Tuning up

Army 10-miler is getting closer. Due to lost confidence I'm not sure what to expect. Still, I had quite nice tune up workout this morning. I did 3x2000m'400m (each 6.40) with rendo and easy effort. I felt way better than before Philly even if I ran a bit faster. It's not that bad. Yesterday I ran twice and did some type of core workout.

I just realized that I'll miss my chances to watch Half-Marathon WCs or Chicago marathon online on October 11th. World champs will provide an interesting setting: six tough Kenyans (2 under 59, rest under 60 minutes), Zersenay Tadesse and a potential NR for USA since Ritz is around. Then in Chicago among others there is a Finn, Mårten Boström, chasing after a qualification for next Summer's European Championships.


Bagel run with bagels

Today we had a nice traditional bagel run. After a 13-miler (which you may call longish) we had some bagels. Of course we did not have any money with us, but thanks to Jason we were soon eating bagels and sipping Diet Pepsi. Not a bad way to start your Saturday.


Lactic acid

Yesterday after spending too much time in traffic (in D.C. due to some police activity, on I-66, and on beltway) I had to sneak out for a bike ride. This time it was short (21 miles), but less easy (average pace 20mph). I really enjoyed the lactic acid which tried to slow me down. This morning I ran an easy 3 miler (+ short hill sprints). Keeping it easy.


Whatever buffet + any type of running effort = bad news

Today I had to sneak out for a "All you can eat" -buffet. What a brilliant idea! Really, it was. However, I paid the dues instantly when I joined HCS crew at the HCC this evening. I think that rest of crew is still running the Club Challenge course and I'm back home already. And only one to blame is me. In addition to starting too fast and too early after a half-marathon, my stomach also had some influence to notorious bad feeling during the run.

Oh and something totally different happened today. In the afternoon I took a wrong turn and instead of driving to the National Cryptologic Museum I reached NSA's gate which is really wrong place to be for legal alien like me. My broken English blew our cover instantly, and we got under an investigation for 40-45 minutes. Our car was inspected as well. As a cherry on the top of the cake, I had forgotten in our trunk two Chinese flags, which we got in Philadelphia during some sort of Chinese celebration. They didn't look too great on our resume. Luckily, our short visit on wrong grounds didn't cause any more trouble and we were able to see the Enigma.


Looking in a view

I think that I got over Philly. Once again watching to the mirror helped in reaching the reality. In general, for an old fart it should be rather easy. Only thing that still bothers me is that the work done during the summer and the outcomes are not in line. That equals with wrong type of training of course, but I have had fun. For the remaining years on the road I just gotta find my own way to find a balance between workouts and rest, and maybe then get back to closer to where I used to be. I already checked some races for next year: Berlin half-marathon in March, Karhu Road Relay in April, Finnish XC Nationals in May, and then the Berlin marathon in September.

Legs were still pretty sore this morning. Yesterday we biked an easy ride (1 hour), which was a good choice instead of running.


Dreams build on false grounds

I almost set my racing flats on fire yesterday. But bad results are NOT their fault. Anyway I'll take couple of days off. If I can.


That's it

Today sucked even more than I could imagine.



On Sunday I'll be testing my current shape in Philadelphia. To be honest, I had way higher hopes for that race earlier this season, but this damn reality has indicated that... I'll be happy for being able to run PDR. Last year I was extremely disappointed with my race - this year anything goes, but still I trust that this summer's work is helping me in beating last years disappointment. It's mental.

Yesterday I sneaked on track to run 2000m (6.55) and 1000m (3.20) as a tune-up. They felt like... This morning was bit easier and running felt stronger (during hill sprints and strides).


No workout Wednesday

I'll pass this evening's trail workout. Just in the name of tapering. Yes, I'm tapering for Philly. I'm sure it does not change the outcome, but the summer has been tough with no results. Maybe this trick will work. Today's program included easy shake out and short steep hill sprints + some strides.


...about to lose my temper!

Once again the Finnish Athletics Federation is in a middle of taking a hit in seeing the future. Our national distance star, steeplechaser Jukka Keskisalo and his coach will not continue their co-operation partly because FAF's offer is not enough to support to keep them on top. Not only Keskisalo improved the NR (8.10,67), but he also managed to be 5th in the IAAF's World Tour this summer. Many know that there is a certain history between his coach and the FAF, but I sincerely hope that those issues are not the case here anymore. In addition, there may be several other, non-monetary related reasons involved here as well, and they are handled among the designated parties here.

