Rest of the week

Monday was miserable experience as it is supposed to be when you're sick (puking + high fever). Tuesday was also a day off, but I felt alive again. On Wednesday I did a short shakeout run and on Thursday I jumped back to original schedule.

Yesterday morning I did a nice 7.5 miler and listened to music for the first time in 23 years on the road. Weather was also easy on me (it was only 7F compared to real feel of Thursday: -15F), so it was an excellent booster. Today I did a tempo/steady-state run on treadmill after baby swimming. To summarize my feelings during those 5 miles (@6.17): I really hope that I could again get back in shape...  Patience...

Oh and this would be an awesome race: http://www.runforyourlives.com/


Yes, I'm going to hurl

What a night. Sudden stomach flue messed up my sleeping schedule and I spent lot of time crawling between bedroom and bathroom. Originally today was decided for rest, but not this way. Lalalalala... Oh and last week's mileage was 47 which makes me happy! 


Treadmill fun

Morning temperature was -11F => treadmill. Easy run would have been ok, but I had planned to run a wave run. Conveniently we have baby swimming at 8 AM in a spa which also has a gym with 2 treadmills. After "swimming" and sauna I sneaked out do to the workout. When I entered the gym both treadmills were in use so I had to warm up on a stationary bike. After 25 minutes on bike I was ready to roll.

I enjoyed enourmously when I was running 4+ miles by alternating 1ks (6.40/5.50). Huge fun. Because this was the first "faster" workout for ages, I decided to be patient and do only 4 faster repeats. It worked fine and after the run I felt awesome and ready for more. That's the best feeling!

Yesterday I had an opportunity to run easy with young studs. I joined Jole and Bruni who were getting ready for the indoor nationals which take place this weekend in Helsinki. Rock! 


In the middle of the week

On Monday afternoon I had my revenge with treadmill (or vice versa). The first workout was a steady state tempo run 4k (@ 6:34) + 4k (@ 6:26) + 2k (@ 6:00) + 2k WU and 2k CD. It was fun but boring and humid. The weather outside was, however, a good motivator due to around -13F temp.

Yesterday I had a massage but a pretty easy one. Today I did 6 miler starting at 6AM (in mild 0F).

The worst news from yesterday is that Jukka Keskisalo has again a bad problem. Now a broken bone in the foot.


I'm excited

Tomorrow I'll do my first workout since.... some time. It will be me against the treadmill but only a steady tempo, not fast nor hard. This "me against..." setting reminds me of a certain local Hall of Fame comprising runners who had "killed" a treadmill at one particular gym. Once I got "Error 4" blinking on that screen, I was one of them. We rule (or did rule)!

Hhmmm.... the prevalence of blustering has increased considerably during this week. Why is that? I dunno but weekly mileage was 41.

Today I did only a shakeout run, followed an indoor 3k race (good job Jaki, Bruni, Juki, Mr. Rauma, Darby, and Luca) and next I will do 100s and some stretching, but only when The Wild One is on tv.


I own this city

What a busy week. Basically it was caused by work, but luckily I've had time to run every day expect on Wednesday. On Wed I had to participate a workshop and give a presentation based on my thesis (I have opened it the last in Dec of 2004) at the Ministry of Transportation and Communications which took time due some traveling.

On Friday morning I "invented" a new workout called "I own this city". It is a workout which is done in the empty streets on early morning. The city centre of Turku has a pedestrian street which is heated(?) so there is no snow nor ice. One stretch is 300m long and I decided to do 200m reps. And too fast of course (@ 5.05 pace). But it was awesome!!!! Only thing is that the gluteus problem, which caused all the trouble in last May, woke up from a long dream. Luckily today during 12.5 miles run it was bearable. Kick ass!

Another ways the rule your city may include using garage entrances and mall's parking lot around the time when no one else is around.


On the road

Roads here are a mess. Yesterday they were plain ice and same was going on this morning. Luckily, I had to skip morning run since Lil' D has had hard time to adjust to our time zone. While I was biking to work, I noticed that waking up a little too late for a run was a blessing in disguise. I think that I wouldn't have been able to run at all on that icy roads.

Afternoon we got some wet snow which made running bearable. Additionally, I feel just great from the beginning so I decided to adjust my schedule and did a accelerating tempo (5k @ 6.40s to 6.05 pace) in the middle of my easy run. It's a start if nothing else.


Back in business

After the extremely nice 1.5 weeks in the US with HCS crew and especially with Jason, I'm back on the relatively lonely road. But visiting our "second family" was like a fresh mint with a blast of energy, so I will have boost to carry on. In all, this reminds me of the power embedded in training in a group - no matter if you are a enthusiastic beginner and absolute top guy. It sometimes gives you the edge you need or the motivation for grey mornings.

Yesterday I did only a shakeout run in the morning, and today I ran a 6 miler (at 6 AM) on pretty slippery roads. Now I will focus on keep the current streak of running going on and start to build the base for following a training schedule. Maybe I have to decide some kind of mid-term goal, since Berlin is still 7 months away. Could it be the half marathon in Helsinki in May or XC nationals?