Snow, wind and 40k

Today was total fun. About 3.5 weeks ago I wasn't even able to run, but today I had the most fun (really snowy pretty windy, but fun) Birthday 40k with Juha, Ami, Matti, Ilkka, Pasi, Jussi, Z, Janica, Antti-Pekka, Kari, Mika, Mikko, Arttu and a nice get-together with many others. Thank you everyone!!!

 I feel like I'm only 39.


Workout Wednesday

Finnish December is bit different than e.g. in the US. Our days and some of the evenings are fulfilled with xmas related festivities (with friends, colleagues), mostly eating. For instance, I ate way too much today, but luckily I had a decent workout already under my belt.

Due to snowy and slippery road conditions your choices for running fast are limited. For me to usual choice has been a treadmill since it sort of amplifies the running related pain. Fortunately, this not that only option. We live so close to the indoor track that I have to run an extra loop in order to get enough long warm-up.

So today I was ready for 8*500m'200m already at 7:01AM (the facilities open at 7:00) and of course I was the only one there. Nice. The pace varied from 5:15 to 4:50 (@mile) and that's the fastest pace that I have run in years.

But today's craziest news is that Jarmo Hast, a Finnish triathlete, swam 26.2 miles (in a pool) in 11 hrs 44 minutes. Insane. 6 hrs of aqua jogging is nothing.


Instant payback

Since Wednesday's workout went so well, I kinda lost it. Again.

On Thursday I found a route that provided tailwind for 6.2 miles. So I flew fast instead of running easy. Fortunately, achilles was still silent.

On Friday I was invited to run a little faster 5km indoors. Since the indoor track has tilted curves, the prognosis for "there there" status of my right achilles had bad news written all over it. But I had so eagerly waited for getting back at it and I didn't want to pay attention...

The outcome was that Saturday's easy run was easy basically due to the severe pain in achilles and in the calf. When I returned from this sad run, I did all I could to make the pain go away. And that really worked! On Sunday's long run I didn't feel a thing.

Yesterday I realized how tough I once was. I ran WU+6km Tempo+CD in 6F weather. And based on how I felt afterwards, I think that it was the maximum. I vaguely remember that I rolled 6-9 miles much faster in much colder conditions. But now is now and on Friday I'm 40.



The first Workout Wednesday after the return on the road. I took it easy: 2*5min.(@5.54-5.38 pace)'2min. + 2*2min.(@5.20-5.13 pace)'1.5min.

Today we also had snow, just enough to make the roads slippery. I hope that right achilles will join me in the endeavours on icy roads.



I'm slowly getting back at it. Achilles problem seems to be avoided with conservative methods. Now I gotta make sure that I motivate myself to continue my relationship with eccentric exercises etc.

So what actually helped me this time:
  • I stopped training right after achilles started to ache (and chose not to go the normal way through the pain)
  • I used ice, ultrasound and trigger point roller to ease the stone like calves
  • I used ice to manipulate the inflammation around achilles
  • I biked like hell
  • I swam like a rat
  • I continued to amuse myself with eccentrics after the pain left the building
I'm quite sure that I managed to avoid bigger damage this time... Berlin 5.0, here I come!


2.5 weeks off

Still mtbing, swimming and doing circut training with triathletes. On Thursday, Friday and today I ran easy, but really short runs. Achilles is not aching. Yeah.


Sudden bummer

I haven't been running so much (read=at all) during this week. Right achilles tendon is not co-operative at the moment. It started to ache without warning, which makes me really disappointed since I have been emphasizing "the continuous streak of running without pain" for awhile. Now that's gone.

Circuit training, mountain biking, swimming...



Berlin vs. Me vol 5.0

September 2013


A race and pool time

Today I kicked my last year's time at Esakallio run byt 1:40 and won the whole race (10.4K). Thereafter, I swam the longest distance in my life (2000m) at the swim practice. Next up, eating.


Jet lag

The return from the US went pretty nicely. Lil' D and sweetie slept, I didn't and I'm still in the middle of jet-lagging. I seem to have lost the basic skill to fall asleep.

Last week's running was moderate in any measure. After the two visits in the US in June and August were heavy, and thus, I decided not to hurry. Tomorrow might be my first workout after the US. I did, however, participate in a swim practice last Sunday and that went much better than I expected. The last time I swam in a pool took place in February 2007... so this was pretty much  a new start. I gotta take care of my dislike of pool water before next July.

