DNR status

Getting back at running is not close. Originally, in the best case I would have been able to try out running yesterday, but it's pretty obvious that achilles is not yet recovered. Instead of running I'm slowly loosing my ability to walk. Achilles is now sucker punching me. I'm just waiting to be kicked in the nuts.

And waiting in general sucks. BIG TIME!


Taking easy sucks

Achilles is soon gonna get sucker punched. And then kicked in the nuts.

No, I'm not calm!


Berlin 2011

Online Registration - 38. BMW BERLIN-MARATHON

Your participation was successfully transfered and accepted. Have a nice day.


Emergency stop

Today I rode another nice morning ride.

Early afternoon's walk to the city opened my eyes. Achilles has started creaking which is the worst outcome of rehabilation process. It means STOP! RIGHT NOW.

So it's ice, ibuprofein and rest for the next 5 days. This is BS! 22 years on the road and I still haven't learned nothing. At least not how to be patient...


This morning sucked

Van 1 - Me 1. I can call it even if either me or the Van did not stop nor got hurt. But still it sucks to get hit by a Van making a sudden U-turn.

In addition, this morning's ride included a puncture and black ice. Ooooh, I like winter time.

And good luck among others to Jason, Seth, Stephen and Karsten in your Bmore Marathon effort tomorrow and of course to HCS Relay Team!


Routine: Phase II

The road of recovery incorporates the following activities:

a) Biking every morning 60-80 minutes without cleats (temperature is soon a killer, low 30s)
b) Strengthening/core routine, 3 rounds:
  • 50 ab crunches with a medicine ball
  • 25 glute crunches each side
  • 25 leg abduction in sidelying
  • 25 push-ups
  • 25 bicycle crunches
  • Plank 90 seconds
  • Side planks 60 seconds each side
  • Good morning exercise with a medicine ball
c) Lunge matrix (adapted from Jay Johnson) 3 rounds:
  • 20 front lunges
  • 20 front lunges with twist
  • 20 side lunges
  • 20 back and to the side lunges
  • 20 back lunges (this one I leave out and do squats wo/ weights)
d) 5 minutes on balance board

Then some stretching. That part sucks as always.


Almost back at it

Saturday, Sunday and today I sneaked out for morning ride with Kona. It is NOT as fast as road bike but it provides all the things (lactic acid, sweat, fat burning: my weight gain has been insane due to minimal (no) changes in my diet) that I need currently.

At the same time I have to confess that achilles has recovered pretty well this far. It still feel a little stiff and after walking e.g. 3 miles it starts to ache. It's normal they say, but it bothers me a bit. Luckily, sweetie sends me out for a bike ride so that evens out the sharpest whining.

Yesterday, however, was tough mentally. I eagerly followed Chicago marathon and how Mark was on fire until he burnt himself (his legs cramped). I hope that we all manage ourselves to our little encounter in the streets of Berlin next September. I might keep up with his pace while doing the warm-up.



I'm slowly transforming into a bike snob. I bought a brand new bike for commuting.

Of course for a REAL bike snob buying a low budget Kona is nothing more than a pitiful act conducted by some wanna-be. The best choice for sure would be fixing your own bike. I don't care, since I had my reasons:
  1. My old faithful Marvil is giving up and I'm sure that his future will be close to taking care of my commuting during the winter - in snow and on ice.
  2. Next spring Lil' D will be ready for some bike trips (in addition to baby jogger) and I DON'T want that he would have a crash course of Finnish cursing caused by me pedaling the heaviest Marvil around while he's enjoying the scenery from his bicycle seat.
The recovery is going good. Only thing is that core workouts in a repeat mode are loosing their edge. Where's the scenery, where's the smell of pain? 

And good luck to Mark B. and Ben I. at Chicago on next Sunday! Kick ass!


I can walk

Yesterday--even if little common cold is bugging me--I joined sweetie and Lil' D during their little walk to city and back (attached with a dinner). With these determinants you may consider the greatness guaranteed as such, but when you add the fact that this was the first time I was able to walk a little longer after the surgery--It felt spectacular!

Similarly, today I hopped on the bike for the first time in three weeks. Not on Trek, since I'm only allowed to do some commuting, but still this feel great. Felt like becoming alive again which usually happens after longer period of without running. Oh yes, I have felt this couple of times before. Now I hope that from this point on I could save myself from injuries. Funny thing is that it has nothing to do with hope...