The first Workout Wednesday after the return on the road. I took it easy: 2*5min.(@5.54-5.38 pace)'2min. + 2*2min.(@5.20-5.13 pace)'1.5min.

Today we also had snow, just enough to make the roads slippery. I hope that right achilles will join me in the endeavours on icy roads.



I'm slowly getting back at it. Achilles problem seems to be avoided with conservative methods. Now I gotta make sure that I motivate myself to continue my relationship with eccentric exercises etc.

So what actually helped me this time:
  • I stopped training right after achilles started to ache (and chose not to go the normal way through the pain)
  • I used ice, ultrasound and trigger point roller to ease the stone like calves
  • I used ice to manipulate the inflammation around achilles
  • I biked like hell
  • I swam like a rat
  • I continued to amuse myself with eccentrics after the pain left the building
I'm quite sure that I managed to avoid bigger damage this time... Berlin 5.0, here I come!


2.5 weeks off

Still mtbing, swimming and doing circut training with triathletes. On Thursday, Friday and today I ran easy, but really short runs. Achilles is not aching. Yeah.


Sudden bummer

I haven't been running so much (read=at all) during this week. Right achilles tendon is not co-operative at the moment. It started to ache without warning, which makes me really disappointed since I have been emphasizing "the continuous streak of running without pain" for awhile. Now that's gone.

Circuit training, mountain biking, swimming...