Bagel Run

As a waterboy I was ready and set for a bagel run this morning. But only for a shorter one because of tomorrow's training race, 5k. No bagels, but plenty of ice was available. That sucks. Still. Otherwise 9.5 miles felt fine. Thanks guys!

January 339 miles.


Rollin' easy on a Friday morning

Nice morning run. Outside! Sweetie was running her tempo and I had a chance to pace her. Due to unstable conditions on the sideways and some roads, we chose to run aroung the Mall. Hhhmmmm.... Anyway, today's only workout was this 7.5 miler.


Bored on that same treadmill

This morning I hit straight to our club house and turn on the treadmill for 6.2 miles. After second mile I got pretty bored. That's the way it goes. This I missed yesterday, but thanks to Jason: here you go. In the evening I had to get as far away from the treadmill as I could. That 7.5 miler felt sooo good. Even if most of the pavements around Columbia are still covered with ice, being outside beats grinding a treadmill 6-0.


Workout Wednesday

Due to sort-of-ice on the pathways, I chose to spend some more time with my friend, the treadmill. After 2 miles warm up (it was warm already at the beginning) I ran 7.5 miles accelerating tempo from 6.40 to 5.38 pace (last 2 k ~ 7.00). It felt okay and I'm just happy with it.

Back on a treadmill

Ok. Yesterday I was suprised (again) about the effects of tiny amount of snow. But this morning the same roads and pathways were covered with thick icy layer which of course sucks. Instead of staying in bed late I crawled slowly closer to a treadmill and fought through an ez paced 3-miler (6.50/mile). It has been awhile since the last time I've met this buddy of mine. In Finland, during the iciest seasons, treadmill was my soulmate, but here our relationship has been cold. Hence, today was a big day. Luckily both of us were cooperative. Maybe it is the language barrier that hinders the usual cursing between us.



Surrounding here are slowly shutting down because of snow. I heard that yesterday some people were hoarding stuff for two days if they won't able to get to the store because of that same snow. At this point one could expect to witness an enourmous storm of several inches of snow. But no. At least at this particular moment there is max one inch of snow on the ground...

I liked the ez morning run with my new test running shoes (NB) in a light snowfall even though I was really hurting due to yesterday's efforts. That's life. Afternoon included an easy 5-miler and nothing else. In the evening I have to do some serious stretching.


A Tiny Struggle

It's Monday and getting back to routines is tough as always. Today's 4*2k was everything else than an easy flow. At least compared to the last time when I was rolling these same tempos. But I did them and that matters. Today the third one was especially pitiful due to sudden stomach malfunction but after a short meeting with the Forest Administration I was all set for the last one. Still, the pace (5.38-5.34/mile) was slower than I planned but this was just today. Stupid Monday. Stupid tired me. In all workout was fine +10 miles with average pace of 6.35.


Trail Snailing

Sunday morning was spend at the Patapsco Valley Park. We ran with Miika a really easy pace. A couple of deers, mtb riders and lots of sunshine. Weekly total 75 miles flat in 6 days. Oh and thanks Miika for visiting us.


Two Days of Ez Running

Friday: Miika and I did a nice sightseeing run around D.C. Took pictures, enjoyed sunshine and amazingly "warm" weather. In all, 9.5 miles. Photo by Miika Takala.

Saturday: Bagel Run, ~16 miles (6.55/mile). This was Miika's first Bagel Run. =) We had again a suprisingly nice weather. Seth, Stephen, Carlos and Bob were keeping the pace enough challenging.


Phase II

Morning run was around 8.5 miles (7.30/mile). I decided to do hills in the evening after when arrive from campus. Just to get more mileage. The results of re-planning produced new weekly schedule. Next phase includes on Monday fartlek/intervals, on Wednesdays morning hills / evening HCC, and on Fridays steady/accelerating tempo 6-9 miles. Other days are the same.

In the evening I had to compensate yesterday by couple of hills. I did 5*730m w/ rest jog. Pace was moderate (6.00-5.35/mile), and the whole workout was pure pleasure. Day's total was ~17 miles.

