Life after Mid-Summer

Nowadays when I'm not racing on track anymore, the Mid Summer is more relaxed and fulfilling (=lots of eating). Do you think that I'd have anything to complain about with this.

If I had a kick-ass start for last week, the rest of the week was busy at work, hurting my hamstring, but giving me a chance to run a moderate tempo run on early Thursday morning. Yes, this week was an ez one.

On Friday I ran with Jukka for 13 miles (6:50s) somewhere in the middle of nowhere. It was the first run for ages that didn't suck at all. Maybe running alone is not my thing? On Saturday I ate and biked 30+ miles in the evening. On Sunday I rode w/ sweetie for 50 miles which means that I skipped running on both days. That's how I roll these days. Last night, instead of running, I found myself in Helsinki in front the stage of Foo Fighters.

This weekend meant that I have now 3 months to prepare for Berlin. The current situation is to some degree worse than I planned. Hamstring/glute issue is still on and I'm supposed to focus my training more on distance now. Let's what comes up. Any guesses?

Plan for week 1:
M: Ez
T: Ez
W: 4x2km'1km @ HMP
T: Ez
F: Ez
S: Long run 16 miles w/ 5 miles @ MP
S: Bike

Oh and Darby: Yes for Pepsi Max!


Here and there

Last Thursday core workout was just a dream. Luckily, on Friday I had chance to run about 7.5 miles around sunny Stockholm. Hamstring was relatively painful but I crushed my Swedish fellow morning joggers by finishing @ sub 6:30s. "That'll teach my hamstring, too", I thought. But it did not.

On Saturday I was feeling slightly off the whole and didn't hesitate to skip running (maybe this was because of B10 was held on the same day and that race still hurts me). Instead, I rode a "night rider" (summertime in Finland is all about lightly nights) comprising 50 miles in the late evening.

Then on Sunday I changed a planned 4x2km to a fartlek which was a huge success. Hamstring made some noise but the workout itself was okay - well, it went better than expected. 

Today I was sneaked out for a 6 miler and finished that with Myrtle Routine. What a kick-ass start for a new week! 


Still rolling...

Monday was a day off but I did a set of 100s and 2xMyrtle Routine.

Yesterday morning I ran an ez 6 miler and did one set of short steep hills (following Brad Hudson's recommendations). Today I woke up bit later than planned and thus I was out running only at 6:30. Plan was to run a steady state run of 7.5 miles. And the plan was nicely executed. For the first time since the treadmill test running felt easy and enjoyable. Further, the pace was faster than a week ago even if HR was now lower. This is mostly explained by the change in the weather (last week 77F, now 50F and raining). Anyway, I don't feel miserable.

Tomorrow I will wake up in Stockholm (SWE) and most likely don't have any time slot for running. Core time?


Is it impossible to get back???

It was been suprisingly warm recently. Temperature has been at 90s and that does not ease the pain. After Wednesday's massage therapist session left gluteus started co-operating and I was able to keep myself on the road. Thursday and Friday were easy.

Today I joined triathletes on their test run. It was - again - pretty warm (89F at 5 PM) for a tempo run, but since I skipped my morning session, there was no turning back. Result: total burnout w/ finished status. It was awful experience and made me wonder how in hell I was able to run with HCS crew in Columbia. The whole summer was like this. Tomorrow: longish run + biking.


Workout Wednesday

On Monday I hesitated between taking a day off or just keeping it as an easy day. Due to democratic reasons I had a chance to run home from a lake nearby so I chose an easy day. The run was actually a nice 5 miler in warm evening weather with an increasing pain in the butt/hamstring. The latter caused a chance in plans for Tuesday: instead of running anything I biked 30 miles (it was warm, 82-84F).

Today I ran the steady state 7 miler already early in the morning (6:15 AM is early in Finnish terms) and hamstring was okay. Pace was totally moderated by HRM and it was barely under 6.20s. I'm ok with that.


Another week done

Rest of my time in Tallinn went fast. On Saturday morning I felt really tired but somehow ready to roll. Due to lot of sitting on bad chairs/floor caused some tension in my hamstrings, especially in the left one. Thus, warm-up wasn't so painless that one could and should expect. I managed myself to our team's/club's old test run route and ran 5 km test run in 17:17. Unfortunately, the time is better than I expected. Hah.

On Sunday I was even more tired and I ran only a longish run (~14 miles). Weekly mileage was 56 miles. And now I'm bit nervous about the hamstring. Stupid conferences!


In Tallinn

Due to the additional load on Monday and Tuesday, I skipped yesterday's run. But so did Manu who I met at yesterday's plenary session. Tomorrow we ran 7.5 miles ez and got lost only a little. Then I ate and ate some more. Next up gala dinner.

On Saturday things are back to normal. 100 miles week... here I come? No, 60-70 miles is the next level.