After last week's WOW, my legs died and this was basically due to the hard bike ride which I did on Saturday. So, I had to take a day off on Thursday, really easy on Friday and then on Saturday I was ready to roll again. In order to kick Mark's ass in September, I have to start take care of improving the pace and speed. Thus, the plan (which was successfully executed) was to run a short tempo run added with 10x200m @ 35-36. On Sunday I ran w/ JK for 13 miles which finalized a weekly mileage of 60 miles.

Yesterday I took a step towards the mountain race in Norway. I ran up and down the "Camel's Poo" for 3.2 miles + WU and CD.



Photo: Rune Hagen

Today I ran again w/ JK. Our workout was really nice: 3 x Karikko loop (1300m gravel path)'1min + 800m'2min on track. Since JK's shape is around 14:30-14:45 I had a great pacemaker.


Workout Wednesday

6:15 AM: Warm-up
6:30 AM: 1k '90sec jog rest + 2k '90sec + 3k '90sec + 2k '90sec + 1k all @ cruising pace on trails
7:30 AM: back at home
7:35 AM: back to bed after shower

Warm up was too short.


An addiction

The nail day I mentioned last week turned out to be a decent one anyway. I dared myself and ran 7x3min. @ whatever pace. My addiction to Garmin's data is one of my worst enemies. I remember a time when I just ran - fast. Now I struggle with the fact that I can follow my pace (slow or fast) all the time. And that's killing the joy.

So I just ran.

For Saturday I had planned a 10k race in Forssa but realized already on Friday morning that it is not going to happen. Instead I ran a faster 5k (16:50) in the morning and went biking (~70k) in the afternoon. Accordingly, my legs are still stiff and tired.

Damn you, Garmin! 


A nail day

"Some days you are the hammer, some days you are the nail." - L. Armstrong.


US Tour June 2012 is ending

Due to tight paper delivery schedule and peer group pressure (=extended conference dinner), I decided to skip today's 5k race here in Fort Worth, TX. I found it online on Tuesday, and noticed that it takes place pretty close to my accommondation. But as of now I don't mind at all that I wasn't kickin' asphalt today. Kinwara!

I'm tired and my brain is hurting... Today will be the last day of my current tour in the USA. Next one takes place in August.


US Tour June 2012

The last three days have been a blast. Today we, unknowingly, celebrated the National Running Day by climing up the Big Mountain and enjoying its sights and sounds for an hour. This run is ranked among the top 5 runs in my life.

Yesterday, I was provided with an opportunity to feel sick on track. The plan was do to 6x800'2min+2x400m'1min+2x200m'30 rest jog. But it turned out that a sum of sad excuses prevented that to happen. WU + 2k @ 5.45 pace indicated that the workout will be everything but optimal cruise/speed interval workout. The altitude, jet lag and warm weather killed me. So, I did 5x800 + 4x200m of which 800s were slow, but really painful. And I was just asking for some oxygen...

However, this was totally compensated with today's extremely nice experience almost above the clouds.

Now I'm waiting for the next fligth from SLC to Dallas. Due to thunderish weather our flight is delayed. A lot.


Next stop: Salt Lake City, UT

Last two weeks have been fulfilled excessive workload. Running wise last weeks' highlights were 3k tempo+10x300m'1min+3k tempo on Wednesday, 4x1mile cruising on Saturday and a long run of 28k on Sunday.

This week's Workout Wednesday comprised fartlek of 10x40sec'50sec on trails. Legs were pretty tired after weekends workouts and because of a fast babyjogger run on Tuesday morning. I had to hurry since we're running little late with Lil' D. Today (Sat) I joined triathletes' tempo run which took place in Ruissalo Isle and on trails/paths. Mainly because of eating too much last night, the feeling wasn't the best but I'm happy with the result. 

Tomorrow morning I will leave to the US, first to SLC, UT (visiting a colleague) and then to Fort Worth, TX (attending a research seminar). This means less running...