Tomorrow's WOW might comprise 6x3 minutes with 2 minutes rest jog. Then on Sunday I might run a race (10k), but I'm still undecided. It's October.



In few hours it is time for the last Bagel Run (until the next). These ~5 weeks have been a fun fast blast and we are eagerly waiting for the next time when we are able come for another research visit. I managed to run 3 out of the 4 planned races and haven't yet broken my legs. Sad fact is that in Finland we will face low 50s and endless rain. On next Wednesday I might regret my verbal bursts on last (muggy) Wednesday when we punished the HCC track.

Anyway, hopefully the next visit will be before...


Aeroplanes, vultures and cold water

Last week went pretty fast. On Wednesday the plan was to run 16x400m'200m, but muggy weather and aching right calf reframed the plan into 12x400m. The pace was moderate since I still could feel Philly and Clarendon 5k in my legs/guts. And of course I had one more race coming up.

Sunday's race was adjusted for an easy Bagel run and easy hike at Sugarloaf Mountain. Accordingly, legs were just hollow before the race, but at least they were not hurting. I aimed at sub 22 and finished with 21:50 so I'm quite happy the result. Even if I ended to be 2nd in my AG I was awared with a Furthest Runner Award since no one else had to travel over 4800 miles to run this race (it's only 3800 miles to Morocco).

After all, Sunday's race is my last race in the US before the next. After the race we had a nice brunch at Werner's place. So this is the right time say thanks to everyone for making our stay again a nice experience. See you soon (let's say on Wednesday...).


Weekend's race and sore gluteus

On Saturday we traveled to Claredon, VA in order to race a 5 k (sweetie did a 10k, first faster run after Ironman). The course of that race has to be illegal in terms of getting WR under your belt but still I wasn't able to perform as fast as I wanted to. I finished at 16:41. To be honest after 4k I wasn't at all sure that I'm able to finish the race by running. The first 3k (9:26) were faster than my legs could handle and I started to pay the dues almost immediately thereafter...

On Sunday and yesterday I found myself running on trails which was a nice option for running on concrete. My legs are still hurting for speeding on Saturday. Next up is a Workout Wednesday with HCS crew and then a 4 miler on Sunday.


Rock'n'Roll Phidelphia

All of sudden the race weekend was here. On Saturday we drove down to Philly, had a lunch/dinner with a HCS crew and focused on Sunday's race. The weather was great as Jason promised and so the race was all about keeping the right pace during the first miles.

The final workout (3200'800+1600'400+4x400'200) on Tuesday with HCS guys was a success, but still I wasn't mentally so sure about how the run will go. So it was even more important to take it easy until the 10km was done. And this plan was well conducted - sort of. At 5k I was too fast, at 10k on the right pace and then at 15k slightly behind the plan. Fortunately, since we ran the course to the opposite direction in comparison to 2008 and 2009, the last 4 miles felt quite easy to complete after we turned away from the bridge. Keeping the pace up was a task, but when the finishing time was 1 second below my goal (1:17:00), I should be happy. And I am.

Mark PRd by over 3 minutes and closed 70 minutes and Carlos cut his PR by couple seconds. Moreover, I'm sure that Jorge ran a serious PR in addition to which Jason finished the race after running first the Reach the Beach relay. I might assume this to be a successful race weekend for us all.


Back at it

It's been awhile but at the same time being back here feels like we haven't been away at all. Wednesday's trail run with the guys was hot and humid. I think that I kicked Mt. Nasty's butt but at the end she had her revenge. It actually continued on Saturday's Bagel Run.

Saturday's muggy weather made me scared about Philly's conditions. Hopefully the current morning weather is present also on 16th...


New Adventures

Last weekend I participated in a road race (Midnight Run Helsinki, 9.000 runners) which started late in the evening. Around this time of year it's completely dark outside already at 21 PM and during that time Helsinki provided the saddest conditions: cool, windy and extremely rainy weather. 

At the start legs felt much better than they did during the whole week after the adventure race. I started by following the leaders but realized soon after that I don't have the guts to push the pace in the dark on the slippery streets. After almost breaking my ankle I decided to cool off. My body did this only couple kms after this decision. Still, I'm pretty happy with the result.

