Getting there...

Morning run was 4+ miles (7.15/mile). Running starts to feel normal, even if the knot and pain are still there. Some manipulation is needed, yes, but I like the tunnel I chose. Today, it's my way. In the afternoon I ran easy 6+ miles (6.50/mile) and as an add-on did some strides. All of sudden running feels strong. Knot was friendly, but lower abs (sports hernia???) suck. In other words... I'm back!

Month was (due to injury) only 234 miles.


Tunnel of

Today morning I had hard time with the PT. He was really working with the knot in the hamstring. I sweated in pain. That's good! After yesterday's run I really digged left hamstring to find out what is wrong. There is a tight knot slightly down from middle part. I hope that it's the reason for the problems... AND that I get rid of it anytime soon. Today already? Next some cross trainer and easy running.

After cross trainer and 3 miles of running, I think that I might be back. The reason is the knot and it is bothering the stride, but I will choose the tunnel of pain for next weeks.


I'm done

Yesterday I walked couple of miles during the race and spend 45 minutes on cross trainer in the evening. Ukrop's 10km is neat race for 28.00-29.00 and 38+ minute runners. For 30-33 runner it was a lonely race. For them who were on the road! Today I tested hamstring with 3.1 miler (6.07/mile, felt like full steam). Wasn't that fun to realize what I already sort of know. Leg is not hurting as such, but something is wrong.

No Cherry Blossom AND no Boston marathon for me. Damn it!.

Next up Philadelphia Distance Run?


Friday's running test

I did 4 miles easy. Just to test what's up. As of now, I really don't know what is going in my hamstring. I think that on Sunday I just get back on the road and see comes up. Now Cherry Blossom is becoming more and more unlikely. But...

Richmond is rainy and wet. I have my bib number, but gear or ability. This is ...


Still something else

45 minutes on cross trainer. The most boring trainer ever. Rolling with Black Thunder maybe not the best solution for the hamstring right now, but man, it's more fun.


Workout Wednesday?

Hamstring is getting better. I just visited PT, who had the same opinion. Since Monday the progress has been steady and positive. In the afternoon I may try easy jogging. Mind is still calm, 26.2 days to Boston. However, easy jogging didn't promise too much.


Nothing much

An easy bike ride. Around 60 minutes. Positive thing is that hamstring does not hurt so much anymore. One thing is sure. Next Saturday's 10km (Ukrop's 10km) does happen for me. Sweetie will hit the road for sure. I'll watch her efforts most likely with Canon. Hopefully I'm able to race at Cherry Blossom. If not, it means more time with Canon.

Yesterday we watched Haile Gerbselassie's film Endurance. That wasn't exactly as good as I expected. It lacked the fire.

Now I'm back from 90 minutes bike ride. I kinda got lost, but that is not bad. Got some extra minutes of aerobic workout. Black Thunder was rolling!


Black Monday

Ran 6.5 minutes. Left hamstring is done.

After realizing that and when I got enough angry, I took my Black Thunder (a pathetic bike that was recreated after it was found in two pieces on Route 29) on the road for an hour tour. I tried to keep HR at least at the aerobic threshold. In the hills (which we have plenty) I got close to anaerobic levels. Consequently, I was able to reduce my anger/disappointment to half. But nothing changes the fact that my already fading self-assurance is soon vanished and a small dream of hitting Heartbreak Hill may not realize. This Monday sucks!


Less ordinary Sunday

Today I'll continue on the same path than yesterday. Week is only 47 miles.


Less ordinary Saturday

No Bagel run or any other run. Just some ice on left hamstring. What a joy.


Friday's curse

BWI trail and fartlek (or intervals). I ran 6*3 min. with 2 min. rest jog. In the last one I sprained my left hamstring. Accordingly, I didn't run the minute repeats. Instead I had a pretty long jog back to car. Fortunately we have some instant ice in the trunk which eased the pain, but after all I'm really pissed right now.

