An Update

I met the doctor and I'm pretty calm right now. Running-wise this summer will continue following this convenient trend of low mileage...

Now glutes/hamstring problem is not the most challenging issue, but achilles seems to be in really bad shape. I remember that I hurt it while training on Baltimore Marathon's course in Summer 2008. I knew the current state already since even walking is painful. Doctor expected that there might be a rupture involved with the pain, and accordingly, he'll send me to ultrasound scanning to check out the actual state. So, currently I'm not supposed to do any eccentric strengthening with calves. No worries.


A New Dawn

It's a boy!

7.5 pounds and 21.3 inches of pure joy!


Relative rest

Tuesday evening I rode the angriest bike ride since the last one. For an hour I pushed through pain so that my eyes started to hurt. And then I just continued to push my luck for some more (about extra 20km). On Wednesday morning I spent some time with core workouts and stretching hamstring and achilles. My current "rehab" program contains relative rest, stretching calves for 20 or more minutes per day, eccentric strengthening of leg and glute muscles, ultra sound, and ice therapy. If they don't help, then I'm ready for doctor's knife. 

Today morning I almost repeated the angry ride but butt/hamstring is now so sore that I'm pedaling only with my right leg. Tomorrow I'll meet a doctor and my buddy cortisoneeeeeee.


I'm done

Right! Today I was able to run only 110 meters. That's not so much. I don't mind the pain, but when you are not able to get any support for your other stride/side, running is not that enjoyable or not even possible. It's more like hopping on one leg than running like a deer. Next appointment w/ the doctor is going to take place anytime soon (when he returns from vacation).

Now there is no other option than let the running shoes be in the closet for some time, maybe for good. Instead I'll have to spend some time stretching, biking and core workouts. Do I like them??? Not so much as I'd like to run. Accordinly, I'd like to dedicate this next song to my left leg > this one.


Another 3 days close to the edge

On Thursday morning I had an appointment with a massage therapist. It hurt a lot - of course. And I mean A LOT! After whining like Mark's left shoe I thought that it would a route to better times (running-wise). Little did I know. Accordingly, Thursday evening was dedicated to stretching and Friday morning I woke up to do some core training.

Friday afternoon/evening I drove to my parents to help them cleaning their places. Before pretending Mr. Proper I hauled my sorry ass on old trails back home. I ran in a tunnel of pure pain, but enjoyed every moment. After I exiting the woods I checked my pace (with continuing the same effort) and it turned out to be decent for my current shape (sub 6.20s).

Today I met my old acquaintance (Trek) and rode for 55 (or so) miles in the countryside. Somehow this song was playing in my head.

Best foods for runners by Matt Fitzgerald.

[Sunday's update:] I'm going to take it ez today and I'm pretty excited to watch TdF since my nephew is by the course about 2 km before todays finish. Nice!


Wednesday morning

Yesterday afternoon I had time only for 50+ km ride which was very needed and fun, accordingly.

Last night was a good preparation for the sleeping habits that probably will take place in the following few months. This time the reasons were less human-related: It was too warm and humid (we don't have AC) and just after I fell asleep a huge grasshopper paid a visit (we live on the sixth floor) on my chest.

Other than that I was dreaming about trail races. Even if my legs (especially the left one) are still out-of-order, I had to hit the trails after waking up. What a joy! Jumping over the rocks, grinding on paths of pine needles, up-/downhills... I'm so out of shape that Mt. Nasty would crush me in pieces just by looking at me.

Todays positive note is that I encountered squirrels, a fox and three ravens - those melodious black rulers of the woods - even if Finnish wild-life is not as visible as in Maryland. Thus, I was able to enjoy the run, albeit the pace was very slow and butt started to hurt again after exiting the woods. Stupid hamstring.


Two days in a row

I've been running two days in a row. On Sunday morning I decided to try trails after a loooong break. Damn it felt good. It was only 4.5 miles, it was sweaty, but it was worth of every single stride. Achilles is now getting better (active stretching, active calf exercises have helped), but left butt is still feeling partially numb while running. Screw that. 

This morning I was doing the WU already at 6:45 AM just to avoid the humid and warm weather (high 80s - low 90s). I repeated last weeks' workout with some adjustments to match it to my current all-time-low running shape. Accordingly, I was able to accelerate towards the finish which made me pretty happy. Tomorrow, more running and some biking.... Oh and work, no more vacation for me.


Saturday ride

Normally, back in the day, this week has been dedicated for rocking or Team Relay Nationals. No rocking this year, no relays either. Instead I hopped on a bike and rode a short loop in the Archipelago. It was pretty cool due to the fact that you have to take it easy for an hour when a boat takes you from A) to B). During that "pain" I ate icecream and drank some Max.

This was the route



Time to be honest. I have no chance to get ready for Berlin Marathon this year. So I'm going to retreat from that. Call me a coward or whatever but my legs are giving extremely hard time now.

Getting back on the road (for real) hasn't never before been this hard/complex. This morning, however, I ran slightly better than a week ago - 4x3min.´2min. (@ 5.55-5.35 pace) - but currently I'm not able to walk. So running max. 20 mpw is not enough for anything. Tomorrow I will spend some time w/ my buddy Trek.



Punishing worn out body

Tempo run - one of the most pleasant workouts - felt awful. And I'm not just saying that. That felt really AWFUL, it sucked and I totally disliked it. But I did it. Only 3.1 miles of it, but it's a start. And this time 3.1 miles was more than enough. Being away from the road for 8 weeks and then running the first tempo run should of course feel like this, but I still hate the fact your body/engine has the ball and not me.

And like these butt/hamstring -problems weren't enough. Now, due to DNRs, my left achilles has become totally useless. I hurt it in Baltimore about 3 years ago and it's bothering me with its whole power. Stupid worn out body.


Fire up the engines

My buddy, Mark B, kindly reminded me that Berlin is getting closer. Thanks, man, like I wouldn't already know that... Hah. Yesterday I was supposed to do my first faster paced workout after 7-8 weeks' straight of DNR-days. But what do you know... I didn't have any guts to do that. Dudes, I'm wimp!

This morning I gathered up the remains of my tiny self-esteem and faced my demons on a street to nowhere. After 2 miles WU I did 4x3min with 2 min easy jog. The "on"-pace was way better than I expected (@5.45-5.50s), but in all legs felt awful. After the reps my thighs just shut down and the CD was pretty slow. Next run will be on Sunday when it's time for a tempo run.

And what comes to the injury -- I can still feel the remains of the pain in the hamstring. Accordingly, I sent an email to my doctor to get a second opinion on what to do with that.

Other than that.... I'm going to be ready for our next race, Mark!