Next morning I joined a different breed of endurance athletes with my good friends and Trek. The event, Tour de Helsinki, was a 140 km bike ride around the capital area. It was extremely nice, easy and scary experience. I saw way too many crashes and piles of bloody cyclists so I was pretty happy with hitting the finishing line in one piece. After the restricted pace (first 11 km 2.500 cyclists were following the pace of the leading car) I was able to ride at 36.5 kmh pace which was better than I expected.

Now I'm sitting in our temporary home in Columbia, MD. Feeling tired and happy.


Ironwoman and an adventure race

Sweetie's Ironman was a huge success. She broke the plan by 55 minutes and finished with a time of 10:35. Thereafter, during the week I had to join the local triathlon club and decided that I will relearn to swim.

I was able to return to training routine only on Thursday when I did 15 km tempo run at HRM moderated pace. It went really well and felt even better.

On Saturday I participated in an adventure race with Mr. Saarinen. It was a blast even if I killed my Samsumg Galaxy during the first quest checkpoint comprising crossing a lake by swimming and pushing the bikes on a raft. I had in a sealable plastic bag but the bag was not sealed.

The race itself was almost 6 hrs long since after a succesfull orienteering leg we started biking like maniacs but on a wrong road. That caused us an extra 12 km out and back which equals (according to Garmin) 28 minutes. Moreover that excessive biking enhanced the energy deprivation which finally hit me around 4.5 hrs - half an hour before the last leg of the race. First cramps arrived already around 3 hrs.

Today legs were still totally done. Life is good.


Tired man

This week after Boston has been tough. Older body needs more to adjust between time zones. Much more than I have used to. Similarly, relatively low amount of hours in sleep during the conference did its job, too.

After running only ez runs I dared to run faster on Wednesday morning. And that was a great choice, at 6:15 AM I was kicking asphalt during 4x2km'2min. workout (pace accelerated from 5:30 to 5:15). Today I missed my run totally due to traveling and....yes... eating. I just ate too much.

Now I'm in Kalmar, Sweden. Sweetie will participate in her first Ironman race tomorrow morning. That's serious business...


Back from Boston

My week in Boston in numbers:

Long runs: 1
Decent workouts: 2
Ez runs in muggy weather: 3
Hours slept before 2nd hard workout and morning presentation: 4
Average hours slept per night: 5
Total minutes of streching: 0
Number of trees hit while running: 1
Number of scars caused by hitting a tree: 1
Hours travelled to get to Boston and back: 32
Number of healthy meals: 0
Number of possibilities to watch Olympics without add-on stories, non-related interviews or commercials: 0
Visits to Harvard Club House: 1
Visits to Boston Marathon's finish line: 5
Needed more cowbell: 0 times


Next up... Boston

As a sportsfan I'm about to make a huge mistake. I'm heading to the US during Olympics and this is especially harmful since track and field begins on Friday.

In Finland I could enjoy live all the events from tv without commercials or odd add-on stories (ref. 2008 when Samuel Wanjiru was making history, NBC had guts to show spectators a lovely story of that Irish priest who messed up earlier Olympic marathon), and still I'm bound to miss many interesting races.

Oh how tough life is...

Tomorrow is time for WOW and then I have planned a steady state / tempo run on Saturday morning on the banks of Charles River.

Ps. Don't tell Mark that I'm burned out because of last weekend's fulfillment of stupidity.


The start of 2012 Olympic Games

Today began with an early bird 10 km race. It started at 5:30 AM and as always I started like old times (=read too fast) and thereafter the pace died pretty soon. I was able to recharge my batteries around 6k and finished about 30 seconds better time than week ago.

Like this would not been enough, I joined a group of triathletes on their long run in the afternoon. These endeavours resulted 27+ miles. Tomorrow morning I gotta bike around 70 miles to meet the family. Awesome!



Another great WOW done. We ran w/ JK a nice combination of WU + Tempo run + 10x200m + Tempo run + CD. Next up will be Friday's race which starts already 5:30 AM. That's for early birds.


Back from off-line

I've been off-line for couple of weeks. I have enjoyed the vacation, track and field European Champions, TdF and training. I got the training feeling after jetlacking after the latest trip to the US. Next one is up in two weeks to Boston. Unfortunately, I'll be missing some great Olympic efforts because of that.

Tomorrow I might have a chance to race in Helsinki and maybe another one in a town close to our home on Saturday. Tomorrow's race is (to me) inspired by all the Twilighters out there. The biggest difference is that the temperature is way colder here... Saturday's XC race is something close to Run Through the Grapevine but on the other it is nothing alike.