Beforehand, I had a feeling that I shouldn't do any faster running today. Only if I would have listened to me. Hah. Hopefully I get back on running in few days. Otherwise my brain starts to hurt.


Back home

I'm back from Flagstaff. Feeling really tired. I'm afraid that today I'll pass writing + reading tasks. Instead, I'll do some easy running and meet PT. And then curling..

I ran only 3 miles of which none were easy.


Flagstaff day 3

During today's morning run (9 miles, 7.15/mile) I ran across Fam itself stretching. I just had to stop there. As sweetie just reminded me, I'm like Mel on the FOC. But this is Flagstaff. In all, during the time here both legs have relaxed and Achilles pain has declined due to running on gravel trails. Lower abs are, however, getting worse and worse. But they won't bother me as long as I don't laugh or cough.


Flagstaff day 2

Today's second workout is done and it's only 11.00 AM.

At 6 AM I did a heart-rate -directed moderate tempo run. At the beginning the feeling wasn't that excellent, but I enjoyed the most of running at the dawn, on a gravel trail, and between pinewoods. I ran 6 miles just slower than marathon pace, but I had to listen my heart. Second run was at 10 AM with Jukka, Tuomas and Matti.

Where am I???


Flagstaff (AZ) day 1

What a city. What a city for runners! We ran (I, Tuomas Jokinen and Jukka Keskisalo) an easy 7-miler in the center of Flagstaff - on gravel roads and trails under the cloudless sky! Dude, where's my youth? This was my first run in altitude (~7.000 feet). I didn't feel any special, except hamstrings didn't bother me! I like this! Tomorrow morning some sort of half moderate tempo run based on the HR, not pace. And then something else. I almost missed my plane this morning and coincidentally met C. Chattin on the same flight.


St. Patricks 5km - Baltimore version

What a nice race in the center of Baltimore with 4.200 runners. I secretly hoped to run sub 16 minutes, but ended up with 16.05. I'm still a little happy with this result even if I shouldn't be. 16 minutes is nothing, but at this point it's ok. After all this was the fastest 5k that I have ran in the US. Run itself felt like an ordinary steady state pace without any extra gears available. Just like running a slightly faster workout. Today's result is coherent with the workouts done, and based on the CC's 10-miler I should have been only 10 seconds faster. So not a big disaster.

The course was insane - first half mile downhill and then basically flat streets. I was 5th overall, and GRC's Red Fox broke the magic 15 minutes (14.58) for the first time and won the whole race of course. Sweetie ran a PR by a minute! She is getting closer and closer...

Weekly total was only 69 miles. Next up - Flagstaff, AZ.


Saturday shake out

Only a 3 miles shake out. It's weird. Now hamstrings are alive and not well. Old news... Next up B-more St. Patty's 5km.


Something almost completely different

Yesterday was a bad day. Running-wise that is. Luckily it was compensated with a decent flow with the work-related activities. In addition, I visited PT who was quite honest with his words on my situation: multiple problems. Heh. I knew that. As capable as he is I think that the causes - stiff SI-joint, pretty badly inflamed left achilles - for my problems are going to be abolished. Sooner or later.

Today I did some sort of shake out/wake up for Sunday. After warm up I ran 1*3 min. + 2*1min. + 4*100m - all were sub 5 pace. As a workout this wasn't any mentionable but it felt good. AND even hamstrings didn't wake up during this short session. Nice.


Long run

Due to different schedule on the next weekend and my forthcoming trip to Flagstaff (AZ), we did a long run already today. We started at 6.00 AM and ran the Bagel course backwards from 16 to mile one (by skipping Centennial loop). However, we only ran 14+ miles, but every single stride was pure pain and agony. Where is that feeling that hit me yesterday??? This sucks! After the morning run weekly mileage was 52 which compensates the general annoying feeling. Hhhmmmm... am I doing this for the mileage or races? If for mileage, then I should get back on the road. Right at this very moment.

