Keep it cool

Late update

Yesterday was the first warm day of Summer. Temp reached 77F and life was of course way better than before. During the last 12 days I ran an excellent fartlek (10x2'2min., 10k lap 36), enjoyed a sick day, ran a pleasant hill workout in rain and participated in an adventure race w/ sweetie.

The latter was an entry level race which comprised orienteering by bike, feet and canoe. The whole effort took 3 hrs and 43 minutes on our behalf while the winners spent only 3:04 on the same course. But it was fun and entertaining. As a related matter I think that it's fair to share some notes for you all who are thinking about adventure races:
  • If you have too much or too little clothing on while racing, never start to adjust them at a checkpoint which is a checkpoint which is just a stop-and-go checkpoint. Especially if you are at 4th position.
  • Right place and time for adjusting your clothing might be when are at another checkpoint waiting for your turn in a line. Especially if you have dropped from 4th position outside top 10.
  • Never be afraid dunk your Garmin into swamp if you fall down. It will survive.
  • Think twice about conquering a steep hill while carrying your MTBs at the same time. There might be an easier detour available. Just look at your map which is handed to you.
  • Don't stop and wonder if 60+ lady easily passes you by while orienteering in the woods. She is just so much better than you. Deal with it.
  • Usually quite many individuals, who have trained canoeing, canoe faster than those who have less canoeing under their belt. Simple as that.
On Sunday I was supposed to run 20k tempo but my legs said no. Actually they said "NO!" Instead I ran ez 28.5k with youngsters. Yesterday legs were heavy as hell, but it didn't prevent me for running too fast just moments before when I found myself biking a 38 miler. Half of which was colored by head wind which I hate so much. Now and forever.


Workout Wednesday and things

Last Sunday the whole family was racing. Lil' D tried to match 3 year old's pace and he did with a huge smile on his face. During the whole 40 meters journey. Then I ran a miserable XC race (6k, slooow with no hunger to punish) and thereafter sweetie ran 10k XC race. We won a crazy amount of bread, honey and more honey, since the local sponsors were (and have been) really supportive.

On Monday we had a strategy meeting outside the normal premises. Since I was pretty worn out in terms of running, I chose to bike there instead of travelling by bus. About 48 miles took only 2.5 hours which meant that my starting time (5:45) was bit too early. Tuesday's short jaunt was tired and painful but luckily on early Wednesday morning I met with J who was preparing for Sunday's XC nationals. We ran 5x850m'200m (@5:25-5:05)+ 5x100m'100m hills. This workout felt just awesome.

Initially I planned to participate in XC nationals but due to Sari's cousins wedding it won't be possible. I raced at the same location in 1994. If I recall correctly, the bus ride takes together 20 hours, so I'm okay that I don't have to do that just to realize blaablaablah.

Rock on!


Work keeps me busy

Well, not really. Life has kept me busy. Dad was hospitalized last week and so on so there has been a slight change in plans.

Last Sunday I did a low-key 5k race and was able to break 17 minutes. Hello 16 minutes, it's been awhile since we last met. Even if I was outran by an older gentleman, I'm still pretty satisfied with this one. Next up... sub 16 minutes. 

Today I ran one of the best workouts since our time in the US: 5x3min.(@5.10-5.15)'2min.+3k tempo run. It felt easy and controlled. On Sunday the whole family be racing in Harjavalta. That's gonna be interesting.

Good luck Jason and Kent at Pittsburgh!!!