Yesterday I ran the second worst run/jog/crawl during our stay here in the US. Five pitiful miles. Today and tomorrow I can't run. This was not in any way a celebration of high mileage. No. I ran only 170 miles.


Back on the road

We ran an easy 8.5 miler with Mika before it got really hot (93F!). Rest of the day was spent in Philly - walking in that incredible weather. Legs are cooked, well-done and shutting down. Next run on Wednesday...

Ez days continue

We got dear quests from Finland on Saturday. Today we started our day early by driving down to Rockville and watch Mika's 10k race (32.08, 13th, 1st 35-39). After that we rent bikes and bikes from Bethesda to D.C. In a really warm weather. But either day included running. This week: 0 miles. Nice.

Btw. The P.U.S.A still can rock...


Easy Friday

Another day of easy biking. Legs are not sore anymore, but instead they are really fatigued.


When I'm back then I....

I'm really looking forward to get back on the road. I leave the disappointment behind and instead concentrate on the nice feeling when you after all misfortunes (minor in larger perspective, I know) stepped on the finish line. Even if I was way behind my "splits" (=just run) and way behind the goal set in December. Once again I might say, since this all reminds me of my crawl in Chicago last Fall. But this is now. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow will bring new challenges - shorter ones this time.

Damn you sore legs, let me run.

A sheep in black clothes

That's me. Boston really got me. But at least I tried. 2.5 weeks ago I gave up the whole idea of running this one, but I tried. Time did not matter - it sucks - since after all I left to Boston just to finish. Luckily, I did it. Instead of writing splits onto my arm, I wrote "JUST RUN". And that helped me twice. I was actually happy when I reached the finish. That on the other hand means that my days in this distance are most likely over. With this kind of legs, mind and anti-competitive spirit I'm done with 26.2. I did not respect enough the course nor my injury not to mention my shape. Even if in February thing were rolling okay, the misfortune couple weeks before the race made it quite clear that there was no easy way out.

Boston is a unique race which requires dedicated training. All the support one may ever want is there. During the whole 26.2 miles. Think about that! If training is done to keep your legs going on those damn hills after 16 miles of downhills/rolling hills, then you will fly the rest of the way. Last 5 miles were downhill and really great for many, I think. But as of now my legs are really beaten up even if I didn't fly.

Next up... I dunno.



Right. Boston is now right around the corner. We got the goodie bags yesterday, they are still un-opened. The expo was huge and really crowed. I enjoyed the course video a lot, and started to visualize tomorrow's journey. Even if I wished for seeing THE dream, my mind seemed to wander anywhere than on the Boston course last night. Yesterday's easy jog and strides felt heavy which was expected. Now I'm at the hotel lobby getting ready for the last shake out before 26.2. I don't care how does it feel.


Friday with itch

I start to feel it in my guts. The thrilling eagerness to start raises. Soon I'll face the unknown... Boston! Today I'll do the "wake-up" which means 2km @ marathon pace added with 2x30 sec and 5x100m strides. Legs have felt really heavy and sluggish during the last couple days. How they feel today does not matter. Boston is going to happen anyway!

And then all the money is in the bank. Wake-up went and felt just fine.


Temper & tapering

An easy 3-miler and that's it for today. Some stretching maybe, but no running.

It's gonna be rainy in Hopkinton, Wellesley as well as in Boston.

Today's anthem is this.


Tapering is really demanding

This morning I had last PT session before Boston. Left hamstring is feeling better every day, but still... However, after reading Running Times magazine and couple blogs here and there I got so excited that soon there is no chance that I would take it easy during the first miles on next Monday. And then Flotrack put this online!

In the afternoon I joined with some of the bravest Striders who defied the wet weather. However, they were braver than me, because as of now I'm in the front of the laptop and they are probably still out there. I ran a sluggish 6.5 miler (7.00/mile) and did 5x100m. Legs felt heavy, but loose. Hamstring is now pretty sore so scheduled a meeting with mr. Ice.

Another blog: "If you don't feel like you're going too slow, you're going too fast." Damn!



6.5 miles easy. Legs felt heavy even if I haven't yet started to filling up the tanks... Soon it's Boston time, baby!


A Rest

Today is dedicated to rest. I haven't ever tried this one before marathon. And then tomorrow I'll start the normal preparation for 26.2 miler: 40 min, 40 min., 30 min., etc...


