Easter holiday

Luckily I had a sudden day of fever and I had to have two days off last weekend. This partially eased the previous pain caused by stupidity. Last week, however, I managed to run only one workout (8x500m'200m, ~1.31) in addition to some ez runs embedded with some serious suffering.

This week I had a chance to kiss the treadmill goodbye since some of the road have lost their icy covering. On early Tuesday morning I ran 3x10min with accelerating pace. It was pretty cool to run faster outside for the first time since November. Only thing is that my legs haven't adjusted so much to running conditions with grip. No wonder that today's workout 5x1000m was exhausting. I actually quit after the first repeat and already started to change clothing. Only then I realized that there is no way that I could handle the obvious mental aftermath.... so I changed back and ran the rest of the workout with moderate effort.


On the verge

I'm almost injured. I ran Sunday's LR (18 miles) only with my left leg since right one's usability was seriously hampered by some kind of nerve pain. As I don't give a rat's ass for being rational or indicating that 27 years on the road would bring some wisdom, I just enjoyed the sunny albeit icy conditions and thought that let's see what happens.

Pain happens.

I'm back at it tomorrow.


After consecutive 54 days without sunshine...

Since the last update I have had couple of awesome albeit busy weeks.

In short: on Monday's I've been punished by a treadmill during the acclerating 6 miler. On Thursday's the schedule has included either 8x500m or 5x1000m repeats. In both sets I have tried to run faster than I did a month ago. Just to make it sure that there's some kind of progression involved.

This weeks has, however, been pretty tiring. 4 deadlines arrived and then I started to lecture a brand new course. Thus, the psycho-physical -balance was unbalanced. Accordingly, I have felt sick several days in a row without really being sick. Good news is that this is gone. Even if today was -8F, it has been sunny. And by this time of year it only means that snow and ice will meet their maker anytime soon.