Wet long run

I didn't miss these running conditions at all! NOT AT ALL!

Long run was wet and slippery, it was a miserable act of running. I travelled with Darby and Joonatan for about 20km and since I had +4k under me, I got in a nice ~15 miler (7.20s). Week was 65 and month 250 miles. Tomorrow: active rest.


Nutrition overload

Two easy days - sometimes a must. I have been hurting a lot since Tuesday's physical insult (race pace tempos + adjusted Indiana elite core workout). This morning I picked up the pieces and shortly thereafter I found myself watching the indoor track. Okay, time for some tempo repeats. The above being said, today tempo pace pretty much sucked, but I finished 3x2000m'2min (6.49, 6.55, 6.43). Then I was ready for some excellent hamburger buffet at the Kerttu with sweetie and couple work colleagues.

In addition, today was the first not-below-freezing day in 2.5 months. Even if roads are now melting into dangerous and annoying icy layer of depressive mass, it feels that Spring is just around the corner. Birds are already singing. And I'm just flippin' the bird at the weather. What a waste...

And good luck for everyone racing the Club Challenge tomorrow. Even if I'm on the HCS's side, Bmore's looks tough.


A Horse

Sometimes during the most ordinary runs you come across some less ordinary things. Or at least the ordinary things seem rather strange. Today, just after when I reached 6 miles, an older gentleman was walking a horse. Within the city limits. He was acting like he was walking a dog or chillin' out with a cat. But there he was walking with a huge horse.

First I thought that I was delusional, but when the gentleman talked (luckily not the horse) aloud I was reliefed. That being said, I'm happy with the 9 miles (@ 7.00/mile).  


Workout Tuesday

I'm exhausted, muscles are sore and I bet that moving my ass from this couch will be pain. I did my first faster tempo repeat workout since last summer and finished my energy reserves with adapted running core workout. The latter was adjusted/adapted from Indiana Elite's core workout (check out this Flotrack's WOW). The running part of today's demolition was 6x500m'200m (@5:05-4:52 pace) + 4x200m (33-32).

In all, today was the beginning of the preparing phase for the marathon training period waiting for me. 


Cold Monday

I enjoyed my beauty sleep too much today so I had to postpone my morning run. This has usually meant some sort of instant punishment, but nowadays I've lost my edge = I'm a wuss.

Despite the -8F weather I ran 9 miles (@ 7.10 pace). It was damn cold.


Long Sunday

The weather and roads were sick today. Therefore, morning's long run was pure evil. I shared this joy with Joonas, 1500m bronze medalist from yesterday. Our jaunt lasted about 2 hrs during which we travelled 15.5 miles. Not too fast that is. But at least we did it. I almost freezed both of my cheeks but luckily "almost" does not count. The rest of the day was spend at the Indoor Nationals. Good times.

Weekly mileage 62.


Feels like -26F

When your face piece by pieces loses its touch with the reality and makes you less talkative, it has to be cold. After running a 6-miler in a half-frozen state I realized that weather was damn cold (added with wind chill). It was only -2F but it feels like -26F according to weather.com. Spot on guys.

BUT I feel lucky that we don't live in the Northern Finland. They woke up in a morning with -42F degrees. 

Now I'm off to volunteering at the Finnish Indoor Nationals. I'm especially amazed by the huge amount of guys running for the championship title at the 1500m. I wonder who of those FOUR guys is going to win... Four... Nats... think about that.



Wednesday morning: 4 pretty easy miles. I felt really tired, so it was easy to concentrate on Winter Olympics (go P2!!!) in the evening instead of running.

Today I repeated my Thursday routine comprising an early hill workout. I was happy with 6x500m repeats. In the afternoon I gotta run to get our car from the garage.


It's called life

Monday was tough. We had a team meeting at the hospital. Dad's situation is not expected to improve too much from the current state. As I'm worried about him, Mom's back-and-forth is extremely tough now. Runningwise I had energy and time only for 6 miles morning jog.

Today I ran a 6-miler in the morning and then after having fought with "windmill" I started my easy WU for core workout with 31 minutes 5-miler. It eased the pain, but nothing chances the realities.


Another Long Run

Nice crispy morning (7-8F) with decent grip. What a convenient setting for a long run. I had chance to join Jukka, Bruni and Mika during our 16 miles jaunt to Ruissalo Island and back. Last night I watched US XC Nationals which was worth of staying up late. It was great to notice that the level of American runners hasn't declined at all during the last months... Accordingly, I started to consider buying a flight ticket to Poland and apply for credentials. XC World Champs is not an every day occasion.

Weekly mileage: 68.


