Busy busy

Yesterday we sneaked out for short run (4 miles + strides) in the morning. For today I originally had planned to do double, but our schedule offered no room for that. Therefore, I did moderate tempo run (8km, 5.52/mile) with 4 km warm up and cool down, and that's about it. In the evening, after busy schedule, we had nice get-together with friend in sunny but slightly too windy Naantali. Due to several reasons, my running sucks at the moment (more than usual).


No workout Wednesday

Easy morning jog - 6.2 miles. Nice Finnish weather on the verge of rain added with wind. We planned to race on Sunday, but let's be honest... why...


Back in Turku

Dude! Yesterday flew by like nothing. I slept 13 hrs, almost my PR, and didn't run at all. Instead, I ate like a hippopotamus assuming that it eats a lot. I think that it does. Today we ran with Mika, and in the evening we are going to join triathletes. They are planning to do 5-20-5k duathlon workout. Therefore, I think that my workout is 2*5 km with 30 minutes rest... Hah.

Afternoon's mysterious event produced 1x~5km (~5.35/mile) and 1x~4km (5.36/mile) tempo run with weird warm up/cool down. I didn't wait for 30 minutes to run the second one. During the tempos we also had to face the mighty headwind...


Another Day in Jyväskylä

Today I had time to run only shortly (3.5 miles) in the morning. After that I've been following sweetie's conferment of degrees (PhD) ceremony. In a sunny weather. I like this.


Rolling in J-kylä

After visiting our homes in Turku and Lieto, we are now in Jyväskylä in Central Finland. Just after arriving here I ran really joyful ~7 miler (6.35/mile) around the city. Felt so good that I took a priviledge to also enjoy these hills with 10 x short steep hill sprints. Jyväskylä's track (opened 1926) is on a huge hill called Harju. It provides mighty views over the city and lake as well. Nice!


I'm international

We are now in Helsinki, Finland. After leaving the US on Tuesday and travelling 1.5 days, today's easy run felt really relaxing. I slept 13 hrs, but couple of more hours wouldn't bother me. First familiar Finnish notion was that nobody says hello when you run across other runners. Too busy?


Tempo Tuesday

This morning sucked pretty badly. I was able to finish only 5 miles tempo run, and even that short one was quite slow. There may be several reasons for this, but it doesn't matter. Next one is easier. It has to be.


Easy Monday

Monday morning... Dude. It's tough. I didn't run. Instead, I started to do some core training after awhile. PT has helped me a lot with lower ab pain, and today was the first time since early November when I was able to do any type of ab crunches. Not bad.

In the afternoon I rolled an easy 6.2 miler (6.50/mile). I think that now I'm ready for short vacation in Finland. Before that I'll go and check out the current stage charisma of the Prodigy and then tomorrow do some tempo. But then... Finland!


Rainy Sunday run

This Sunday morning started at 6 AM with a run to Centennial lake to watch Columbia Triathlon. In all, we ran ~8 miles around here and there. Rainy weather get us cold. At the same time in Finland runners were competing at the XC Nationals. Nice. Weekly total is 60.5 miles.


Bagel Run, no bagel

15.5 miles (7.04/mile). I was aiming to acclerate the pace during the last three miles. After running 1.5 miles at moderate pace (~6.10) sweetie ran towards me, and I got a good reason to slow down. Weather wasn't that hot, but humidity was around.


Friday without schedule

Originally I was thinking about starting some sort of training schedule today. But that was just a thought. Instead I ran an easy jog and did 10 short hill repeats. Then I saw PT who is helping me with this lower ab pain. Today we'll get suprise visitors from MO/Finland.


Lazy Thursday

Oh man. I'm paying really heavy dues for yesterday's rollercoaster. Todays, I ran 6.2 miler (6.45/mile) and did some strides, but as a result I'll take tomorrow quite easy.


Back in business, Mt. Nasty

Morning schedule included an easy bike ride. Later today I'll meet Mt. Nasty. It's been awhile, buddy!

Mt. Nasty ate me alive. Still I was able to complete 7 miles at faster pace than expected. It was fun!


Tuesday with smile

Morning jog was a wimpy 3 miler. As sissy as it sounds like, it's something that I'll have keep on going. Even if I'm not anymore hitting 110-120 miles a week, I'll have to keep the mileage bareable. Otherwise I'll be worn out. Nowadays it is much easier than ten years ago.

In the evening I ran again to Clarksville. Now via different road which offered me a nice 7.5 mile run.


Tempo run

I took HRM with me in order to keep the pace down. Usually I just try to push it too much this close to marathon. I could of course let tempos be, but... Do I have to learn new tricks??? Anyway, I ran 6.2 miles (36.40, last 2k 7.00) with no mentionable effort. Suprisingly, pain was not there. I don't miss it at all.


Ez on trails

Instead of griding on paved roads as usual, I chose life = trails. Ran slow and easy about 6.2 miles and then rolled some strides. Maybe everything is getting better.... Easy Sundays are the best. Weekly total 49 miles.


Warm and humid Bagel Run

Oh man, the sweat is back. I ran with guys (Beast, Brian & Stephen) 14 mile course + home-and-back extra = 15.5 miles (7.00/mile). Towards the end of run I started to felt heavy. I got hit by humitidy... But due to new shoes (I think) left achilles and hamstring were silent. On the other hand lower abs are now bothering me more, but I'm already used to that. Run, run, run...


Nice morning

We sneaked out for a run before PT. We ran 4+ miles including some steep hill runs. Felt fine. Nice start for this Friday.


Day off

Took a day off. I kinda rewrote the manuscript under review during the last night, and thus, missed much needed beauty sleep. The same trend continued the whole day - I've been sitting here in front of the computer the whole day. Luckily, tomorrow the second, much better version of manuscript is ready for eyes of co-author in London UK.



This morning provided nice chance for easy bike ride. In the evening I'll choose running. Top bad news at the personal level for this morning are related to my withdrawal from my buddy's wedding (in Finland) in July. I'm such a loose cannon.

Damn. I'm so done. Tomorrow has to be a day off. This evening I was barely able to finish ~8 miles run (6.55/mile). Izzy and Carlos were flying in the horizon, but luckily today was not a race... I hope that I'm not in the middle of pseudo-recovery. If that's true, it would be a sign of stupidity (=repeating the same mistakes over and over again). On the other hand, being that stupid wouldn't suprise me. Good night everybody.


Easy, but hilly fartlek

I just had to run this without any specific reason. Run a little faster. I ran to Clarksville partly via the Columbia Triathlon's bike course. Course profile was fine for fartlek (incl. faster hills), but the enormous prevalence of cars was too much. I ran 6.2 miles (@6.05 pace) with 2.5 miles warmup/cool down. However, the week continues as an easy week since Boston was only 2 weeks ago.


Rainy jog

Okay. I'm starting to run again and was able to hit the road already 3 PM. Had a really rainy run, 6.2 miles (6.44/mile), but I felt okay.



My sense of time seems to be out of order. Yesterday wasn't the last day of the week. However, I didn't run today even if I had this "extra" day to use. Instead, we did an easy bike ride in chilly & rainy weather.


Bagel Run

A long run after a while felt just fine. It was may be the humid weather that kept the pack in one and pace bearable. I ran 14-miler with extra 1.5 miles with Mika. Weekly total 34 miles...