You gotta be kidding me...

I was about to be able to bounce back on the road. IT pain is gone.

But what do you know... Today I broke the fourth toe on my right foot. And that's about it. No triathlons or running for the next 4 weeks.

Oh and yes... today was the first day of my vacation.


Training block nr 1 is not progressing well

The training program/plan is solid, of course. Execution is not so much. Basically, the rest days have been the only part which I've been able to follow this far...

IT pain was not gone, but it relaunched another attack. A week ago I got a cortisone injection which after all did not help. Rest has not helped, ice has not helped, massage has not helped, stretching has not helped, and so on.

Yesterday I started at a triathlon race without knowing if I can even start running after the bike. I did, but it was pretty pedestrian paced effort. Race itself was a really nice experience.

But now I really don't know what's next. Vacation, yes, but in terms of running the near future is plain black. Again.


Let the marathon training begin

Right. I returned from Lyon on Sunday. That evening I did a-must-ride of 64 miles just to get some exercise. On Monday IT left okay and I had to try if I'm able to start training on Tuesday. Everything was relatively okay.

On Tuesday I had a strides workout which went decently. IT/knee was silent until we (AP and fast American runner, Becky Wade) started to cool down. Then I knew that if I happen to run on Wednesday, it is going to be painful. As it was... Thus, I gotta back off once again. Today is off, tomorrow morning I might do Friday's workout, pace booster, and then I will get a cortisone injection. Hopefully it will finish the pain. So I hope that only couple more days and then I'm back at it... for real.

When you are stuck with IT pain, it looks like this (photo by Hellracer).



I'm now in Lyon, France. Ran yesterday. 30 minutes through pain. IT band is not easy on me.

The first training block for Berlin Marathon should start on Monday. Instead, I'm heading to doctor's office.