Stupid slow progression

I'm ready to kick some asphalt - now!

But no. The recovery is still in progress. The old pain in the achilles is gone and that's freakin magnificent! The skin and "the wound" are still sort of stiff and I'm only able walk at really really pedestrian pace. Accordingly, I have to drive my silly ass to work and back (roughly 2.5 miles). Next week I'm allowed to start biking (not with cleats, though) which helps my mind.

Soon, it's kick-ass time.... Berlin 2011!!!!


Berlin weekend

Today I was supposed to run the Berlin marathon. Instead, I stayed home, sat at the laptop and watched the race online. Then I worked a little, and only then realized how sad I'm supposed to feel now. Luckily, I don't sad at all. I feel happy!

Achilles is doing better, I think. This evening I will get rid of the bandages. Tomorrow it has been 2 weeks since the surgery so the next week is still an easy one. Walking is now allowed, but only to some degree. The real rehabilitation of the achilles starts on next Monday. Though, I wouldn't mind running already tomorrow.


Feeling good

The current "back-to-running" -program has progressed slowly but steady. The achilles has not been aching at all - at least when compared to the localized pain before the surgery. On the positive note I might add that I think - no, I'm sure - that I'm also getting my motivation back at the same time. So, I suprisingly no whining nor complaining today. Just happy and soon ready to roll.

I have almost finished reading Matt Friztgerald's new book RUN: The Mind-Body Method of Running by Feel. It surely has ideas to be followed or at least thought when I step again on the road. It's a good read.


A new start back to running

Today I started building up my way back with series of strength and flexibility exercises. The latter comprised simply extensions and straigthening of toes and the ankle. Moving the ankle with stitches is a new thing for me and I'm a bit nervous about the tight feeling underneath the bandages. I'm not supposed to move the ankle more than 30 degrees till the stitches are removed on Sept 24th.

Strengthening exercises are also pretty simple and thus less demanding:
  • 3x20 (reps) straight knee extensions with "locked knee", a pillow under the thight
  • 3x20 knee extensions with "locked knee" toes straight up
  • 3x20 knee extensions with "locked knee" toes flipped outward
  • 3x20 knee extensions with "locked knee" toes flipped inward
  • 3x20 leg abduction in sidelying 
+ some traditional bits:
  • 3x50 ab crunches with an exercise ball
  • 3x50 glute crunches
  • 3x30 push-ups
  • 3x50 bicycle crunches
This will continue for the next two weeks (repeated three times a day). Three weeks after the surgery I may start swimming and biking with a stationary bike. I will emphasize the latter. Swimming suck due to too many hours spent with aqua running. Walking/running will follow after 6 weeks after the surgery. I'm really looking forward to wake up on October 25th.


The recovery has started

I had a chance to see how does the scar look like. Of course as a nerd I had to take photo...


Looking good

The surgery went well. I entered the hospital at 8 AM and then I left the building at 2 PM. The situation underneath the skin was something like expected and it's gone. Additionally, Dr. Orava "cleaned" the tendon.

On Wednesday the bandages have to be renewed in order to avoid any inflammation. Then on 24th I will get rid of the stitches. In 6 weeks (at the earliest) I might be able to try out running. That sounds awesome!


Breaking the Silence

It's the last day before the achilles surgery. I feel confident that this will work out fine. The on-going week has been pretty easy (training-wise, at work I've been hurting my head a lot) and I've biked only on four days. Todays ride was the most evil one since I intentionally tried to kill my thighs already at 7 AM. Well, thighs felt okay the whole time but the old nagging feeling in my left gluteus woke up. That's okay I think. Sports is all about various forms of pain, right?

Yesterday I found my crutches (yes, I have a pair of my own) so I'm pretty much all set for tomorrow.

Damn, I miss running! Today, last year my physical activities looked like this:

(photo by policepace)


Operation date set

On Sept. 13th my left achilles will get what it deserves...


No rupture

This morning I had a meeting with doctor who saw the problem kinda instantly. He sent me to ultrasound scanning which I - luckily - had some 30 minutes thereafter. Nice. Accordingly, I'm going to meeting the doctor another time this evening and then I'll know is it time for knife or cortisone.

[update:] It is knife-time. There is no rupture, but it is in so bad shape that there is not return on the road without operation. Tomorrow morning I'll know the exact time when achilles will be operated. Great!

This morning's bike ride sucked. I dislike very much biking in low 40s with headwind. My brain froze over and fingers were numb. But the headwind is my archenemy and I'm little afraid that it has the advantage.