Running has been progressing. Instead of struggling with sub 6 pace, the intervals and tempos feel relatively easy at 5.20s. Only thing is that for Mark this is nothing.



Once again one of primary racing goals for this season will not take place. Mt. Skaala Opp race will not be on my schedule since it happens to be on the same weekend as sweetie's Ironman triathlon take place. Till next year...



After last week's WOW, my legs died and this was basically due to the hard bike ride which I did on Saturday. So, I had to take a day off on Thursday, really easy on Friday and then on Saturday I was ready to roll again. In order to kick Mark's ass in September, I have to start take care of improving the pace and speed. Thus, the plan (which was successfully executed) was to run a short tempo run added with 10x200m @ 35-36. On Sunday I ran w/ JK for 13 miles which finalized a weekly mileage of 60 miles.

Yesterday I took a step towards the mountain race in Norway. I ran up and down the "Camel's Poo" for 3.2 miles + WU and CD.



Photo: Rune Hagen

Today I ran again w/ JK. Our workout was really nice: 3 x Karikko loop (1300m gravel path)'1min + 800m'2min on track. Since JK's shape is around 14:30-14:45 I had a great pacemaker.


Workout Wednesday

6:15 AM: Warm-up
6:30 AM: 1k '90sec jog rest + 2k '90sec + 3k '90sec + 2k '90sec + 1k all @ cruising pace on trails
7:30 AM: back at home
7:35 AM: back to bed after shower

Warm up was too short.


An addiction

The nail day I mentioned last week turned out to be a decent one anyway. I dared myself and ran 7x3min. @ whatever pace. My addiction to Garmin's data is one of my worst enemies. I remember a time when I just ran - fast. Now I struggle with the fact that I can follow my pace (slow or fast) all the time. And that's killing the joy.

So I just ran.

For Saturday I had planned a 10k race in Forssa but realized already on Friday morning that it is not going to happen. Instead I ran a faster 5k (16:50) in the morning and went biking (~70k) in the afternoon. Accordingly, my legs are still stiff and tired.

Damn you, Garmin! 


A nail day

"Some days you are the hammer, some days you are the nail." - L. Armstrong.


US Tour June 2012 is ending

Due to tight paper delivery schedule and peer group pressure (=extended conference dinner), I decided to skip today's 5k race here in Fort Worth, TX. I found it online on Tuesday, and noticed that it takes place pretty close to my accommondation. But as of now I don't mind at all that I wasn't kickin' asphalt today. Kinwara!

I'm tired and my brain is hurting... Today will be the last day of my current tour in the USA. Next one takes place in August.


US Tour June 2012

The last three days have been a blast. Today we, unknowingly, celebrated the National Running Day by climing up the Big Mountain and enjoying its sights and sounds for an hour. This run is ranked among the top 5 runs in my life.

Yesterday, I was provided with an opportunity to feel sick on track. The plan was do to 6x800'2min+2x400m'1min+2x200m'30 rest jog. But it turned out that a sum of sad excuses prevented that to happen. WU + 2k @ 5.45 pace indicated that the workout will be everything but optimal cruise/speed interval workout. The altitude, jet lag and warm weather killed me. So, I did 5x800 + 4x200m of which 800s were slow, but really painful. And I was just asking for some oxygen...

However, this was totally compensated with today's extremely nice experience almost above the clouds.

Now I'm waiting for the next fligth from SLC to Dallas. Due to thunderish weather our flight is delayed. A lot.


Next stop: Salt Lake City, UT

Last two weeks have been fulfilled excessive workload. Running wise last weeks' highlights were 3k tempo+10x300m'1min+3k tempo on Wednesday, 4x1mile cruising on Saturday and a long run of 28k on Sunday.

This week's Workout Wednesday comprised fartlek of 10x40sec'50sec on trails. Legs were pretty tired after weekends workouts and because of a fast babyjogger run on Tuesday morning. I had to hurry since we're running little late with Lil' D. Today (Sat) I joined triathletes' tempo run which took place in Ruissalo Isle and on trails/paths. Mainly because of eating too much last night, the feeling wasn't the best but I'm happy with the result. 

Tomorrow morning I will leave to the US, first to SLC, UT (visiting a colleague) and then to Fort Worth, TX (attending a research seminar). This means less running...  


