Workout Wednesday

WOWs were the usual deal back in the day but nowadays any 'typical' running workout has been a rarity. Simply because there is some much other things to take care of. But that's a different story.

Back to today's agenda. Due to the relatively harsh weather conditions we ran (A and I) the Ironman tempo run later in the evening. Temperature was lower but the humidity was 90% which sucked. Now it did not worry me since IM tempo run is not full steam workout, it is just long. It's mentally rewarding 85 minutes with a good company. 

We ran the legendary 20 km out and back route from Raisio to Naantali at controlled pace. The outcome was a successful WOW. Average HR was 150 and the pace was just below 4:15/km (6:50 per mile). Now I'm waiting that the sleepiness would arrive soon. Taxicab will pick me up in 4.5 hours...