Just work

This day went past me like a lightning without thunder. I got so hooked on work that there was no room for running or any other physical activity today. It sucks, but what you can do. I know that tomorrow is better. It is always better. In older days these days were the worst ever, but nowadays I kind of don't care so much. Wiser and older or lazier and older?


Thursday intervals

Total 6.5 miles (7.32/mile) including 5*3 min. (moderate/hard effort ~5.30-5.40) with 2 min. recovery runs.

Otherwise this felt just fine BUT a) HR shows me that everything is not yet set and b) hamstrings still need some serious work/stretching. May now they are ready to get familiar with "the Stick"... In the evening I met with my running buddies at the Greene Turtle. Some of us were celebrating their marathon success, some others did less that but couple of drinks or Pepsi Max (still waiting for that sponsorship...), some hamburgers and lots of running related chat don't hurt anybody.


Easy in the middle

Morning hours - or at least one of them - went on a bike. Easy ride instead of easy morning run. In the evening I'm thinking about joining other guys at the HCC or just do an easy 6-10 miles alone in the dark. I just watched the top 5 moment of Steve Cram on Runner's Tribe. Brits did dominate.

Well, if Brits did dominate, this Finn does not. Todays 6 miler sucked (6.50/mile). I tried our not-so-calibrated footpod, but should have ignore that. HR was bouncing and it hit here and there almost the anaerobic limit. On an easy run.


Tuesday hills

This morning I did only a half of the planned workout. Just to keep it cool. It was a time for hills and I did 5*1min. After the cool down I rolled some strides (5*100m). Honestly, it's been awhile since I've done any faster pace... In addition, running was painless. Even if I expect that to be temporary, I enjoyed it a lot. Total 6.2 miles (7.39 pace).


Grey Monday

I still have to take it easy,, and thus, I ran only 3.1 miler this morning. Some core training w/jumps in the evening and that's Monday. Next Sunday I'll try to accomplish my first and maybe the last Grapevine Run. It's the first race after Chicago. See then how it goes... The advance "advertising" has made me courious to see how brutal that course really is. I'll run for co-ed team.



Easy run with Jason, Randy, Mark and the others along the MCM course. I was taking some pictures about Tom, Seth and Stephen. Watching a marathon race is always exhausting and this morning was no exception. Total about 10 miles. Hamstring were as they have been.


Sort of...

10 miles (7.01 pace)

Bagel run (8.7 + 1.5 miles) with JT. Pace was moderate but still it felt heavy. Or maybe it was just yesterdays core that included the first series of jumps in ... many many years. Anyway from this point on I will start run slower long runs.


Progressing in the slow lane

Back to the biking. We did easy 60 minutes bike ride in the morning. Some core training in the afternoon/evening, but no running for me today. This is actually harder than tapering. And about tapering.. I just read the training schedule of one of my Finnish buddy. I had instant cold sweat. During the last 14 weeks before his PR in marathon (2.24) he had one 26.2 (2.31), HM (1.10), mountain 26.2 (3.12) and another mountain run, this time an ultra 78.5km (~49miles). And after this session he really did a PR...! Dude! His next stop is 100km World Champs in Italy. There he'll meet Mr. Wardian whose running records some of you know well.

And here I am just biking... after my sad, slow and still disappointing 2.55.


Getting old?

6 miles (7.05 pace)

Easy 6 miler w/ wooden hamstrings. Otherwise felt okay but the feeling in my hamstrings and calves is not so amusing. I'm on the verge of situation where even stretching does not help me anymore. I don't wanna grow up/old...


On and off

Yesterdays' hills felt just okay, but to be realistic it's waaaayyy to early to start pushing. It's only 1,5 weeks from marathon... and like it went on my behalf it's for sure that this week should remain easy effort-wise. Thus, instead of morning run we did again less-than-hour bike in a crispy morning. Easy of course. We bumped into T who is currently tapering for MCM (like do Steve-O and SG as well). Trust your training guys and let it go on Sunday!!!

Afternoon I might do some easy run just to warm-up for stretching and some circuiting. That's what I need. I assume.

[edit:] In the afternoon I did 3 miles (6.45 pace). On my way back I ran to the mall to buy teriyaki chicken. It was delicious due it's rarity.


Slippin' back to reality

I did some easy hills just to enjoy this crispy morning. Repeats were 5*1 min with jogging rest. Not pushing, just running slightly faster pace. Felt just ok, expect during the cooldown both legs started to feel tired. No wonder... Total 7 miles.


Still tired

I took a sneak preview of what is coming. After running only 4 miles I called it quits. Legs are not sore, but instead they are totally tired. May be they are subconsciously feeling as they felt a week ago? Week: 7 miles....

And we just signed up for Boston Marathon...


Enjoying easy days

Easy/moderate five hours mountain-biking. Felt just great! Cold sore is also leaving me, which makes me even happier.


