A race... at last

My last running race was from May. It was when I performed miserably at the XC nationals. The joy of this disappointing reality check was amplified by an injury that killed my stride for the whole summer.

But now this non-racing streak is abolished.

Today I hesitated quite many times that should I even start the race, but since sweetie was heading to the starting line, I had to do it, as well. And now I'm pretty happy with the decision. Even if my time was 1.16 slower than last year, I'm still happy with the outcome. Friday's butt killer hurts still, but despite the muscle pain and stiffness I was able to perform at satisfying level.

And then Matti ran 2.28 in Amsterdam today. AWESOME!

Today was a good day.


50 miles

It's been awhile since I have ran even this much per week. The total mileage for July was 8 and so on. Steady, but progressive.

Today I crashed with my bicycle (3rd time for this year) and currently my left knee is slightly swollen and back is pretty tight. Maybe this good streak of progress is now at stake for couple of days. We'll see.


Two nice workouts

I've been slowly building my way back to training mode. This week I tried to fit a run in my lunch break which was a success. Even if the result was that I had eat alone, the run and the boost of energy it generated did compensate the loss by 6 to 0.

On Wednesday I did my first WOW fow awhile. In order to gain some speed and more efficient stride, I was ready for a fartlek-type-of workout. Out of many option I chose Mona Fartlek, the one named after Aussie Steve Moneghetti (he had this workout regularly in his routine). Fartlek covered 2x90 seconds hard (tempo to 10K pace) with 90 seconds of float (steady pace, not jogging) followed by 4x60 (faster)'60sec + 4x30'30sec + 4x15(full steam)'15sec. The workout is pretty intense and at the same time really efficient 20 minutes.

Today I ran a block of thirds for 60 minutes (20 minutes easy, 20 minutes close to steady state, 20 minutes faster than steady state). This felt great too. So, I will strongly consider utilizing these workouts during the rest of my years on the road.