Skipping Berlin marathon

The current, prolonged problems will not enable any running workouts, and accordingly, I decided that I will not run Berlin marathon this year. Instead of adjusting the engine for marathon preparations, I will now focus on exercises that hopefully put my left leg in order.

Take care wherever you run.


Still dating my bike

Time is crawling.

The summer weather is peaking and every single morning I'd be more than happy to jump up and go for a run. But then this worthless piece of a toe says no. This injury is really sad one. It's like nothing but then again it is a big deal.

Another issue that sort of bugs me is that I'm afraid that I'm getting more and more used to this 'not running' status. Yes, my heart begs for even a really pedestrian 3 miles jog, but my mind is not anymore fulfilled with pure anger because of not being able to run. Furthermore, for instance nowadays I don't mind if some individuals choose not to take care of themselves even if they could. Back in the day I left their wasteful physical presence in a second. Getting older is good - life's just easier this way.

This time the remedy's name is Trek. Instead of running, I had to find a mental and physical outlet of the current state of frustration by riding my bike. It's fun, yes, but with a strong headwind, it just sucks. But that's the code of life - you win some, you lose some.

T minus Berlin Marathon: 11 weeks.
T minus getting back at running: 2-4 weeks.

Btw. I hate swimming. H A T E it.


Back on my bike

My new buddy, a broken toe, is getting more and more bearable. Thus, I've been able to hop on a bike and ride like an animal, a really tiny one. Instead of riding, I went swimming this morning. It was fun until I forgot that I am not supposed to make any turns by using my right foot...

I restarted my Summer vacation today, and now I'll enjoy the combination of riding and watching TdF everytime when I have a chance. But more than that I will enjoy the time off from work!

Berlin marathon: T minus 12 weeks.
Getting back at running: T minus 3 weeks.