Getting ready

Still working with the Summer of Triathlons 2014. Its final will be on next Sunday in Barcelona. Then I'll take some time off and return to running.


Workout Tuesday


I had this plan of Summer of triathlons 2014.

I got sick before the grande finale, IM Copenhagen. According to the original plan, I was supposed to get back to running after that. But now I have set another goal, IM Barcelona, which takes place in 5 weeks. This means more multi-sport exercises. 

But running is not excluded. Last Spring we piloted novel group workouts on Tuesdays. They were a huge success and they gathered together 50-80 runners from different clubs and sports. Those workouts are now part of a nationwide Run Movement which originates in Porvoo. 

Yesterday was the first Workout Tuesday (WOT). I ran 4x5min'2min + 5x1min'1min. Since the workout is planned so that everybody starts and finishes the interval at the same, it is total fun. On Saturday I have 2 hour run with accelerating pace followed by 2 hours bike. Dude!