I'm ecxited about that Miika Takala, last years Finnish distance running comet (14:28, 30:09, 2:23:19), is coming to visit us tomorrow. It's a real pity that his potential effort in Houston marathon remains unknown due to stomach flu.


Workout Wednesday

We did an easy morning shake-off of 5 miles and got sort of rid of the negative effects of yesterday's standing and slow walking. In the evening it's again a time for group run. Hopefully it is not too slippery then. My left knee is still sore from Monday's accident.

No accelerating tempo for me today. I got too scared on Monday and now I have a hard time to run relaxed. This evening I tried to do something but after 2 k pace slowed down due to ice. Evening was 9+ miles (6.53/mile) with a pitifull 2.5 miles sub 6.26. You shouldn't even count that as a tempo. But I do. I gotta do some re-planning. My left knee says so. In all, today eased my pain with +14 miles.



Fartleking Monday

Now we got some snow. Wet snow. It was slightly slippery, and it successfully covered that ice on which I slided and felt during cooling down. Luckily I did not have to experience the Spring of 2003 all over again.

I did a fartlek (6*3min. w/ 5.33-5.18/mile) at the HCC's track. Not on the track, but on the paved path that goes around it. I had to skip the "minutes" due to slippery conditions. Despite of that I'm quite satisfied with this one and ready for some inauguration09.


Long Sunday

Back home. We ran in the afternoon a long run, ~14 miles, with easy pace. Weather was muuuuch warmer than in Boston. Weekly total ~75 miles. This was supposed to be an easy week. Dunno about that. If nothing else my legs were "off balance" today.


Freezing My...

Boston - or Wellesley - showed her colder side this morning (-10F). Despite of that, I enjoyed the crispy weather during the 7.5 miles around Babson College and Wellesley College campuses. Sun was rising, snow under my shoes was silent and life as such felt fine. Again I tested the Boston marathon course around the half-marathon point. I bet it was more silent than it will be in April when runners run past the Wellesley College.


Cold in Boston

-4F (according to the Weather Channel feels like -18F). Here in Wellesley it was even colder, -11F. That's cold even for a Finn. Trust me. I ran an ez 6-miler. Got lost twice due to ice on eyes. Hah.


Morning Run

I was pacing sweetie on her tempo run. Running felt better than I expected. That kind of suprise is always welcome. We ran on the Bagel course around 9 miles (7.44/mile). The rest of the week is easy. Easy in Boston that is.


Workout Wednesday

Morning shake off was just 4+ miles, because I gotta save something for the evening's group run. But today, on our way, we came across two red foxes. Neither of them was that famous D.C. runner. They were just ordinary red foxes chasing each other with extreme pace and balanced movements. It was such a sight.

In the evening we had a decent group of 11 guys at the HCC. Even Izzy showed up even if he had cold. I was thinking about accelerated, but still moderate tempo which also took place. Nice. Thanks to Phil et al. I ran 10k (@ 6.26 pace: 20.26/19.35). In all, evening's effort for me with extra warm up & down was 10 miles (6.42/mile).



Back to hurting mode. I was extremely capable of feeling Sunday's bowling (?) and yesterday's tempos in my sorry ass legs. But I crawled through 6 miles (6.54/mile) and felt every single stride.

In the evening I repeated the morning, but w/ less pain (6 miles @ 7.00 pace).


Monday Workout by a Lake

Today I was not as dominant as a week ago. Still, I'm quite satisfied with 4*2000m tempo runs (5.35-5.29/mile) with 4 min. rest. I ran them at Lake Elkhorn which turned out to be a pretty convenient course for this type of workout. During the first 2k I already started to feel angry because of pace/effort -combination was not I expected, but fortunately the rest tempos felt better. Today was 10+ miles (6.32/mile).


Sunday Shake Off

Easy run in the Wincopin Park. It was a nice suprise to find that kind of tiny park with some trails that close to home. We ran an easy 6-miler, really easy. Weekly total 84 miles.


Bagel Run

A week ago I fumbled out some sort of plan for my long runs. Back to basics, back to golden 70s mantra of long slow distance (LSD...). Since I'm not aiming at 2.15 marathon time (to be honest), I should not run long runs too fast. So today I really tried to stick to this "new era" plan. But what do you know.... It's a lonely road when all others are running ahead you, laughing away. I ran 16+ miles (7.04/mile = plan was to keep it between 7.00-7.15) and, after all, I'm quite pleased with this one.