Keep it cool

Late update

Yesterday was the first warm day of Summer. Temp reached 77F and life was of course way better than before. During the last 12 days I ran an excellent fartlek (10x2'2min., 10k lap 36), enjoyed a sick day, ran a pleasant hill workout in rain and participated in an adventure race w/ sweetie.

The latter was an entry level race which comprised orienteering by bike, feet and canoe. The whole effort took 3 hrs and 43 minutes on our behalf while the winners spent only 3:04 on the same course. But it was fun and entertaining. As a related matter I think that it's fair to share some notes for you all who are thinking about adventure races:
  • If you have too much or too little clothing on while racing, never start to adjust them at a checkpoint which is a checkpoint which is just a stop-and-go checkpoint. Especially if you are at 4th position.
  • Right place and time for adjusting your clothing might be when are at another checkpoint waiting for your turn in a line. Especially if you have dropped from 4th position outside top 10.
  • Never be afraid dunk your Garmin into swamp if you fall down. It will survive.
  • Think twice about conquering a steep hill while carrying your MTBs at the same time. There might be an easier detour available. Just look at your map which is handed to you.
  • Don't stop and wonder if 60+ lady easily passes you by while orienteering in the woods. She is just so much better than you. Deal with it.
  • Usually quite many individuals, who have trained canoeing, canoe faster than those who have less canoeing under their belt. Simple as that.
On Sunday I was supposed to run 20k tempo but my legs said no. Actually they said "NO!" Instead I ran ez 28.5k with youngsters. Yesterday legs were heavy as hell, but it didn't prevent me for running too fast just moments before when I found myself biking a 38 miler. Half of which was colored by head wind which I hate so much. Now and forever.


Workout Wednesday and things

Last Sunday the whole family was racing. Lil' D tried to match 3 year old's pace and he did with a huge smile on his face. During the whole 40 meters journey. Then I ran a miserable XC race (6k, slooow with no hunger to punish) and thereafter sweetie ran 10k XC race. We won a crazy amount of bread, honey and more honey, since the local sponsors were (and have been) really supportive.

On Monday we had a strategy meeting outside the normal premises. Since I was pretty worn out in terms of running, I chose to bike there instead of travelling by bus. About 48 miles took only 2.5 hours which meant that my starting time (5:45) was bit too early. Tuesday's short jaunt was tired and painful but luckily on early Wednesday morning I met with J who was preparing for Sunday's XC nationals. We ran 5x850m'200m (@5:25-5:05)+ 5x100m'100m hills. This workout felt just awesome.

Initially I planned to participate in XC nationals but due to Sari's cousins wedding it won't be possible. I raced at the same location in 1994. If I recall correctly, the bus ride takes together 20 hours, so I'm okay that I don't have to do that just to realize blaablaablah.

Rock on!


Work keeps me busy

Well, not really. Life has kept me busy. Dad was hospitalized last week and so on so there has been a slight change in plans.

Last Sunday I did a low-key 5k race and was able to break 17 minutes. Hello 16 minutes, it's been awhile since we last met. Even if I was outran by an older gentleman, I'm still pretty satisfied with this one. Next up... sub 16 minutes. 

Today I ran one of the best workouts since our time in the US: 5x3min.(@5.10-5.15)'2min.+3k tempo run. It felt easy and controlled. On Sunday the whole family be racing in Harjavalta. That's gonna be interesting.

Good luck Jason and Kent at Pittsburgh!!!


The day I tried to be a timberjack

I have had easier ways to spend my Saturdays than by doing the activity I got involved last Saturday. We spent about 4.5 hours in woods lifting and dragging logs in piles. Dude, that's serious business with these muscles... Btw. at the same time real runners were running at HM nationals in Kuopio.

Running-wise I have got mentally over of all the disappointments (DNS at WMAs and DNS at Karhu-viesti) and been able to turn my eyes to the future. After spending Saturday as described I was hurting like hell yesterday (and still today, too). Still, I was able crank myself on the road in order to race yesterday. The forecast was quite clear already during WU - total meltdown. During the strides my legs started aching because of high concentration of lactid acid in my body because of Saturday's "cross-fit" exercise.

At the race I was able to run according to any decent racing plan about 1.5 kms and thereafter legs were just shutting down. I didn't fall so much behind of my current shape but there have been easier ways to prove that. One thing becomes clearer and clearer... I'm getting faster in getting slower.