I'll pass it. Wussyyyyyyy. YEAH!


In the middle of the week

We sneaked out for an easy morning shake out and rolled 4+ miles. The weather is again starting to warm up. Accordingly, birds are singing already at this time even if mornings are still pretty dark due to last weekend's offical time adjustments... For this evening I have scheduled .... the usual group run. Today I gotta be careful with the pace.

I managed to get an appointment with PT for tomorrow. Hopefully he has some tricks for me as well. Then we have that 5k in B-more coming up on Sunday. I had high expectations for that race but the present situation with these hamstrings keeps my hopes down or at least lowers the expectations. But on Monday I'm flying to Flagstaff, AZ, to meet the some of the elite Finnish distance runners.

In the afternoon/evening I felt awesome. No hamstring on my way, laptop back alive, 66 F, and notice on the forthcoming NIN gig (6/9) at Merriweather Post Pavillion(!!!). I enjoyed this group run the most I have ever done. We had a big group and pace was somewhat progressive (in all it was some 6.50s). During the last couple of kms I ran easily at the marathon pace. That wasn't the case yesterday morning...

Today's top link.


Workout Tuesday

Due to altered schedule for today, I had to hit the road already 6.15 AM. A week ago that meant 5.15 AM. I felt it in my guts all the way. In addition, hamstrings are not so much better after all which increased the amount of pure anger.

Tempo run was 7 miles (6.03/mile) which was slower (10 sec per mile) than planned, even if the plan was "keep it cool" (=moderate). Fortunately, I may consider this as a progressive run since I started with painful 6.10s and ended with 5.45 pace. But right at this moment when I'm writing this update, I'm overwhelmed with frustration and disappointment. It's not a good way to trimm yourself to marathon by realizing that after a good beginning you start to suck. Oh well, now it's great time for these inspirational videos. Their inspiration is hard explain so I'll pass that effort and just enjoy them - again and again.

Rizt's trimming
Oklahoma State's morning workout

In the afternoon I went for an easy 3-miler and did some strides. Legs were suprisingly responsive. And then I got an appointment for the same physio that sweetie as well as Kent have been praised.


Here I go again

Monday morning was full of tired feelings so I passed my morning run. Instead, I spend 45 minutes on phone to get my laptop warranty "in action". Actually I'm pretty positively suprised on the way how this issue has been worked on.

In the afternoon I ran 8+ miles in nice sunny weather (6.45/mile). In addition, I started to do short steep hills (5*10sec). See then how these legs will react on this stimulus plan. Tomorrow I'll do a longer tempo run and try to play with the marathon pace.


Finnish (summer) Sunday

Instead of heading to trails we ran to watch Outback 5k. Of course we were late, but managed to do 11 miles. The weather is pretty close to Finnish summer so there is not so much to complain about. Weekly mileage 85 miles even if this week has been really consuming in all fields.


Bagel run

If I don't pay any attention to Achilles tendons, then I'm feeling pretty okay. Bagel run was 17.5 miles (7.10/mile) which was close to my plan. I ran some downhills little faster in order to teach them for Boston. Or they teach me that I'll see later. I had this wonder tape (Kinesio tape) on both hamstrings, and they didn't feel so bad. Maybe they work or it's mental. Both are equally good for me at this point. Kent showed up for a run, which was really nice add-on to this summerish weather. In your face snow & ice!


Another less ordinary Friday

Didn't sleep too much last night. My laptop including work related stuff, photos and music broke down, and I just got too nervous to sleep. Fortunately I have backup files available - except the most current stuff (manuscripts that I've been working on during the last 2-3 weeks). Stupid me. Today I'm not enjoying the company of my good buddies; SPSS, AMOS and EndNote. Therefore, I have time to read... I bought a new laptop yesterday and took it and the old one to Geek Squad. Problem number one solved. Then I hopefully get the softwares from my university's network. After this expression I'm back to normal - in its' relative meaning.

This morning I ran with sweetie a 10-miler. Legs are filled with lactic acid.


