Running again

Yay! I'm at least partially back on the road. By running which makes it even more fun. This morning I strolled w/ Bruni another 6-miler. Legs were still pretty sore after Saturday's effort against the head wind and therefore the pace was quite easy. I can still feel something (in the butt/hamstring area) hampering the full stride but this is a start. At the rock bottom anything goes, right?

Yesterday afternoon and early evening I had spent at the track volunteering in the Distric's Relays. Guys running 4x400m for my home team got mad since I had to disqualify them due to running partially on wrong track (you know the rules, 4-5 step over the white line is enough). I honestly don't mind them being disappointed but next time everyone is happier if they just tell me beforehand to watch to another direction while they are running or just forget to ask me to come. Other than that I'm enjoying my second day off.

12.5 weeks to Berlin.


Less stuck

Yesterday's bike ride  (68 miles) was half pleasure, half pure pain. I totally hate head wind which continues 35 miles in a row. HATE!

But I like the fact that this week I have done two 6-milers without the pain in butt/hamstring. That's extremely nice. There's a feeling but no pain. LIKE!

And then I have two days summer vacation coming up tomorrow and Tuesday. Screw you work, I'm going the distance!



Cortizone. Did it help or not is still unclear.

Berlin: 13 weeks.

June's mileage this far: 16.

Doesn't look too bright.


Feel good hit of the Summer

Co co co co co cortisone.

Hamstring is now pretty numb after the injection, but there's hope. Next 3-4 days, no running, no biking, only soccer!

Then there should be room for exercises for hamstrings, right???


Meeting with old friend

I've been riding two days in a row since butt/hamstring is still out-of-order. Both morning rides have fitted quite well to the void caused by the continous DNR status. However, today I'm going to change all that. I have an appointment with a doctor and hopefully he could acquaint me with my old buddy cortisone.

13.5 weeks to Berlin.


Back home with DNR status

Just got back from Lausanne (Switzerland). Nice city but too hilly for me. This morning left butt/hamstring was really bad. Accordingly, I tried to reserve an appointment with Dr. Orava (this guy). In addition, I have to reconsider my Berlin plans.

Otherwise life's good!

I totally forgot to mention that Joonas Harjamäki - THE Finn at the NCAAs - was 7th in the steeple final. That equals with All-American!!!! How cool is that?


A Non-DNR day

Morning run in Lausanne. A miserable 3.1 miler of which first half was downhill (and you do the math...). Now both legs are done. But I'm happy.



Sunday's extremely nice but exhausting bike ride has now its revenge. The "muscular system" around my right hamstring/buttock area is paying the dues for being that happy. That's a good add to the problems on my left leg/butt. But I don't care about that - mind is still happy!

Anyway I sneaked out for a short run (4 miles) today just to keep myself updated where I'm at right now. Dont' worry, I'm not doing this every or every other day like in the old days. Last time when I ran was in Iceland 1,5 weeks ago. But back to today: The current situation is not worse which is nice. Maybe that's why I did 3 hill repeats. Funny thing is that left butt does not hurt when I run uphill.

But being this desperate usually creates bad ideas. This time is not different: I've been thinking about aqua jogging. In 2004 after I did the 6 hrs really unofficial Finnish national (nowadays ex-) record (the longest aqua run) I have totally disliked the feeling of pool water on my skin. If I would dip myself in a pool, I would vomit for sure. Instantly.

By the time of NR I was in a middle of 7 months break off running due to more serious injury. Currently I'm only fighting the demons (and sprained muscle) so why bother. I still have my bike, sore butt and a conference in Lausanne (SUI) to attend.

Oh and today NCAA's finals start in Eugene, OR. Among other interesting events I'm rooting for Joonas Harjamäki (a Finn) in men's steeple. Go and dominate!


DNR: Sunday's bike ride

Oh well, on Friday I rode 31 miles, yesterday none and today 96 miles (took almost 5 hrs). Thanks to a group of local triathletes I had a chance to "walk" my Trek for little longer. Due to serious drafting behind the others I was able to make it back home/

Seriously, let me run soon!


DNR days continue

Yesterday I had a eagerly waited date with my Trek. I hope that biking helps me in NOT loosing my sanity.

Trek has been in pieces in Mika's garage after our return from the US. We managed to import the bikes in huge carbon boxes (thanks Kevin D. and the Race Pace Bicycles in Columbia, MD) and due to several other on-going activities bikes have stayed unassembled. Of course I don't have the tool nor skills to assemble them... But yesterday Mika had time to assemble my bike, and thereafter we went for a ride (one hour, easy pace). Mika has a triathlon race on Sunday in Germany so he kept the pace easy with suited me just fine.


Back home with DNR status

Yeah man. This is it. May's mileage was totally around 140 with 11 DNR days. And those days will continue for awhile. Next week I will visit Lausanne, Switzerland. I could pay a little extra to get back on the road before that.

Any ideas how to make the recovery any faster...??