Phase II is on

The start of phase II was windy. Monday and Tuesday SW Finland was hit by severe winds. Tomorrow will be something between Monday and nice Summer breeze. Anyway, on Tuesday I chose to run Q1 by getting aid from tailwind. Not a bad choice...

Tomorrow morning I know that 5xmile is waiting for me but the weather status is bit uncertain. One thing is for sure - it is not winterish.

Oh, and I did skip weekend's tempo run. Instead, I ate lots of candy.


WOW and easy days

Yeah, Wednesday morning embedded with slippery roads. I had already decided to do an easy run instead of planned workout. Luckily, on my way back I had to pay a short visit to forest administration's office and there I realized that the Worm (gravel path, about 666 meters long loop) will be the place to be!

And there I was, running 3x2k (7:10-6:59) without any traction problems. How cool is that???

Yesterday and today were easy. Tomorrow or on Sunday I will do a steady state run. Or then I won't. It's Xmas.

Happy Holidays!


Back at it

Easy weeks suck. Luckily, the latest edition it's over. Now it is time to gather additional energy for our next moving...

Tomorrow will be the last WOW of Phase I. I think that I'll run 3x2k @ T-pace. Again, I have to try my luck early in the morning, but after tomorrow Xmas lunch at work there is no way to run anything in the evening. Great news is that continuous rain enables pretty decent conditions for selected outdoor activities. So, tomorrow I don't have to worry about ice.



Yesterday I spent the whole day in Helsinki by attending 4-5 meetings. Accordingly, I chose not to run. Similarly, Wednesday was bit busy, but I had time slot for a faster 3.1-miler (+WU & CD). Tomorrow I would have a change to run our monthly test run but my legs are still aching. [Oh I forgot that I'm supposed to care of the timing so no running for me.]

This easy week has been a busy one. Tomorrow and on Sunday will be scheduled for moving our stuff back home. Our 3.5 month-long journey here and there caused by pipe renovation is about done. Won't complain about that at all.


A kick ass week + a face plant

Workout Wednesday was awesome even if a strong headwind tried to kick my butt. I did 5x3min with 2 min recovery jog at 6 AM. No one sane was around running in that weather. On Saturday I expected that I will join a large(ish) group of triathletes in their threshold run but it turned out that there was only two guys and lot of icy roads. I ran 5-miler by accelerating the last 3km which weren't that easy because of the slippery conditions.

Yesterday I accompanied youngsters while they were doing their long run, and ran a 15-miler. Roads were again better.

This morning I noticed already during the morning jaunt that roads are again bit icy but it didn't prevent myself of getting a face plant while I was biking to work. And it happened at the last turnout before reaching the University. Actually, I can see that place from my window right now. In addition, I broke my glasses and even had to visit a doctor in order to check out the status of my thumb, shoulder, and right cheekbone. Stupid Monday.