Even if I spent this week with stomach flu and some fever and did not run at all, I joined triathletes in their "swamp walk" workout this morning. Nice, 3hrs experience.


1000th posting

I'm happy to share the news that 3 days of stomach flu is gradually changing into feverish flu. Awesome! NOT! Happy happy joy joy!


And the Fall goes on...

Last week was pretty ok. Almost 50 miles, long hill repeats on Thursday and a race (10.4k) on Sunday. Race was a great workout, like start of a new training season. J won that race and I lost to him about 18 seconds per km. So, I have some work to do.

Now I have a stomach flu. Not having one would be much better but what you can do...


A meeting with old refuse dump

Long hill repeats. They rule but still I will skip Berlin Marathon 2012 (registration opened today).


Just running

I'm sort of back at it. The next three months will comprise just running. Mostly easy, but hopefully more than during this year's weekly averages. I gotta run a bit slower in general but at the same time pay way more attention to speed. That I've neglected totally lately (=during the last 9 months + 2-3 years before that). This week was 38.5 miles which is more than those 3 miles which I ran two weeks ago. Yesterday's test run (3.1 miles) was painfull and slow (18:05) but again... that's a start.

A and Masai ran well in Amsterdam today, HCS racing team (or Bullseye) won the Baltimore marathon's relay. Nice weekend. Oh and I just noticed that J (who is running for Kennesaw) ran well at Tuscaloosa, AL and took 15th place.


Plans for 2012

...among others Clyde's 10k, Pike´s Peek 10km in Rockville, Broadstreet 10M...

Today I registered for this race in Norway: Skaala Uphill.


Yeah. That's me. A slacker. Last week I barely collected 30 miles of easy running while others recovering from Berlin were already racing. Realizing this didn't change anything since I skipped Monday and then I skipped Tuesday. And I didn't regret anything.

But this morning I was running hills at 6:30 AM which makes me so proud of myself. Starting with 2 miles warm up (oh yes, it was 35F in the morning) I ran 10x1min. on quite steep hill. This was the first workout since Berlin and I didn't have so high expectations. Maybe that's the actual reason for this good feeling. I was planning to participate our local monthly "race" on Saturday, but since it's organized at 11 AM I might have something better to do.

So I'll continue my lonely wolf thing. Why? 



Making plans phase continues... this week was 30+ miles without any pressure other than work related issues. Yesterday and today running felt pretty ok.


Ez days

First run after Berlin. Both legs feel still bit tired, but not bad. I added 20 miles bike ride since Sun was shining. Next up.... eeeezzzz. Next big race might be Broadstreet Run next May if the plans turn out ok.