And that was January

Last night I skyped to the US with Jason. Jason made me realize what a slacker I've been. I logged only 255 miles in January. So thanks Jason, I think I'm getting my motivation back...!

Today we worked our way through a brand new layer of snow. Jukka and Johannes provided a talkative company during today's 15.5 miler. It's going to be my only workout today, since I gotta work instead of skiing or doing something relaxing. It's Tallinn time on Thursday and my presentation is not ready yet. Yes, I'm a lazy - maybe I'll now have time for a nap.


Yeah, it's cold

Gabooooom! That was the sound at the city center 2 hrs ago provided by the "district heating" system. Luckily, it is still warmer inside our apartment than outside but... Well, temp is only 14F, so that won't hurt so much. 

Morning workout (8AM) included 3x2000m (6.50-6.40 ~ 5.30-5.20s per mile) and some snowy WU + CD. After that we have been driving back and forth (Turku - Lieto - Somerniemi - Helsinki -Turku). That equals with no running in the afternoon/evening. Tomorrow is time for a longer run.


In your face, warm summer breeze!

Dammit! This morning I ran 8-miler during which my right eye was "iced shut". Similarly, the wanna-be handlebars (not really, only a goatee) deformed itself into a block of ice. Legs were also acting weird while temp was just below 0F and wind was blowing HARD.

According to Weather.com it was something that is supposed to feel like -25F. Excuse my French, but I think that it felt like shit. 


Pants on the Ground

Yeah. I see the Sun. In your face winter! Not really, because winter will keep us in cold (currently it's 4F) for couple more weeks (6-7 if lucky). So I'm still looking like a fool running out there. Only if I would have Sellish handlebars. They would be awesome and icy - maybe warm too.

Monday was easy (=passive rest = I did nothing). Yesterday I concentrated on eating due to a research seminar and today I will continue this ez week with a cool set of doubles.



Yesterday I met with Jukka at the indoor track. I did 3x2000m'2min rest jog while Jukka ran a steady tempo run. I joined him during his run, so in a way I had a personal pace maker... First one didn't feel so good (6.56) but rest of the workout was a joy (last one 6.38).

Today we ran a long run in a cold cold morning. I did 15+ miles which produced a weekly mileage of 72 miles.


Free Friday

Right right right. Yesterday I had an easy day. I liked it so much and decided to repeat it today (both were only 6-milers). Tomorrow will consist a long run, indoor track or treadmill. I haven't decided yet. Maybe the first one, and then on Sunday I might sneak out for some tempo repeats at indoor track. It's getting colder again.


Long run

Due to elevated state of being nervous I ran to see my dad, and of course, took the same route back. It equals 18-miler (@ 7.05 pace). I'm hungry. Just like a wolf.


Blue Monday with Claws

Yesterday was a tough as listening to censored versions of any CMW's old tunes. Not so gansta that is. I felt like everything outside home is slowing falling down. Runningwise life's the same - good. Morning's 6 miler was ok, and due to work related involvements it was the only exercise.

Sunday I ran 13.1 miler pretty slow compared to the guys back in MD. But hey, we have freezing temps and snow. Hah. After that I hurried to another workout (skiing). I have two race-level skate skies to select, and I was trying them both. Week was only 55 miles.

Today I was adviced to run 5-6x1000m indoors, but I'll have to postpone that to Thursday. Probably. Or then I just do them before the core workout. 


Slippery tempo run

Today I participated our test run by running (only) a 5k loop. Now my left achilles tells me that it was a mistake, but I don't believe that. It was slippery, but I managed to run sub-18 (17:42) which has been my ultimate limit. Today's run showed me that I have improved my time over 30 sec in three weeks.

I'm really looking forward to better conditions.

On Thursday we drove down to Kotka and back to get our car which was shipped from the US (already in mid Nov...!). That meant no running for me. Friday started at 5:45 since we had to run before heading to the Customs. Tomorrow there is time for long run followed by skiing and Ravens game (this time it is not live).


Workout Wednesday

Today I was forced to try something new. At least something new since returning from the US. Yes, it's been awhile since I have run any type of tempo on slippery snow. Today, after an exhausting day at work, I faced myself in front of cul-de-sac. Clock was already ticking close to 8 PM when I had an opportunity to start the workout from dad's hospital.

Since the weather is - as mentioned earlier - less runable, I gave a chance for Adidas Adizero XT shoes. They helped me many times at Mt. Nasty, so why not on the slippery snow. Honestly, they weren't bad at all, since I fell down only once. Evening's workout was 9 miles (@ 6.39/mile). I'm happy, but.... tired. 


Back on treadmill?

The temperature changed almost dramatically from freezing to this annoying 30F. The annoying part is explained by the slippery snow and soon-to-be sleet and ice. Both of the latter suck and that's it. Yesterday I thought that I felt tired and so I ran only once. Today I was even more tired, and thus, I punished this body twice (with a core workout).

For tomorrow I have planned a tempo run, but after the micro-level climate change I'm not so willing to hit the slippery roads. Fortunately, there is always the treadmill (dislike), which also might might ease the hiding injury on my left achilles/ankle/heel.


Game day!

Sunday's longish run (13 miles with Jukka and Markku) was followed by extremely exhausting (Nordic) skiing trip (1.5 hrs).

Now I'm quite tired, but luckily this evening I have a chance to watch Ravens' game live on TV. One of my running buddies, Mr. Z, has secretly developed an amazing interest and knowhow in American football. Now he has bought some channels which provide the pleasure to get involved with game day. On my way to his place I gotta visit "America Shelf" in a grocery store close by. Weekly mileage: 63.


Workout Saturday

Indoor track: 3x2000m ' 3 min. jog (6.41, 6.38, 6.30) + 3x200m (34.2-32.8). The nicest thing was that grip was good. Hamstrings were quiet. Now, dinner.

Winter continues

This morning I chose not to run, but instead found myself skiing. It felt colder than expected. Yesterday I ran 6 miler with strides. Strides felt rather cold, because it was windy. Afternoon, in few hours, I'll head to indoor track for some tempo repeats. Maybe 3x2000m + 3-5x200m is enough.


F or C - it does not matter, it's cold

Yeah man! It's still pretty cold, but running feels ok. On Tuesday I missed stairs routine, but surely didn't miss the core workout. Even today I'm still hurting. Yesterday it was too cold to run fast, so I shorthened and moderate the pace accordingly. Tempo part was only 3.1 miles but that's better than nothing, I think.

Today morning my legs were pretty sore, so no double for me today. In other words this is the deceptive tenderness of running without a specific schedule. Later this year, I will start to follow some sort of plan. Berlin Marathon 2010 is approaching - slowly.


Red nose

Once again the temp is dropping. It's getting close to 0F, but it doesn't matter. At least the grip is better now. Yesterday I ran only once, but today I have enough time to double. Next up.... stairs and core workout.


Indoor track after 5 years

Today I had guts to meet guys at the indoor track. I ran with Jukka 3x2000m (6.43, 6.45, 6.36) and 3x200m (34.9, 34.5, 34.2). I'm happy with that. Running was way easier than I expected. It actually felt pretty "rendo". Maybe taking easy has helped???


It's getting colder

Instead of running any faster pace today, I had to keep it easy. I ran for an hour with Jukka and Sweetie before complete freezing. When the temperature hits -6F, it's too cold to run fast. Nowadays that is. Back in the day things were different.

Yesterday I didn't run at all. I spent some time on skies. When the temperature is enough low, skiing is as boring as I remembered. Believe me - It sucks.

Tomorrow I will find my way to indoor track.