Marathon tune-up

Tuning tuning. We drove down to Bethesda and did our last marathon tune-up on Capital Crescent Trail (a.k.a. the long paved downhill leading to D.C.). I ran 5 miles (28.38, 5.44/mile) slightly faster than my goal pace in Boston will be. Then we had an easy mile added with faster uphill mile (5.28/mile). It was a nice work-out and an excellent reminder of how easy it is to trot to downhill. Weather was crispy and brunch after the run was a pure joy.


"Long" run

This last long run before Boston wasn't that long. I didn't feel so good during the earlier miles so I decided to be happy with 13 miles. It is just fine. It was rainy and freezing cold. Legs felt heavy and stiff... Today we - a big group consisting of Big Daddy, Carlos, Jason, Paul, Stephen, Phil, Shawn, Luiz, Mike D. and couple other - ran on a different course due to the 30th anniversary of Feet First.


Free Friday

Morning: easy bike ride.

Afternoon: something else like ez 3+ miles and some short, but steep hills (5x12 sec). Today's soundtrack has been close to this due to movie called Control (oh and of course because of the music).


Rolling on sunny Thursday

On this really nice day I rolled a 6.2 miler with smile on my face. I decided to run just to find THE feel, and I ended up running with 6.36 pace. Legs felt strong (hamstring and achilles are still sore, but...) and mind starts to clear. Still, I have to keep in mind the damages that this injury has caused. OR I'll just let those thoughts go. In any case tomorrow has to be an easy day.

Today's soundtrack consists among others these 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5.


Almost normal Wednesday

Morning jog was again only around 4 miles which included some short but steep hills. In the evening I gonna run little more.

Evening consisted of 13 miles (6.36/mile). It included faster 4 km of which last 2 were around 7.15 (5.51/mile). Then during the final miles I accelerated one km (5.33/mile). In all, this workout was really uplifting at this point. Tomorrow will be easy and planned tempo runs are not taking place.


Feeling better

Tapering continues... Morning jog was only ~4 miles. Legs felt much better than yesterday which is really exciting. Tomorrow it's again time for HCS's group run and on Thursday I'm hoping to able to run slightly longer run. Just because I haven't been running so many long runs lately. However, at this point - this close to marathon - it's easier to make mistakes than build-up your shape. Therefore, I have to be careful and patient. Only thing is that I'm incompetent in both.


Ez Monday

Just in order to heal yesterday's physical "wounds" I drove to Greenbelt park and did an easy 6-miler on Perimeter Trail. Legs were suprisingly tired.


Cherry Blossom 10 Miler

On last Monday I didn't have a slightest idea if I'll be able to race today or not. On Tuesday I felt better and therefore in the evening I decided than I should give a try. So today I should be happy about being able to finish this 10-miler. Partly I am , but on the other hand not.

First 2 miles were tough, because I didn't have any touch on the right pace (didn't have any goal other than finishing the race). Engine was not sparkling enough and breathing was hard. I saw Randy and Carlos in the distance as well as a huge group of GRCers was in sight. Then at the 3 mile mark I saw Izzy flying... After getting some sort of clue on the pace, I started to realize that I'm really gutless, running with no fire and ambition. Sissy miserable dude on a run. That's not a good way to race. Accordingly, during the last mile I was an easy catch, another back to be outpaces like eating ice cream. But after all, I finished the race by 56.23 (5.38/mile) which is over a minute faster than last year (but a minute slower than in Club Challenge in Feb). However, several runners that have been behind me lately, were now way ahead. Once again that's a good lesson. But this is it. I'm just plain happy for being back after the injury.

Boston is a mystery, but I'm gonna be there.

Oh and weekly total was 54.


Ez Saturday

Another easy day. Mainly because of tomorrow. Cherry Blossom is going to be the last hard workout for Boston, but I really don't know how it will go and what pace to start. Too fast - it's for sure but...


Ez Friday

We rolled 4+ miles in the morning. I think that it's enough for today. Tapering...


Tempo Thursday

Today's workout was not really a workout, more like a wake-up after 10 days of no running. Well, I've been back on the road since Sunday already, but today was the first day with little faster pace. I did 2*2k (6.35, 6.37) with 3 minutes rest jog. In cool down I ran couple of strides. In all, the feeling was mysterious, not ultra-cool nor darken black. Therefore, I don't have any special expectations for Sunday's Cherry Blossom. Luckily, HCS will have a decent team without me. That's good. For me CB will be a good workout after the injury. The ultimate goal still is to get myself to both lines in Boston.

Today's soundtrack includes among other these:


HCC Group Run

It was nice to back on the road with the guys. I gathered 10+ miles (6.50/mile) and I'm think that I'm ready to try some tempo intervals tomorrow. I will face my demons on BWI trail...