Workout Thursday

I ran a tempo run on the Club Challenge course in order to get used to some hills. Even without this extra ingredient my legs were not co-operative at all this morning. Plan was to do 15km, but I was able to complete only 6.2 miles (of course with slower than maraton pace, 6.02/mile). But at that point both legs were just killing me. That's not good thing if you are running only moderate, not hard/all out tempo run. So the sequel starts to be ready, and my expectations for any race or marathon are soon vanished. However, the fire is still alive. Next up: a couple of easy days and long run max. 16-18 miles.

I just read the WRR's runner rankings for 2008 and I found myself, Mike and Jason on the age group list. Nice one.

1 Rolly, Philippe 35 Fairfax, VA
2 Pugsley, Ray 39 Potomac Falls, VA
3 Colaiacovo, Michael 39 Baltimore, MD
4 Stenholm, Pekka 35 Columbia, MD
5 Makovsky, Eric 35 Washington, DC

11 Lockwood, Max 38 Washington, DC
12 Tripp, Jason 35 Ellicott City, MD (source:


Sunny Wednesday morning

Morning jog was a 5-miler on a new route. For us that is. That was a positive add-on to otherwise ordinary Wednesday morning. Negative side is the sequels of whining continue. Hamstrings are not there yet. This seems to be the August-October's mystery all over again. I kinda dislike it. To be honest I purely hate it. BUT nothing is lost yet. I started to do new stretching exercises in order to get that relaxed feeling back. This desperate I am...

I just heard that the Finnish Foreign Minister - with whom we had a chance to run when he visited D.C last year - has world class companions during his runs nowadays. Today he was running with Haile G in Ethiopia!

In the afternoon is again a time for group run. We had a good group there, and we ran the Instant Classic from last week. In all, afternoon was 10.5 miles for me and day was 15.5 miles.


Workout Tuesday

Due to sudden change of weather and road conditions I was going to run today's tempo intervals/fartlek on treadmill in the afternoon. Just to get them done with some control. But luckily, I went with sweetie to check out the road around the Mall. She decided to do her fartlek over there, so why shouldn't I do the same, I thought. So I continued the warm-up with more serious mind and started to concentrate on the changed workout schedule. Not a big deal really, but little dramatization now and then won't hurt.

Original plan was to hammer 5*1 mile on treadmill, but I adjusted that to 5*5min. with 2 min. rest jog. Pace was around 5.44-5.20/mile which is slower than the original plan (5.20s), but it is just fine now. Due to wind I had to push the pace here and there. Still this morning was way better alternative than fighting with treadmill. In all, I ran 11+ miles. The downside at the moment is that hamstrings are again "expiring" pretty fast, muscle inflammation in the lower stomach is getting worse, and my left achilles is not healing anytime soon. Boston, where are you?

At the moment (3.30 PM) I'm again turning into my own worst enemy. Legs are done, overcooked, burned out, lost in the tight emptiness, but the fire inside eagers for a easy run. Only a short one. "Dude, the sun is shining and you can continue your tasks later. Just go..." But now I'm gonna fight back, fight against this addiction. I'm sissy, I'm loser, you name it, but I'm gonna be tough. This one goes to my hamstrings... do you hear me guys???


Snow is back

This is like it has been in home too many times. I remember clearly of hammering hard 15k tempos many times in this kind weather. Just to feel invincible. Today I'm just happy with an easy 9 miler. I decided yesterday to postpone next workout to Tuesday and now it feels like a wise decision. Especially according to the short discussion with both hamstrings.


Easy like Sunday morning

Instead of grinding paved roads and paths as usual, we paid a short visit to Greenbelt Park for an easy 6-miler. Left hamstring and achilles are still rather "tired", albeit running on trails made me feel slightly better. However, I'm seriously thinking about taking one extra easy day before running any tempo intervals/fartlek. Weekly total was 75 miles (with easy 3 days of running) .