First run

Easy, I mean really easy, 3 miles this morning, about 8.00/mile. This time I have to confess that quadriceps felt much better than I would expect. In addition, achilles tendon weren't hurting so much anymore. Nice! However, taking ez continues still for couple of days.

Interesting ranking of best men marathoners.


Taking rest

I'm continuing taking it easy. I think that next run will be on Monday or Sunday earliest. This morning - just like yesterday - we did some easy biking here and there. I think that this is way better way to get back on track soon than try to do it "as I used to do it". I'm now older, so shouldn't I be smarter as well??? And... Achilles tendon is not doing so well.


Sore legs - soon only a memory

We did a relatively short and easy bike ride this morning. In the evening it is time for some circuit-type-of training, but no running. Left achilles tendon is still out of order and same goes w/ both hamstrings. But the weather is sunny.


After and beyond

Today, maybe today, we'll register to Boston marathon.

Even if I feel today extremely sore about yesterdays "run", I don't want to bother myself about that anymore. For me the not-so-representative-result was a sum of many different hampering factors. And thus, the result was not quite equivalent with my shape. Basically, the lack of tempo training has taken the edge off my marathon pace I let myself to think/believe/hope. In the beginning of August things were rolling well and running was a everyday joy, but after that something has been lost. Hence, I could expect beforehand that Chicago will be something else than fun or celebration of running. I saw the sign already in Philadelphia.

Actually, the repulsion about running and that annoying feeling already at the 5 mile mark was not nice. In order to avoid that to happen again, I have to be more consistent with my training. And aim at a way shorter distances.

I don't wanna stop. I ain't gonna stop.

Turning the page

I'm not even disappointed with todays hhhmmmm.... disaster. I kinda expected something like this to happen due to those cold facts that can be found in my training log. Anyway, I finished and that's it. Now it's time for faster pace and way shorter races. Today about 28 miles, week was 48 miles. Oh, and I just have to mention that Chicago has a great course and the race is really well organized. The weather, however, is a unpredictable factor.

btw. As I am now turning a new page, I'll try to update my running blog in English. Change!


It's on

Nyt on aika hyvä täpinä päällä. Juoksin tänään armottoman tankkauksen jälkeen ja olin lähellä laatata. Oli tuplapistoskin samaan aikaan. Ässäää.

Chicagoa voi muuten seurata
täältä ja tuolta.

Chicago is just behind the corner

Huomenna Baltimoressa juostaan maraton. Sitäpä en nyt pääse seuraamaan kun olen samaan aikaan koneessa matkalla kohti Chicagon maratonia. Onneksi tänään, juuri nyt itse asiassa, alkoi vähän kutkuttamaan mahassa, joten saan maratonvireen päälle ja ajatukseni vain ja ainoastaan maratonkeskittyneisyyden tielle.

Varmennusta kelistä odotamme innolla. Viimeisimmät uutiset valitettavasti kertovat ilman lämpenevän tästä. Toivottavasti pysytellään alle 25 asteessa.


Eri maisemat, sama napina

Täällä taas, tosin nyt Phoenixissä. Odottelen lentoa "himaan". Maanantaina juoksin aamulla lyhyesti kevyttä ja iltapäivä kuluikin sitten autiomaassa vaellellessa. Eilettäin en taipunut lenkille laisinkaan kun lähdimme kohti pohjoista sen verran aikaisin. Tapasimme Måren Flagstaffissa, mikä oli erityisen miellyttävää. Siitä sitten jatkoimme kohti Grand Canyonia, jossa suoritimme lyhyen taivalluksen kohti sen syviä syövereitä. Se käykööt lenkistä.

Tänään aamulla raastoin - todellakin raastoin - viimeistelyni sunnuntain maralle. Se oli kuin naulainen lyömäase pakaraan. Etsin juuri toiveisena, että Phoenix olisi edes vähän korkeamalla merenpinnalta, mutta mitä vielä. Ilman tekosyitä, painoi taivaan paljon. Maravauhti oli kuin kivisäkkiä olisin vetänyt. Shakki ja matti.



Lauantaiaamuna himmalin vain 18 km:n lenkin. Takareidet ja vähän muutkin osat näitä koipia olivat vähemmän yhteistyöhaluisia. Se raastaa takaraivoa. Onneksi tässä on vielä viikko lunkeja päiviä jäljellä. Tänään lyhyt kevyt lenkki ja armotonta venyttelyä. Illalla lennänkin sitten Phoenixiin. Siellä ohjelmassa on silkan turismin ohella myös 5km puolikkaan vauhtia ja muutama minuutin irrottelu.


Näillä mennään

Aikatauluni on ollut tässä vähän sekaisin. Tein tänään "väärään" aikaan vauhtileikittelyä 2 ja 1 minuutin toistoilla. Ei kulkenut mihinkään. Vähäiset unet painavat...


Tapering II

Viikko on edennyt coolisti ja aion huolehtia, että niin se myös etenee. Huomenna juoksen jotain irrottelua.