In between

Making plans.... have to find a way out from the rock bottom and taste the pain.


2 out of 3

Berlin is done. I broke 3 hrs for the first time but totally in a wrong way. So, marathon didn't go quite like I expected but by the time I hit the wall (22-24km) I was sure about what I have done wrong/have neglected. Long story short: I'm not that disappointed that I just ran the worst result ever. Summer hasn't been that easy, but now I'm eagerly waiting for getting back at it. One thing is sure - I won't be running marathons anytime soon.

Take care. I'll take some time off.




This used to be the best time of training. All the mileage and hard workouts are done and then you just had to be patient enough. Now, I don't even remember how to taper... Luckily, it's not rocket science.

I missed Monday's run and the same happened today but I'm not worried. Maybe tomorrow I won't skip the daily dose and continue from where I left myself yesterday (2x2k'1k+1k @ sub MP). Sunday I'll do 10-13 ez miles and then on next Wednesday/Thursday it's time for final wake-up call (3x2k or 3 miles @ MP). On Friday I'll meet HCS crew in Berlin.

And then on 25th....



Hello from the stealth mode. Berlin is in 3 weeks. Enuff said. Here's what has been going on:

Last-last week
M: Off / Off (this far this workout has been most perpetual)
T: Easy / Easy
W: Easy / Easy
T: 20x200m'200m / WU+20x200m'200m (on track)+CD (late evening, was really nice)
F: Easy or moderate long run / Easy short run
S: Easy / Easy
S: Tempo run 12.5 miles / Tempo run 12.5 miles @ MP (I almost dropped out at 9 miles. I just hated the rain and headwind so much)

Last week:
M: Off / Off

T: Easy / Easy w/ Babyjogger
W: Easy / Easy w/ Babyjogger
T: Yasso800s. 6-8*800 / WU+6*Yasso800s+CD
F: Easy / Easy
S: Easy / Easy
S: Race 7.5K / WU+Race (at last) 7.5k @10KP

And then this week's plan (T-3)
M: Off (I think that I missed this today by running ez. Damnit!)

T: Long run 13 miles w/ 6 miles @ MP
W: Easy
T: Easy
F: Easy
S: 8-10 x 400m with 200m jog in sets of four at half marathon, 10K, 5K and 3K race pace
S: Long run 20 miles
The race I did after awhile was extremely important mentally. I just accepted that I won't be able to match top guys pace and focused on keep my pace steady. Luckily, it was just enough to keep women's winner behind me...