Friday Hills

I did some hills (725m) on Ten Mills Road. Because of more or less long absence of hill workouts, I started this period with 5 repeats with rest jog. That felt a pretty fine solution for this morning, so suprisingly I have nothing to complain about. HHhhmmm... why I did only five repeats. What a wuss I am!

In the evening we did an easy 6-miler which felt really nice. Such a joy.



Yesterday was fun and easy, but this morning my body was set on hurting mode - again. Today's only (ez) run was 7+ miles (7.50/mile).


Workout Wednesday

Morning shake-off, 4.5 miles. Easy pace with no remarkable pain. Nice. Otherwise morning was rainy and cold. In the afternoon it's time for another group run at HCC.

Man it was wet, almost cold! Evening's run was 11+ miles (around 6.35/mile) of which 8.5 were moderate tempo (for me) @ 6.26 pace. First week of this year has been 76.5 miles but who counts them?


The Cost of a Smile

Morning's 6-miler felt slightly worse and hurting than yesterday's flight. But that was kind of expected. In the afternoon I hope that the weather would not turn into winter too fast, and hence I'd be able to run another round, and to do some core/coordination exercises. Talking big?

Maybe not. I just ran an ez 5 miles (6.52/mile) and try to set my mind for core exercises later this evening. But that's only a try.


Fartlek - On Fire

Nevertheless, I think that I might like Mondays. Not as a big fan, but I can live with them. Reason for this change of mind is Monday's potential for suprises. I'm not claiming that this type reasoning holds all the laws of rationality, but is life so rational after all, right?

I did a fartlek consisting of 5*3min.'2min. and 5*1min. with 2 min. rest jog. Longer "on"-ones I ran with really relaxed effort @ 5.20-5.18 pace. This outcome was really satisfying, since I was prepared to fight with my worn-out legs @ 5.30 pace. The shortest ones I wandered @ 4.57-4.48 pace which burnt my soles! I really don't know where this all of sudden joy of rendo (relaxed running) came from. Today's only workout increased my mileage with 12.5 miles (6.49/mile).



This morning we went to do an easy trail run in Greenbelt Park which turned out to be a neat place to run. No wonder that on our way back we met a group of GRC runners. At least some trails were marked with mile posts, trails were really runable, and some parts of them reminded me of home (pine trees + trails covered with pine needles). Run was 7.5 miles with easy pace. Sun was shining again. Week 63 miles.


Bagel Run

Bagel run, 15+ miles (7.20/mile). The plan before Boston is to run my long runs with slightly more moderate pace than last summer. Then if these legs are cooperative later on, on every third long run I'll finish strong (e.g. last 3 miles @ marathon pace). Let's see how long these plans will last.


To Do or Not To

Prediction Run: We missed 11.00 AM by twenty seconds. But then I compensated this huge disappointment with two donuts. Yammy.

This morning darling was undecisive between tempo (rendo) and no tempo. So we ran an easy 6-miler after which we decided to do a half-cut hill workout - 5*80 seconds with jog rest. That was mentally relaxing, physically not so much.


Racing, racing

Last year's last race was different. Not bad, but different. Due to really gusty winds some of the power lines were fallen down so the course was changed into 4 loops instead of one 4 mile loop. No worries with that. However, the biggest "problem" was that when 1.000 runners (in inaugural race, good job!) run the same loop, surely somebody gets lapped. So after the first lap race started to feel more like slalom rather than straight forward pushing of pace. But that didn't matter so much after all. Basically, it was just unexpected for a sucker like me. During the second lap I also lost the touch with my arms due to really tough and cold wind. What a rookie. I finished 6th (TWO minutes after winner) timing 21.27 (5.21/mile).

Year 2008 in numbers: 2993 miles (58 per week, 249 per month / 4816 km (93 per week, 401 per month). I happy.

Now we will start 2009 with a race, Resolution Prediction Run. The aim is to run slow, but to finish close to 11.00.