Back at it

Road conditions are now insane. Every single road is covered with slippery, shiny ice. And now it started to snow again. This same snow storm stopped air traffic in Amsterdam and Stockholm earlier today.

I bounced back after an easy weekend. First workout after the sudden gluteus/hamstring syndrome took place yesterday. I ran a 5 miler on treadmill. I planned to do a 6 miler but got so bored and tired during 7.5 km so I called it quits. Sad but true.


Roads are icy

2013 has started pretty nicely. No injuries yet. Today is, however, prone for them since I'm join youngster in their short (170m) intervals workout. Risky!

>BREAKING NEWS!!! My gluteus/hamstring held on only 3.5 runs out of 16.

Running on these roads is risky, too. I dunno what happened, but all of sudden roads are covered by ice. Oh yeah right, Finnish weather happened.


Regional (DC) Runner Rankings Fall - Men

Source: RacePacket

35-39 Men

Army 10 Mile 49:21, 10K = 29:42
"...Pekka Stenholm ran the Clarendon Day 5K in 16:41 to take sixth place...."
1Angell, David*36Blue Ridge, VA31:33
2Wertz, David****36Arlington, VA32:46
3O'Hara, David**36Alexandria, VA32:59
4Thomas, Matthew*38Alexandria, VA34:42
5Hayes, Brian*38Bolling AFB, VA34:44
6Stenholm, Pekka39Columbia, MD34:48
7Brown, Karsten***38Front Royal, VA35:15
8Buontempo, Giovanni*39Hyattsville, MD35:22
9Farley, Chris36Arlington, VA35:30
10Prinzivalli, Steve**36Catonsville, MD35:45
11Stemberger, Gregory*35South Riding, VA35:43
12Duffield, Rory**35Fairfax, VA35:43
13Hottle, Nathan*36Lynchburg, VA35:49
14Freeburn, Keith****38Centreville, VA36:00



Number of miles conquered by running: 2311
Number of miles conquered by cycling: 685
Number of miles conquered by swimming: 4.5
Number of marathons completed: 0
Number of marathons started: 0
Number of Master's Indoor World Championships attended: 1
Number of Events completed at Master's Indoor World Championships: 0
Number of the best ever training plans started during 2012: 2
Number of running related disappointments: 2

Number of running races completed: 8
Number of bike races completed: 1
Number of adventure races completed: 2
Number of almost serious achilles tendon problems: 1
Number of 40th birthdays celebrated: 1
Number of kgs lost/gained: still don't care

After the Birthday 40k I took one week pretty easy. Then I found myself running workouts on indoor track, running tempo runs in windy 5 F weather followed by trying to not fall down on really icy roads (caused by continuous rain). Last 1.5 weeks has been fulfilled by vacation time and tomorrow the weekdays are back.

Year 2013 will bring some new challenges (Half Ironman in July) and old ones (Berlin Marathon in September). I'm really looking forward for them.

Have a great 2013!