And I'm out again

On Thursday I strained my upper hamstring/gluteus. During an easy run. Brilliant. Nooooot. 



I'm back. Legs are sore, but I'm able to run at certain level. No inflamation around at the moment. Unfortunately, I had to skip the treadmill test (for measuring the VO2max, aerobic and anaerobic thresholds). This was the fourth time I was facing a moment of postponing the test due to odd periods of illnesses. Instead of postponing it, I decided to skip it. I'll take the test later this year. I gotta be sure about my engine on one particular August morning when I'm standing in the sea in my wetsuit.

Snow is now gone. It's really odd. It's February and the weather is plus celcius degrees (over 32F). It's crazy, but as a runner you should never complain about open roads in winter.







Something's still wrong

After any exercise I feel like I'd be totally sick with fever and no energy left for anything. A week ago I fought the exhaustion during the last half of the long run. Today it was totally similar but I bonked pretty much totally. Thanks to guys, I found my way back to home.

First run after the last period of being sick was on Friday, yesterday I swam and did a 2 hr long brick workout in which I literally bonked the first time. HR was sky high and legs were like two bags of wet dirt. But today the pace was easy and I even ate before the run and still I almost didn't finish  it. My legitimacy as a runner is hurt.

Today, in 3 hrs I was supposed to start 3000m race at the Master's Indoor Nationals but this period of feverless flu hinders the original plans. I don't care.