It's getting closer

Friday's morning jaunt was an easy 6 miler with sweetie. In the afternoon I didn't have any time for running due to work/family/friends-related activities. I don't worry about that too much now. This is building time before I will start my preparation for XC Nats and Berlin Marathon.

Today I did again the same 3x2000m (6.55, 6.44, 6.36) in indoors. Today's feeling wasn't that good, and I think that the reason for this was Thursday morning's hill workout (8x500m). Tomorrow it's time for a long run. Now it is time for some serious candy eating.


A good day

Today morning (around 6:00AM) I started a WU for hill workout. The weather was nice and crispy (~4-6 F). No wonder the workout felt fine (8x500m'500m). Maybe that's why I managed to solve a problem related one of manuscripts under construction. Not bad!


Excuse my manners

Well, what you know. Monday came and went fast. I ran 13+ miles with Jukka in slightly too slippery conditions. On Tuesday morning it was a instant payback time which nowadays equals with 0 miles. In the evening I passed stairs routine but joined triathletes' core workout. The result of that activity was and is sore glute muscles and sore back.

On Wednesday - today that is - I planned to do a double but things do not always proceed as planned. Especially when you are just running without well-defined goal/plan. But in few hours I will find myself running hills (6-8x500m). If not, I'm a wuss.



Our previous hoods in Columbia, MD, seem to be stuffed with snow. Hang in there buddies!

Yesterday morning I was pretty tired after 5+ hours sleep. We had a fun night at Mattilas and got back home at 2:30 AM. So instead of heading to indoor track I ran 8+ miles at easy pace. Today I compensated this by running 3x2000m'2.5 mins (6:48, 6:42, 6:30). I felt quite ok. Weekly mileage: 56.


If it barks, it doesn't bite, right?

Some street close to seashore, Tallinn 5:23 AM:
I'm running through silent hoods. Really silent. I can hear my strides on this slippery street.

Same street, Tallinn 5:26 AM:
I hear some barking from the distance.

Still the same street, Tallinn 5:27.38 AM:
A barking bloodhound look-a-like leaps over a tiny fence on my left. I see some fur, teeth, and fireish saliva engine approaching me pretty fast. I decisively continue my strides. I notice that the huge snout of an angry German shepherd is locking itself after it missed my calf muscle. All of a sudden, I realize that this may not be a joke. Another attack coming from the right. High knee! Hit! Now even angrier nutcase dog realizes that I'm not giving up that easy. But still I decide to turn around. My new less-friendly running buddy is attacking again. I express my feelings aloud with non-decent Finnish. Another high knee! After I recalled a similar dog related occasion from 1991 somewhere in the southern Spain, I remember to keep my hands away from that teethful mouth. Fists ready. Third attack comes from behind. High heel! A hit. No barking yet, since now he/she is even angrier. Why it doesn't realize that I'm now running away from the earlier spot???

The same street, now moving to another direction, Tallin 5:28.28 AM:
I notice a gate to a park and approach it together with my new friend. Act fast! I leap over a pile snow, so does my friend, but he/she fells down on ice. My lucky day! I enter the gate and slam it instantly. Then I wait for no reason. Is my buddy preparing for a jump or not? No? Great! We say goodbye and I leave the premises with acclerating speed. I peek over my shoulder, and see only piles of snow. Heart rate is becoming steady. That's it.

Somewhere else, Tallinn 6:20 AM:
I approach my hotel. My new old friend is probably bullying someone else, I think. Then I realize that I'm hungry for some breakfast. It's nice to travel.



Wednesday was a busy one, and I had time only for one jog. This has been pretty familiar tune during the last weeks. This morning I woke up at 5:45 AM and found myself running a hill workout 20 minutes later. Now I feel lucky that I did that since now I'm "stuck" in Tallinn, Estonia, where the running conditions are less optimal. Tomorrow I have to wake up little earlier to have time at least for one run. Afternoon and evening are already booked for something else. Now I wish that I won't fall too many times tomorrow. Maybe that why this evening's soundtrack is provided by Rob Zombie.


And then there was more snow

Yesterday I had time only for 6 mile's morning jog. It was okay. In the evening I drove to Helsinki to attend Hatebreed's gig (they were just a warm-up act before Machine Head which I gladly passed). The drive back was .... different due to pretty heavy snowfall.

Today I doubled by running an easy 6 miler in the early morning and on brand new and slippery layer of snow. I also received the results of my blood tests (= my body and blood wasn't hurt by the American diet and Five Guys) today. In the evening I was in charge of the stairs and core workout. Today's theme was "instant punishment". It worked pretty well - at least for me.