So not ready for the XC season (which lasts one week)

The night run was really nice experience. The course followed the river and the wind conditions were gentle. Before the race I promised to organize a elite car for a group of runners: they got they numbers from the car without standing in line and I offered them sports drink, energy gels and recovery drinks. 

My race was decent if you forget what happened between 6-9k. I had pretty bad stomach cramp during which I didn't have any means to keep up the pace (5.30s). Because of that a long waited sub 35 did not happen. Thereafter, on Sunday evening I found myself drafting a way faster triathlete on our headwindish way back to home on a 3 hour long ride. Without him I would have taken a taxi instead of riding those last windy 20 miles.

Next up is XC race on Sunday (10.25k) and a week after that I will set my eyes on the starting line of the XC Nationals. It's been a while, but this time it is going to be a dark, dirty place for me... More importantly, if you sum up these two occasions, you'll realize that in Finland the XC season lasts almost one week.


Road relay is fun

We managed to our team from the start to the finish. What a success. No really, we were second among the sport club's category and fourth among all teams. Our finishing time, 2:44.49, was 8-10 minutes slower than our usual result. This year our team was lacking two Kenyans and four other runners (one of which run 10km NR for 40-44 AG). But no matter what yesterday was about fun in rain.

I had the priviledge to tackle with the legendary 6.3km leg which is known about comprising the only hills in the course (yes, half of the leg is uphill, but other legs have hills, too). The average pace (5.33) was slightly better than I expected.

Photo by kuvit telija

And then another, even greater news is that our women's team took their third consecutive win! This year they won by 6 minutes...

Next up will be an inaugural 10km which starts 10PM from the harbor of Turku.


Road relay

I have been able to run twice this week after Sunday's incident. Today was so depressing day that I decided to skip any running.

Tomorrow is time for a legendary road relay called Karhu-viesti, a 56 km long trip, 7 legs. It's gonna be rainy, windy and fun.

Yes, I'm little bit scared.


Memo to me

Garbage bin in the middle of your way vs. you running at ez pace.

You lose.