost matched my pace from last week. Nice.


Thank you Mark!

Now that you are registered for 2012 Rock 'n' Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon...


Test run

Man I liked it.

The first test run since last October. At the same time it was the first faster tempo of any kind for a long long time. This month's test run took place on open (no ice, snow or anything that would remind you of Winter) bike path. I ran only 5k but still it is worth of mentioning.

The last 4-5 weeks have been more or less colored with various types of flu and I haven't been able to follow any training plans. So, running close to 17 minutes was just what I expected, and thus, I feel great.


Gonna skip WMA's 13.1 miler

Due to being repeatly ill, I will skip the forthcoming WMA HM in early April. Just walk away...


Running again

It was wonderful to watch a video from Bmore's Shamrock 5k. Sunny and seemingly warm conditions.... And Carlos took the title. Nice.

Today, just like yesterday, I ran w/ JK starting at 6:15. Today we didn't hesitate too much when we selected a hill workout over steady state run. Due to slow recovery from a flu (3rd one in 1.5 months) I ran only 6x500m'500m + 5x100m strides (downhill). Afterwards when I was literally coughing my lungs out of my physical existence the 6 repeats felt just enough.

Kicked some asphalt today! So....In your face, winter and ice!


This week...

...I have been mostly sick. Well, on Tuesday my early morning date with treadmill was fine (3xmile + 3x1k).


666 km done

Return from short but effective stomach flu was everything else than easy. During Wednesday's ez run I felt fine, but on Thursday the planned 4x10min on treadmill did not happen. Instead I got beaten by the treadmill. Legs were not ready at all so after the first 10 minutes it was time for some adjustments so I ran 2x10m + 5min. Due to Thursday's painful (physical and mental) outcome I even had to skip yesterday's workout. But since there has been some time-related challenges to organize a long run, I did one (16 miler) yesterday. Out of those 16 miles about 5 were non-icy, ready for the Spring, miles. Awesome! Pace dropped from 7:10s to 6:30s like nothing.

Today I had to tease these legs from a different angle: 10x100m'100m strides. Tomorrow... I don't know what happens.