But IF it is a question about money... I've realized that the reality of top-level distance runners in the US is not only dancing on the roses what comes to the money. The latest news let us know that it isn't even the case in Barhain or Qatar (former Kenians haven't received their money as promised...). But at least here in the US you have several runners at or close to the top-level (=world class), of which at least some will have enough support to test their limits. We have only one (1), and now there is no money to take care of this part of his future. Of course he will be able to do the coaching by himself, but when your level is at the highest top, you surely need someone to consult with. He is capable in the media, and therefore one could expect that input of one euro would produce at least 1.5 euros as a return (in form of increased ticket sales or number of new athlete passes). Luckily, his personal future as a runner will be secured, but in all the whole picture is now.... Oh and did I mention that there might be other issues than money involved here. Oh man, in any case this sucks! Unfortunately, I'm not Uncle Scrooge either so only what I have to offer is my whining.

[edit:] Ok. Now I heard an tv interview related to this case. I was partly wrong. It seems that it is not only a question about FAF's willingness to get financially involved in their co-operation, and the question is now more about several other issues related to life situation and such factors. Still this was not so good news. But bad news are part of life, right?

Then something else: Edward Norton is going to run the NYC marathon.

And my easy days continue as the Philly Distance Run is getting closer...


Easy on a Sunday morning

Both hamstring are now pretty tense. They just went through 5k race with tiny up- and downhills. But they really deserved it. I ran Police Pace 5k, and really had to race with Peter K. and Mike C. Peter caught me around 2.5k mark, but I was able to respond to his surge at 4k mark. While both hamstrings were whinning like me, I was still able to keep my pace to the finish (16.15). It wasn't any PR race, but I'm still pretty happy with the effort and the outcome. At least it was under 17 minutes...



After two easy days legs are mysteriously heavy. This is partly expected and partly new experience. I vaguely remember that easy days did make your legs feel light, not heavy. Too many easy days made them heavy, yes, but not only this fast. Aging is learning???

I originally planned to race the RM Invitational 5000m in Baltimore today, but after all I wasn't ready to face my demons on track. I'm such a wuss. Sorry Ryan! Anyway I need some faster effort to wake up, and I noticed Police Pace 5k which takes place tomorrow. Maybe I gotta try that one. At least the paths are now enough slippery so I can hurt my body even more.


In the middle of the week

Yesterday included two moments of running. In the morning I ran an easy shake out with sweetie, and in the evening I had again an opportunity to run trails with HCS's group. To be honest, that's one of those things and moments that I'm going to miss very much after we return back to Finland. But that's then, not now. Yesterday we ran at moderate pace, but there was a moment where pace was slightly faster (~5.40s).

Today I'll take it easy - a shake out and core workout. Philly Distance Run is almost here.


Workout Tuesday

I see the future by repeating the same routines every week.

So: 6:30 AM, HCC's track, cruising 6x1000m'300m (3.12-3.08), feeling rendo, pretty nice weather. Yesterday I felt rather heavy partly because of Sunday's rather long bike ride. Today was better, but hamstrings were tense.


Sportish weekend

Yesteday I ran only 16 miles during the Bagel Run. "Only" comes from the fact that others (Seth, Mark, Paul etc.) spent 20 miles on the road. Today we sneaked out for a bike ride which eventually was 47 miles long. Then we found ourselves in the Patapsco Park. Running easy.


Workout Friday

6:45 AM, 5M tempo run (27.30, 5.31/mile), pretty nice weather, feeling rendo (=relaxed). I knew already during the warm up that today's tempo run will be dictated by me, and not by the weather. What a joy that is.

Matt Tegenkamp just ran 12.58,56 at the Van Damme Memorial in Belgium. US distance running is strong! And a lonely Finn, Jukka Keskisalo continues with his summer ever.


Not so bad Thursday

I did a morning run with Carlos and Kent(!!!! Oh yes, he's coming back). I was clearly slowing them down, but it's just all right for them to keep it easy sometimes. Hah. Then in the afternoon (like two hours ago) I finished the current research proposal and decided to celebrate that with an easy run and some strides. Life seems the be divided into good, bad, and even worse days. Today is a good day. I have almost forgot how badly Sunday sucked.

Thanks to Seth I familiarized myself with a race which has the coolest logo ever.


"Workout" Wednesday

The usual: morning shakeout and evening trail run. In the evening I ran easy pace run with guys and increased the pace slightly during the last 10 minutes. Nothing fast, but something. Legs are hurting.



I couldn't resist the temptation of being on the road. Felt good, but legs were feeling like after a marathon. Easy 7.5 miles (one mile with Izzy).