Happy New Year 2010!

Today - at last - I had time and guts to do the last workout of this year. Weather changed into cold (5F) slippery mode during the night so the roads were again less-than-optimal for "fast" pace. Nevertheless, I found myself running the first workout since 10/30. I did only 4x3 min. tempo reps (you gotta start from somewhere) and even if the pace varied only from 5.50 to 5.30/mile, I felt pretty happy after the workout.

This month was again little less (230 miles) than I could hope for but this month has been the most bizarre time of my life fulfilled with mixed emotions and the agony caused by resignation from the friends in the US. I sure miss you guys! Year's mileage was 2888 so I missed my goal by 112 miles. Maybe Mark or Mr. Wardian could still do it before NYE, but I can't. And it's just fine.

Anyway, I'm about to start my fourth decade of running (80s, 90s, 00s and now 10s...)!

Happy New Year! Keep on running.


Same ol' whining.

Dammit. Due to bad scheduling I had time only for one run today. That was NOT tempo repeats. And I'll also miss 3000 miles barrier with huge margin (over 100 miles). Wuss!


A Better Tomorrow

Today I realized that I'm pretty far from putting my money where my mouth is. So no indoor track today. I ran 10 miles (3 in the morning together with short hill reps) in pretty messy conditions and did the usual stairs / core workout. It has been snowing the whole day and roads are less runable but they look really nice.


Ice, potential flu and a wuss equals no running

Stupid Mondays! Yesterday we ran an easy 6.2 miler in bad conditions, but I didn't know what to expect. The stupid icy conditions were just 24 hours away. Today it has been raining resulting very icy/slippery roads. Only chance for running is treadmill or indoors. Luckily, we decided to go skiing (Nordic XC skiing) already yesterday.

Yesterday evening after calculating the weekly mileage (67) I felt pretty sick and decided to dedicate this Monday to rest. If I feel better tomorrow, I might find myself indoors running on track. Then it's time for stairs and core workout.


Easy run and tempo

After the Xmas morning's long run (13.1 miles @ pedestrian pace) I had two saunas (in the morning and evening, both were pure luxus!) and ate a lot. I mean LOT! We visited my dad and watched some photos on computer. It felt pretty normal even if he is not yet able to speak nor move his right arm and leg too much. Luckily his mind and thinking wasn't hit by the stroke.

Yesterday morning I ran in Somerniemi. It's a tiny village, and I didn't see any cars during the hour on the road. Think about that!

Today it was again time for a tempo run. Unfortunately the conditions were annoying - none of the strides I took had grip on the ground. It was almost like running on ice. However, I was able to run faster (3.1 miler, 5.50/mile) than a week ago.


Merry Xmas!

Today the weather has been little worse than it has been lately. Morning started with rather heavy snowfall, but luckily snow plow was "on the trails" already at the early hour.

There goes the plow at 7:00 AM

Plowed trails for running, with street lights, but no cars.

The end result of the morning's recreational activities was an easy run added with short steep hills. In the evening I ran from the hospital to home, but today I had company. My former coach and running buddy Perttu is visiting the area and we met during the run. After a detour I ran 12 miles on pretty slippery roads.

Tomorrow morning I will meet part of the usual gang running the traditional Xmas morning long run. After that - rest and eating. 

Happy Xmas!



Monday provided chilly, snow-filled but easy 6.2 miler added with strides (6x100m). I decided to add something new (or old but forgotten) to my schedule now and then, after I read Nate Jenkins' blog update. The mile machine does some really diverse training even if he logs 135 miles a week. Yes, he a national level athlete, but still it won't hurt us slower ones to diversify our training somehow. Winter weather has treated us Finnish runners well since the temperature has steadily been below freezing and snow provides some grip. Not at the fast pace, but in general conditions could be way worse.

Today I sneaked out to another cold (7F) morning run and saved energy for this evening's stairs and core workout. Sweetie is now taking the lead of the core part which means serious business and some nice pain.


Weekend is soon over

Yesterday was a bit warmer (from -4F to 20F) and accordingly roads were more slippery. Then I had no other change than run a tempo run monitored by the heart rate and partly slippery snow - and of course my current shape. That being said yesterday's tempo wasn't such a flow as it should be, but it was a start.

Today I ran 12.5 miles and was pretty happy that I'm not around Columbia, MD right now... Weekly miles: 57.


