Hello Iceland

We are now locating ourselves in surroundings that sort of looks like the moon. Rocks, rocks, a road, and more rocks. And then the ocean. While I'm here, I had to run a short morning stroll even if my butt still hurts. The latter fact sucks big time.


DNR 8 & 9

All of sudden weekend is almost here. Tomorrow I'm heading to Iceland. Just to face Eyjafjallajokull and her buddies. It's supposed to be a holiday trip and I hope that the ash-machine will take it easy. Other than that DNR days continue. My body likes then more than my mind.


DNR 6 & 7

Monday was productive. That was totally unexpected since my running is currently on hold. Usually this state has had negative effects on all every day activities.

Today I woke up Marvil (mtb) enough early and biked for an hour with easy/moderate effort. Even if having the sweat producing advantage, biking seem not to fit to the current injury since left hamstring and butt seem to go partially numb if I try to increase the effort. So, DNRs continue. Man, that sucks.


DNR 3, 4 & 5

Lately I've done only stretching and work.

However, today I went out to try how my sprained butt is holding up. And of course the injury is persistent. Berlin is going to be fun.

Go Nike!



I feel lucky. This fancy hotel provides bicycles for quests' use for free. So I'm off for short ride. Just to tease my sore butt.


Surrounded by running oasis

Current location: Kolding, Denmark. Birds are singing and I can see Patapsco Valley SP type of trails from my window. Still, this trip sucks because I had to leave my running gear home. Sprained butt (and legs too) need some time to rest now.

I really hope that this injury does not take 3 months to heal...


Let it rain or shine

The pleasure caused by yesterday's morning jaunt is really hard to express by children's vocabulary. I want to fade it out from my mind and totally forget it. Positively, I realized that there is no non-stretching way out from the current unstable state of these old legs. Thereafter I started a routine which WILL be part of my daily activities from now on.

Today's shake off felt way better and I'm really looking forward the forthcoming tempo repeats.

EDIT: This is total BS. I sprained my left butt during the strides before the workout. I'm soooo happy. NOT!  I did three repeats, but then running felt too painful. Cool down + plus 2.5k walk back home. Nice. Next days: DNR.


Nice weather continues

Sunday morning, 75F, 50% humidity, long run (12.5 miles). That's a nice recipe for starting your last day of the week. Weekly miles 65.


It's on

Today was the first day of the preparatory phase for Berlin. To be honest: I have a long road ahead. Today's tempo run was a short but pretty realistic experience (3.1 miles @ 5.55 pace). No matter how much I try explain myself that I'm still a runner the reality indicates that I should subscribe for Jogger's World.

Anyway, the hunt on...

Picture from Wednesday morning. Last run w/ Carlos before the next one.


Slow progression

Yesterday: Ez 10 miler (6.50s) and really painful massage

Today: Ez 4 miler and stretching.

Tomorrow: Steady state/tempo run.


6 months, really?

The last four days have felt like the time we spent in the States. Even if we left the premises like 6 months ago.

I have run with Carlos here and there around Turku which has been the most fun! Yesterday's run (10.5 miles, 7:22/mile) was awful, but today (9 miles, 6:46/mile) everything was back to normal. That was partly because of Carlos, partly because of the nice weather and Ruissalo Island.

Only thing that was missing was the rest of the guys: Jason, Mark, Seth, Stephen, Tom, Izzzzzzzzy, Bob, Paul... Now I miss the HCS crew, Wednesday runs, Mt. Nasty and Bagel Run incredibly much. Keep on running, guys!



What? It's back????

Today's morning run was rough. Easy run turned into painful (hamstrings/glutes) and slow run. I kept Carlos's pace so slow that he started to yawn and solve trigonometric functions. Despite the unwanted return of pain, today was good (10.5 miles).



We just received some presents and an awesome picture and picture frame full of wishes from HCS runners. I don't even remember when I cried last time, but today it was close. Thank you everyone over there!

I had another nice run with Carlos around Turku and partially on our trail system. This run ended up in special way - polar bear plunge and sauna. Both Carlos and Issel didn't hesitate at all to swim in 44F (water) and warm up in 165F degrees (sauna).



Carlos and Issel are here. This morning I had a nice run with Carlos, yesterday's winner of Helsinki City Run half-marathon. Wohoo!!!



All of a sudden I'm not able to run. Again. My right ankle started hurting just like that. Now it's swollen and does not allow running. No worries, this takes only max couple days...


Breaking the silence

I have kept it cool. Last weekend I did two easy run (6 and 12 miles, both sub 7.00 @ mile) and yesterday morning I sneaked out for a short trial on hills. They felt pretty okay which made me quite happy. The pain has stayed away. After the hills I hurried to a massage. That's the fourth one in two weeks.

Today is going to be another easy day, but tomorrow I have to try faster pace. Tomorrow would be a chance to race at XC districts, but I'm not ready for that. This year Finnish XC season is 10 days long so no XC races for me this spring/year.


I'm reborn

Friday's visit to naprapathic therapist was amazing. Yesterday and today I ran with pain for the first time in 2.5 years. My spine was stuck in three places and thus glutes, hamstrings and calves did not get the necessary "running data" provided by the nervous system. And the difference between last couple of weeks fulfilled with old man's stride and this weekend is making me totally eager to run and run. No retirement for me yet!