Thursday: Short hills
Friday: 5x1000m (5:17-4:59/mile pace)
Saturday: morning swim practice and afternoon 2.5 hrs Bike-Run-Bike-Run-Bike-Run workout
Sunday: evening swim practice and "long" run.

Tomorrow: a day off.


First you enjoy, then you get sick

Yes. I'm back. After being away for 1.5 weeks because of flu, it feels great to be back on the snowy and icy roads.

Before my lungs enabled any running I sneaked out for a swim on Sunday. After swimming 2000m in various forms of workouts lungs were trying to get out. It meant one more day off from running. Thus, on Monday I spent a moment on trainer with HIMYM the latter of which made this exercise pretty pleasant.

But then it was time to harness running shoes and head out... Tuesday ez, Wednesday ez + short steep hills in the parking garage of a mall close-by. Then yesterday I dared myself to join youngsters while they were punishing 1k reps. It felt great even if I had the brakes on (pace varied between 5.10-5.20).

But now this body is done. Next up a long run and then on Sunday I will continue the streak of triathlon specific training (bike-run-bike-run-bike-run workout). It's gonna be legendary.


Gotta have more cowbell

Haven't been updating anything for awhile. Writing manuscripts has taken all the potential spare time.

Yesterday and today I have spent only by thinking about running due to a flu. Other than that the training has been quite steady lately even if I ran only 200 miles during January.

Weekly repertoire has been something like this: On Mondays I have had dates with treadmill and I've enjoyed acclerating tempos. Then on Thursdays I have joined a group of youngsters while they demolish 500m or 1000m reps. Then on Wednesday mornings I have done short steep hills (10x12 sec) in a parking garage of a mall near by. The roads are a mess as you can imagine, but it hasn't hindered the pleasures of long runs. On Sunday evening I have participated a swim practice in order to enhance the chances to keep myself alive while tackling with half-Ironman next Summer.