I like when fire place makes noises

A week ago we moved to new home. That usually means busy times which was the case this time, too. Last week comprised work 3 related trips to Hel and back, and that had a negative effect on running. I managed Tuesday's 400ms and Thursday's tempo repeats pretty well but on Saturday morning just less than 9 hours after Friday evening's stroll I just couldn't make it. Legs were so beaten.

So I skipped Saturday's workout and set my focus on next Tuesday. Today I enjoyed nice weather (sunny, 14F) for 16 miles. And ate a lot afterwards.

Then our scheduled visit to the US is highly likely to be postponed to Fall so no Broadstreet this year...


Back at it

After two days break I bounced back. The weather turned into winter. Thus, I had to do Tuesday's workout indoors on track. Due to our routines, the only available timeslot for race pace intervals was at 7 AM. It was okay, even if I had pretty hard time to match my HM PR pace when running 800s.

Last weekend's highlight was USA's marathon trials. My favorite, Dathan Ritzenhein PRed but it wasn't enough...

Ritz was disappointed (flotrack.org)


Running streak paused

I've been rather busy. After we got the keys to our house additional spare time has not been a problem. Now all the painting jobs are done, sauna and bathroom is under renovation. Next up is yet another moving but I hope that this will be the last one for awhile, say in next 30 years...

Running streak has been pretty satisfying until today. I have progressed with Phase II's two first weeks with no problems (intervals, tempo repeats, tempo run). Even if I haven't had to much problems with keeping up the pace in faster workouts, during the last two weeks breathing and sore throath have kept my company right after I have woken up. Yesterday's ez morning in 10F was a bit too much and accordingly, I had to skip today and maybe tomorrow's workouts. Funny thing is that still after 23 years of running, these short intervals of no running make me insane. Hopefully this pause does not take longer that couple of days.



2011 in review:
Number of miles conquered by running: 2275
Number of marathons completed under 2:30: 0
Number of marathons completed under 3:00: 0
Number of marathons completed over 3:00: 1
Number of running related disappointments: several
Number of running races other than 26.2: 6 other races (2 victories)
Number of the best ever training plans started during 2011: 301
Number of miles conquered by cycling: 590 miles
Number of lost guts: 3-5 (at least)
Number of reasons to carry on running: 1
Number of kgs lost/gained: don't care