Road relay

The legendary Finnish road relay, Karhu-viesti, is around the corner. Our club was almost able to have two male teams in addition to our female team. We were supposed to have two Kenyans running for us, but another one of them is racing for a spot on their olympic team in 10000m. That's fair enough, right? Have a great race, Lewis. Anyway, our club is back in business after couple years's streak of absence.

After missing my chances to race at WCs, I was able to reach the starting line in Somero on Monday. This low-key race was somewhere between 6.8 to 7k. Two national team -level milers and one machine-like ultra runner took the podiums, but I just was happy to be around. Now I sincerely hope that we get our logistics working fine, and even I would also be able to race next Saturday.

[edit:] No relay race for me. I'll be handling the logistics for female's team.


I almost ran at World Champs

Today was the day. 3000m at Master's (35-39 age group) World Championship in Jyvaskyla, Finland. Everything was set, and even I was at the scene early enough to register myself and enjoy the international atmosphere. I even had my brand new national team outfit ready. I enjoyed the company of Kero brothers and T "the machine" S during the warmup. It was snowing heavily.

But after all the trouble I did not start the race. Not even if I was only half meter away from starting line at the right time. I just wasn't allowed to start... What happened was that the organizers registered me for Sunday's HM, not for today's 3000m. Even if I specifically asked them to do otherwise. This mistake was realized only 10 minutes before the start during the calling. Thereafter, I ran with one member of huge organizing team back to the registration desk. There they slowly made several phone calls in order to reach the head judge and explain the situation. Finally, they got me in the race and this happened only because the organizers made the mistake, not me. But I thank them for helping me here.

When I got "you are good to go", the start was in 3 minutes. After this unexpected cool down I ran pretty fast to the track, and for my surprise I was at the start at the right moment. It felt great. They started to yell competitors' name and put them in line. List ended without my name and since they didn't have updated starting list my first race in WMA Champs finished with DNF (even if it really was DNS).


At least we had great pizzas in the evening...


Yes, I'm really confident

I'm not so sure anymore that I'm doing the right stuff. I've been able to get 30 seconds slower per 5 k only in three weeks. Awesome!

Anyone interested in getting free advice how to die out this easily???



Spring time is almost here. During the daytime the temperature is already reaching 40s and snow is almost gone. Even better, roads are open and most of them are cleaned. Even if this is taking place I still found myself running on treadmill on Tuesday morning. I ran 4 by mile (@5:20). On Wednesday I met with Pera and we ran together like we did over 10 years ago. Awesome!

Today I dared myself to run w/ J while he was trying to run an accelerating 6k. I did only 5k but what makes me happy is the fact that I almost matched my pace from last week. Nice.


Thank you Mark!

Now that you are registered for 2012 Rock 'n' Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon...


Test run

Man I liked it.

The first test run since last October. At the same time it was the first faster tempo of any kind for a long long time. This month's test run took place on open (no ice, snow or anything that would remind you of Winter) bike path. I ran only 5k but still it is worth of mentioning.

The last 4-5 weeks have been more or less colored with various types of flu and I haven't been able to follow any training plans. So, running close to 17 minutes was just what I expected, and thus, I feel great.


Gonna skip WMA's 13.1 miler

Due to being repeatly ill, I will skip the forthcoming WMA HM in early April. Just walk away...


Running again

It was wonderful to watch a video from Bmore's Shamrock 5k. Sunny and seemingly warm conditions.... And Carlos took the title. Nice.

Today, just like yesterday, I ran w/ JK starting at 6:15. Today we didn't hesitate too much when we selected a hill workout over steady state run. Due to slow recovery from a flu (3rd one in 1.5 months) I ran only 6x500m'500m + 5x100m strides (downhill). Afterwards when I was literally coughing my lungs out of my physical existence the 6 repeats felt just enough.

Kicked some asphalt today! So....In your face, winter and ice!


This week...

...I have been mostly sick. Well, on Tuesday my early morning date with treadmill was fine (3xmile + 3x1k).


666 km done

Return from short but effective stomach flu was everything else than easy. During Wednesday's ez run I felt fine, but on Thursday the planned 4x10min on treadmill did not happen. Instead I got beaten by the treadmill. Legs were not ready at all so after the first 10 minutes it was time for some adjustments so I ran 2x10m + 5min. Due to Thursday's painful (physical and mental) outcome I even had to skip yesterday's workout. But since there has been some time-related challenges to organize a long run, I did one (16 miler) yesterday. Out of those 16 miles about 5 were non-icy, ready for the Spring, miles. Awesome! Pace dropped from 7:10s to 6:30s like nothing.