Two ez days

Yesterday morning it was only chilly (7F + wind = -10F). I ran only 6.2 miler and freezed myself all over. Too few layers... This morning it was closer to evil, since temperature was -4F, and again nice winter breeze made my skin feel less summerish. But it is the current reality... and again the distance was 6.2 miles.


Noisy Snow

Morning: Ez 6 miler with sweetie. We both head- and tailwind (and 10F). The first combination was pretty cold.

Evening: I ran from the hospital to home. Had a nice tailwind and I rolled the first 6.2 miles 40.20 with easy effort. The whole distance was ~9 miles at 6.30-6.40s and snow was making that nice noise under my shoes.


A New Week

It snowed on Sunday morning. Then it snowed a little more during the day, and in the evening was the same. In the morning we ran back to my home (10 miles) in slightly slippery conditions. I accelerated an extra 3.2 miler (sub 6.20s) and was pretty happy with that. Then we biked back. We had get our bikes to home - just to be ready for commuting. Now instead of standing extra hour or two jammed on Capitol Beltway, I have to use only ten minutes by bike. Of course in winter commuting is bit colder, but at least I'm moving forward the whole time. Oh, weekly mileage was 50 miles.

Yesterday morning was a little colder (10 F), but scenery is almost like it should be - snowy. Due to tight schedule I had time only for a miserable 3 miler. Today is stair and core time.


Rock Bottom?

Running-wise I have seen plenty. But today I couldn't face mirror. Yes, there has been many exhausting and mentally consuming things going on in my life during the last 5 weeks, but still running tempo 6.2 miles @ 6.00 pace is too much even for an old fart like me. And I'm not accepting any excuse based on the course. I'm just 3-4 minutes slower than before our trip to the US. However, I'm happy that I was able make this restart today. In few weeks I WILL be faster.

Tomorrow I gotta find a tv set around 3 PM, since there's a chance to watch European XC Champs (from Dublin, Ireland) live. Wohoo!


Tough times

It seems to be extremely hard to get back with the routines. I'll accept a less-than-usual December but after New Years Eve it would be more than welcome that things would roll again as they used to. Basically it's up to myself... After Tuesday's punishment I ran a double 3.2 miles + 10 miles. Both easy of course. Yesterday I did nothing. Workout-wise that is.

Tomorrow I'll do some tempo - maybe 6.2 miles or less.


Shortcut to Pain

Damn! After today's (almost 3 hrs) workout I'm ready to suggest the following. In order to find instant, but good muscle pain follow these steps:
  1. Neglect the majority of core exercises during the next 2.5 years.
  2. Neglect all of the possible stairs exercises (jumps, running) during the next 2.5 years.
  3. When the steps 1 and 2 are achieved, do 2 hours intense workout including both stairs and core exercises.
  4. Enjoy the gooooood pain.
Results may vary.

On the Verge of Getting back

Last week's mileage was miserable. I had time and energy to run only 38 miles which is nothing. But last two weeks have been messy and exhausting. Yesterday I had my 37th birthday, and today I'll try to get back to my normal routines. This evening I meet a group of triathletes and join their stairs' workout followed by circuit training (basically core exercises added with some 400s and 800s).

Next "real" workout will take place on Saturday. Then it's tempo time.


Another longish run

Where's the snow? It seems that lots of it is now covering Columbia, MD and the Metric Marathon is - once again - close to get cancelled. Luckily, we don't have snow here. Scenery is bit boring: grey and wet, but snowless. Today's mileage was 15 (@ easy pace ... and still I felt tired). Today's route took us to Ruissalo (Island close to Turku) on same paths where the legendary Paavo Nurmi ran back in a day.


Busy week

It's already Friday. Running has been on/off -type of effort during this week. Yesterday morning the temperature was low 20s, and the scenery was frosty. It looked like snow!

We received keys to our home on Monday and after that we have been quite busy. Now the majority of our furniture is back home - like we are - but nothing is yet in the right place. It doesn't matter at all, since home is home. I thought that I would have time and energy to do at least one harder workout this week, but that turned out to be an illusion. I'll try it next week. Accordingly, all my runs have been easy at slow/pedestrian pace. My dad was transferred to other hospital and they started the long rehab. It will take months, but that is the only option.

Guys! Good luck with Metric Marathon on Sunday!


Rough November

Last month was only 220 miles. It should have been little more, but it wasn't. I don't care so much about that now. This month will be similar - fulfilled with unscheduled runs and workouts. Now I'm just happy to be back home and approach slowly the cultural shock which is waiting for us.

Yesterday: easy 6.2 miler.
Today: no running.