Berlin vs. Me vol 5.0

September 2013


A race and pool time

Today I kicked my last year's time at Esakallio run byt 1:40 and won the whole race (10.4K). Thereafter, I swam the longest distance in my life (2000m) at the swim practice. Next up, eating.


Jet lag

The return from the US went pretty nicely. Lil' D and sweetie slept, I didn't and I'm still in the middle of jet-lagging. I seem to have lost the basic skill to fall asleep.

Last week's running was moderate in any measure. After the two visits in the US in June and August were heavy, and thus, I decided not to hurry. Tomorrow might be my first workout after the US. I did, however, participate in a swim practice last Sunday and that went much better than I expected. The last time I swam in a pool took place in February 2007... so this was pretty much  a new start. I gotta take care of my dislike of pool water before next July.

Tomorrow's WOW might comprise 6x3 minutes with 2 minutes rest jog. Then on Sunday I might run a race (10k), but I'm still undecided. It's October.



In few hours it is time for the last Bagel Run (until the next). These ~5 weeks have been a fun fast blast and we are eagerly waiting for the next time when we are able come for another research visit. I managed to run 3 out of the 4 planned races and haven't yet broken my legs. Sad fact is that in Finland we will face low 50s and endless rain. On next Wednesday I might regret my verbal bursts on last (muggy) Wednesday when we punished the HCC track.

Anyway, hopefully the next visit will be before...


Aeroplanes, vultures and cold water

Last week went pretty fast. On Wednesday the plan was to run 16x400m'200m, but muggy weather and aching right calf reframed the plan into 12x400m. The pace was moderate since I still could feel Philly and Clarendon 5k in my legs/guts. And of course I had one more race coming up.

Sunday's race was adjusted for an easy Bagel run and easy hike at Sugarloaf Mountain. Accordingly, legs were just hollow before the race, but at least they were not hurting. I aimed at sub 22 and finished with 21:50 so I'm quite happy the result. Even if I ended to be 2nd in my AG I was awared with a Furthest Runner Award since no one else had to travel over 4800 miles to run this race (it's only 3800 miles to Morocco).

After all, Sunday's race is my last race in the US before the next. After the race we had a nice brunch at Werner's place. So this is the right time say thanks to everyone for making our stay again a nice experience. See you soon (let's say on Wednesday...).