Today I had to tease these legs from a different angle: 10x100m'100m strides. Tomorrow... I don't know what happens.



Just had an awesome training week. Almost felt like back in the day. Three efficient workouts (mile repeats, 40min tempo and 10x400m), one double day because of delivering our car to/back from annual maintenance.

But just like in some bad films this awesome week was backlashed instantly by nice time spent with stomach flu. With a really angry one. A positive note: Lil' D and I had our first training session together - series of counter abs.

The weather conditions are getting slippery. Temperature is nowadays sub 30s in the morning but above later the same day. The best outcome will be the Sping in few weeks. Really looking for that. True!


Back at it

From Tue to Thu I was sick. Today I was able to fight snow storm for 5 miles, and tomorrow I plan to continue run ez. Sunday I might sneak out for a long run.

Next week I gotta get back on the schedule.


Past 2 weeks

Training this far (now I'm in phase III) has been proceeded just fine. Since the amount of races and test runs is about zero, I have no reliable evidence on the progress itself. Current training schedule doesn't comprise too many fast, steady runs but instead I've been punishing the treadmill with 4xmile (@5.20) and 3x10min (@5:50-5:40) tempo repeats as well as with 40-45 minutes tempo run now and then. In between I have found myself running shorter intervals on indoor track.

What I know is that today my legs are pretty tired. During yesterday's long(ish ~13+ miles) run we got new snow plus the temperature was quite easy (32F instead of -10F), and accordingly it was bit slippery. Not icy slippery but just slippery. And this morning my legs just were dead. This means that the months of NOT doing any core nor myrtle training is finally paying dues.

Today's word: Slacker.


I'm in trouble

WMA 2012 Indoor Championships

Thank you for you registration.


It is cold

Hypothesis: "Feels like -20F" freezes your ass off.

Test: 6AM run, 6 miles, pace easy/pedestrian 

Results: Ass did freeze but didn't fell off => Hypothesis not supported.

Shut up science!


I like when fire place makes noises

A week ago we moved to new home. That usually means busy times which was the case this time, too. Last week comprised work 3 related trips to Hel and back, and that had a negative effect on running. I managed Tuesday's 400ms and Thursday's tempo repeats pretty well but on Saturday morning just less than 9 hours after Friday evening's stroll I just couldn't make it. Legs were so beaten.

So I skipped Saturday's workout and set my focus on next Tuesday. Today I enjoyed nice weather (sunny, 14F) for 16 miles. And ate a lot afterwards.

Then our scheduled visit to the US is highly likely to be postponed to Fall so no Broadstreet this year...


Back at it

After two days break I bounced back. The weather turned into winter. Thus, I had to do Tuesday's workout indoors on track. Due to our routines, the only available timeslot for race pace intervals was at 7 AM. It was okay, even if I had pretty hard time to match my HM PR pace when running 800s.

Last weekend's highlight was USA's marathon trials. My favorite, Dathan Ritzenhein PRed but it wasn't enough...

Ritz was disappointed (flotrack.org)


Running streak paused

I've been rather busy. After we got the keys to our house additional spare time has not been a problem. Now all the painting jobs are done, sauna and bathroom is under renovation. Next up is yet another moving but I hope that this will be the last one for awhile, say in next 30 years...

Running streak has been pretty satisfying until today. I have progressed with Phase II's two first weeks with no problems (intervals, tempo repeats, tempo run). Even if I haven't had to much problems with keeping up the pace in faster workouts, during the last two weeks breathing and sore throath have kept my company right after I have woken up. Yesterday's ez morning in 10F was a bit too much and accordingly, I had to skip today and maybe tomorrow's workouts. Funny thing is that still after 23 years of running, these short intervals of no running make me insane. Hopefully this pause does not take longer that couple of days.



2011 in review:
Number of miles conquered by running: 2275
Number of marathons completed under 2:30: 0
Number of marathons completed under 3:00: 0
Number of marathons completed over 3:00: 1
Number of running related disappointments: several
Number of running races other than 26.2: 6 other races (2 victories)
Number of the best ever training plans started during 2011: 301
Number of miles conquered by cycling: 590 miles
Number of lost guts: 3-5 (at least)
Number of reasons to carry on running: 1
Number of kgs lost/gained: don't care