Still running

What a blast the last week was.

Last week I ran two races: one XC 5K on Tuesday and one road race (7.2K) on Sunday. Warm up and cool down for both of these races were done by bike which were new experiences. On Sunday I biked in total 72K in rain and wind, but I was still able to finish the race faster than I expected. I won that one by running at 5.41 pace. Think about that... (memo to me: always select a low key race). Well, even if the pace was close to pedestrian, I was and still am pretty happy.

Yesterday I punished my lungs by riding a 10K tempo. That was the first bike "race" in my entire athletic career. It was fulfilled with lactic acid and a painful feeling in the lungs. I haven't punished my aerobic engine this hard for years, and therefore, the feeling following the tempo ride was awesome. When I returned home after one hour cool down bike ride, I did a quick change and ran 3K in 12 minutes just get my legs used to this bike to run transformation. Then I focused on eating.