Too much

Too much other activities than running have been going on lately. After staying a week in San Antonio we moved to a temporary housing (for the next 3.5 months to get away from pipe repair and kitchen renovation taking place at our home), I faced enormous work load and almost lost the touch with running. That's the reason for the absence from blogging, too.

Today I had a time slot for 20x200m'200m jog rest. I ran it on track instead of road and I was rollin'. The last three weeks have looked something like this:

M: Off
T: Easy / Ez 9 miles
W: 12-16 x 400m with 200m jog in sets of four at half marathon, 10K, 5K and 3K race pace / 16x400m'200m jog rest
T: Easy / Ez
F: Tempo run 15km @ MP and 25 hours of traveling to San Antonio / 15 km tempo run @ subMP
S: Off (got stuck in Chicago etc.) / Off
S: Long run 13-16 miles / Due to jet lack and harsh weather only 7 miles of which 6 was too much
M: Easy / Off
T: Easy / Easy
W: 8-10xYasso800s / Hah. No way that was going to happen => Easy
T: Off / Off, 25hrs of traveling
F: Easy / Easy, almost forgot to run
S: Race 14 km / WU+12.5 miles tempo run @ MP
S: Long run 13 miles / Easy

And then plan for this week
M: Off
T: Easy
W: Easy
T: 20x200m'200m
F: Easy or moderate long run
S: Easy
S: Tempo run 12.5 miles

And then a disturbing confession: Mentally I'm not at all ready for Berlin. Any suggestions how to fix that?



Greetings from San Antonio, TX. It's fun to back in the US. I DO miss many things and people here, but I'm quite sure that hot and humid weather is not one them.

I ran a deaccelerating 7-miler in humid (feels like) 85F. I was supposed to run 13 miles. Did not happen. This particular ez run almost as painful as all of my workout from this Summer put together. So all of my running buddies in MD - you're tough guys! I feel so lucky that the next three days are easy (running-wise that is). Now I'm off to breakfast.


Fun times

Last week was awesome. Wednesday's bike ride, weekend's Nationals, Saturday's early tempo run w/ Moguli and Sunday's long run were pretty cool. A closer look shows that I was almost able keep up with the training program.

M: Off // Off
T: Easy // Ez
W: AM Easy, PM Bike ride // Ez + short hills + 60 miles bike ride
T: 4x2km'4min. @ HMP // 6xYasso 800s
F: Easy // Ez
S: Tempo 7-8 miles @ MP // Tempo run 7.5 miles w/ Moguli

S: Long run 18-20 miles EZ // Long run 19.5 (@7:15s to 6:40s)

This Friday I'll fly to scary hot San Antonio, TX and will (for sure) take it ez while staying there. Accordingly, tomorrow and early Friday morning will comprise workouts. This week's schedule:

M: Off
T: Easy
W: 12-16 x 400m with 200m jog in sets of four at half marathon, 10K, 5K and 3K race pace
T: Easy
F: Tempo run 15km @ MP and 25 hours of traveling
S: Off
S: Long run 13-16 miles


Weekend's hobby

Some outcomes from this weekend. Nationals were held in our backyard - at the renovated Paavo Nurmi Stadium. I didn't have any "offical" photo tasks this time but here's some pictures.


Back at the office

So all of sudden this year's vacation time is over and I'm back at work. On next week's Friday I'll fly over to San Antonio, TX for a research conference (there's 8k/15k race on Sat evening, but I have to skip it). Accordingly, I will continue "on" days for an extra five days and have an ez week while staying in the USA.

Last week's plan/execution:
M: Off / Off
T: Ez / Ez
W: Even Steven workout / Even Steven(10min@MP/ez/8min@HMP/ez/6min@10kP/ez/4min@5kP/ez/2minsub5kP)
T: Ez / Ez
F: Ez + striders / Ez
S: Ez + short hills / Ez
S: Long run 16-18 miles w/6 miles @ MP
/ 16 miles of which last 6 miles @ MP

Both of last week's workouts were really nice experiences. Even Steven workout was especially ok.

This week's plan looks like this:

M: Off
T: Easy
W: AM Easy, PM Bike ride
T: 4x2km'4min. @ HMP
F: Easy
S: Tempo 7-8 miles @ MP

S: Long run 18-20 miles EZ!