Ironwoman and an adventure race

Sweetie's Ironman was a huge success. She broke the plan by 55 minutes and finished with a time of 10:35. Thereafter, during the week I had to join the local triathlon club and decided that I will relearn to swim.

I was able to return to training routine only on Thursday when I did 15 km tempo run at HRM moderated pace. It went really well and felt even better.

On Saturday I participated in an adventure race with Mr. Saarinen. It was a blast even if I killed my Samsumg Galaxy during the first quest checkpoint comprising crossing a lake by swimming and pushing the bikes on a raft. I had in a sealable plastic bag but the bag was not sealed.

The race itself was almost 6 hrs long since after a succesfull orienteering leg we started biking like maniacs but on a wrong road. That caused us an extra 12 km out and back which equals (according to Garmin) 28 minutes. Moreover that excessive biking enhanced the energy deprivation which finally hit me around 4.5 hrs - half an hour before the last leg of the race. First cramps arrived already around 3 hrs.

Today legs were still totally done. Life is good.


Tired man

This week after Boston has been tough. Older body needs more to adjust between time zones. Much more than I have used to. Similarly, relatively low amount of hours in sleep during the conference did its job, too.

After running only ez runs I dared to run faster on Wednesday morning. And that was a great choice, at 6:15 AM I was kicking asphalt during 4x2km'2min. workout (pace accelerated from 5:30 to 5:15). Today I missed my run totally due to traveling and....yes... eating. I just ate too much.

Now I'm in Kalmar, Sweden. Sweetie will participate in her first Ironman race tomorrow morning. That's serious business...


Back from Boston

My week in Boston in numbers:

Long runs: 1
Decent workouts: 2
Ez runs in muggy weather: 3
Hours slept before 2nd hard workout and morning presentation: 4
Average hours slept per night: 5
Total minutes of streching: 0
Number of trees hit while running: 1
Number of scars caused by hitting a tree: 1
Hours travelled to get to Boston and back: 32
Number of healthy meals: 0
Number of possibilities to watch Olympics without add-on stories, non-related interviews or commercials: 0
Visits to Harvard Club House: 1
Visits to Boston Marathon's finish line: 5
Needed more cowbell: 0 times